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Amplify™ 1.5% Lanthanated - Gold Tip™
Starting at:   $8.25
4.8 of 5 Stars! (5)

Amplify™ 2% Ceriated - Grey Tip™
Starting at:   $8.25
5 of 5 Stars! (5)

Amplify™ 2% Lanthanated - Dark Blue Tip™
Starting at:   $8.25
4.87 of 5 Stars! (15)

Amplify™ 2% Thoriated - Red Tip™
Starting at:   $8.25
5 of 5 Stars! (8)

Amplify™ Pure Tungsten - Green Tip™
Starting at:   $8.95
5 of 5 Stars! (4)

Amplify™ Zirconiated - Brown Tip™
Starting at:   $9.98
5 of 5 Stars! (4)

Arc-Saber™ Tungsten Storage Solution
Starting at:   $19.99
4.98 of 5 Stars! (50)

ArcTime™ Premium Hybrid - Sky Blue Tip™
Starting at:   $18.00
4.79 of 5 Stars! (63)

Sharpie DX™ Head ONLY Kit, ADJ 15°- 45°
Starting at:   $275.00
4.64 of 5 Stars! (14)

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Tungsten Electrodes

Premium Tungsten Electrodes for TIG & Plasma Arc Welding Based on our decades of experience in the welding industry, Arc-Zone assembled the...

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A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Term Definition Abrasion A condition of wear most often caused by rubbing together of two surfaces. Abrasion resistance The property of a material that allows it to resist abrasive wear. ...

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