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Gas Saver™ Pyrex TIG Nozzles

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Deluxe Gas Saver Pro Kit: 9/20 & 2-Series Torches

[Part# CK-D2GS-PRO-DX] [Vendor's Part# D2GS-PRO-DX]


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5 of 5 Stars!
Everything you need is right in these kits. Where these Pyrex cups really shine is that they do not block the light of the arc, and this is important when you are using an auto darkening helmet and are in precarious positions such as welding roll cages where you might have a bar obstructing the helmet's light sensor(s). With a regular gas cup, it shields the light where the helmet lens flashes from the light to dark state causing all sorts of problems.
The other plus is that the gas saver is a gas lens, which you should try to use for you welding whenever possible. These Pyrex kits are the cat's pajamas!