Pro-Hobby Series Replacement Front Lens Cover

Pro-Hobby Series Replacement Front Lens Cover


*Minimum Qty: 5 *Minimum Increments: 5
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Replacement front lens cover for Miller's Pro-Hobby series welding helmets.  

Priced individually, sold in packages of 5.

Pro-Hobby Series Parts Breakdown:

  1. MIL-231415:  Pro-Hobby series replacement black helmet shell 
  2. MIL-231410:  Pro-Hobby series inside lens cover 4.25" (107.9mm) x 1.75" (44.5mm) 
  3. MIL-231409:  Pro-Hobby series auto-darkening lens assembly (Variable Shade #8- #12)
    MIL-231413:  Battery cover for Pro-Hobby variable shade auto-darkening lens assembly.
    MIL-231571:  Pro-Hobby series auto-darkening lens assembly (Fixed Shade #10)   
  4. MIL-231412:  Pro-Hobby series front lens gasket 
  5. MIL-231411:  Pro-Hobby series front lens cover
  6. MIL-231572:  Pro-Hobby series front lens holder-Black
    MIL-231573:  Pro-Hobby series front lens holder-Gray
    MIL-231574:  Pro-Hobby series front lens holder-Red
    MIL-231575:  Pro-Hobby series front lens holder-Blue
    MIL-231576:  Pro-Hobby series front lens holder-Camouflage 
  7. MIL-770246:  Complete replacement headgear assembly for Miller welding helmets (includes parts 8 &9)
  8. MIL-770248:  Adjustment angle/stop hardware kit for Miller welding helmets
  9. MIL-770249:  Fabric headband for Miller welding helmets
  10. MIL-216336:  Foam rubber comfort cushion


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