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Dual Gas Mixing Kit

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Dual Gas Mixing Kit
Dual Gas Mixing Kit
Dual Gas Mixing Kit
Dual Gas Mixing Kit
Dual Gas Mixing Kit
Dual Gas Mixing Kit
Dual Gas Mixing Kit
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Product Description

Simple, Affordable Gas Mixing

With the Dual Gas Mixing Kit it's easy to do simple gas mixing.  The valved 'Y' fitting allows for 2 separate purge gases to be connected to the machine inlet:  Run your Argon in one port and a secondary gas like Helium into the second port, & when the secondary gas isn't needed, simply turn it off at the tank and close the valve on the 'Y' fitting.  

For set-ups where the gas runs directly to the torch, use the included Female-to-Female coupler to connect the 'Y' fitting directly to a torch lead or auxiliary line.

This is a very simple way to achieve basic gas mixing. The flowmeters can be used to balance the flow rate of the two gases; but, at best, only an approximation of the percentages of each gas will be achieved.  For exact gas mixing ratios, a more expensive gas mixer will be required.  

Gas Flow Rate Tester Included.  Because two different flowmeters will be contributing to the overall gas flow, it is important to use the included Gas Flow Tester to measure the actual output at the torch head.


  • One (1) Valved 'Y' fitting with B-Size Inert Gas Ports (1 Male, 2 Female) 
  • One (1) Female-to-Female Coupler.  
  • One (1) Vinyl Gas Line with Male Fittings on Both Ends, 12.5' ( 3.8m)
  • One (1) Gas Flow Tester
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