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130 Amp FL-130 FlexLoc TIG Torches

Click to see larger version of FlexLoc Torch Pkg, W/25\' One-Piece SuperFlex Cable

FlexLoc Torch Pkg, W/25' One-Piece SuperFlex Cable

[Part# CK-FL1325SF] [Vendor's Part# FL1325SF]


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4 of 5 Stars!
I am a really big fan of this torch. the head swivels 360 degrees and all the parts are replaceable. You get all the benefits of a flex head torch with a much longer lifespan. the 9 and 17 heads are also swappable which makes this torch quite versatile. The super flex cable is very pliable and bends easily, which makes handling the torch much easier. I've been using this torch at the home shop for quite some time now on all sorts of projects, and it's still going strong. I also use the water cooled version at work, and they work like a dream as well, and barely heat up at all.