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FixturePoint™ Convertible Welding Table


FixturePoint™ Convertible Welding Table


Starting at: $308.00

I've recently had the opportunity to use one of these tables for a personal project. To say the least, I was thoroughly impressed with the performance of this table, and its paired fixturing tool kit. The first thing I'd like to mention is the trueness of the table top; for the being table top only .160" thick it's pretty darn true. For $280 I'd say it's exceptionally true. All the tooling installed into the table with ease and fit snug and secure. In addition to is relative ease of use, it's portability is also a major plus. Because this table is lighter duty it's pretty easy to pick up and move around as needed, something that would be a major task with a full scale fixture table. The surface can also function independently from the legs, which is nice as well. You can remove the legs from the table and place the top on your work bench or even mount vertically, if that's your thing. In addition, the size of the holes on the table are the same as StrongHand's other more expensive tables, thus giving you the option of using tooling from their higher end tables. My biggest criticism is not with the table, but with the tool kit. I would have liked to see more vertical adjustment of the v-pads. the only adjustment option you have is the provided v-pad spacers, which only give you a fixed height adjustment. This poses somewhat of a challenge when you are working with tubes of varying sizes. I ended up making my own tooling, which quickly remedied this issue. In conclusion, this table is a must have for any home shop, and definitely a strong consideration for light production work. The tool kit even though it has it's limitations is a must have as well, and with the ability to make your own tooling there is no limit to what you can jig up on this table.
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