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Arc-Zone Exclusive Brands

ArcTime Hybrid™ "One Tungsten, No Limits"

ArcTime hybrid with it's distinctive Sky Blue Tip™ is a proprietary non-thoriated tugnsten blend engineered by Arc-Zone to be non-radioactive, and non-carcinogenic. State-of-the-Art tungsten materials formulated to improve weld quality with longer electrode tip life, superior arc stability and current continuity.

AMPLIFY Tungsten Electrodes, All Popular Blends & Sizes

The most complete line of high-quality tungsten materials and sizes available.  From .020" (.05mm) to 3/8" (9.6mm) in 2% Thoriated (Red Tip™), 1.5, (Gold Tip™), 2% Lanthanated, (Dark Blue Tip™) Ceriated, (Grey Tip™), Zirconiated, (Brown Tip™) and Pure (Green Tip™).  No matter what blend or diameter you need, we have it!

Arc Zone Pro Series

The Ultimate High-Performance Welding Products, assembled by our dedicated team of experts.  Each Value-added product is designed and built to help you Weld Like a Pro™ right out of the box! 

Arc-Zone CoolKit™ Water-Cooled TIG Machine Upgrade Kits

Say goodbye to your bulky, to hot-to-hold air-cooled torch, and say hello to the high-performance, cool running CoolKit™.  Hands down, the simplest, most cost-effective way to upgrade to an integrated water-cooled TIG welding rig!  Everything you need, in one easy-to-install kit.

Hot Foot Remote Foot Amperage Controls

We couldn't find a high-quality, comfortable, precise, durable, all steel foot control-- so we had it made, right here in the U.S.A.  The Hot Foot™ -- the last foot pedal you'll ever need.

HyperCool Cooling Products

*** Coming Soon! ***

Ice-T Cryo-Treated Tungsten Electrodes

With it's distinctive Pink Tip™ Ice-T™ 2% thoriated tungsten electrodes deliver excellent ignition properties, low burn-off rates and extreme tip life. Take the performance of your mechanized and automated TIG and Plasma Arc Welding production to a whole new level.

JW Signature Series

Arc-Zone's JW Signature Series™ incorporate the latest engineered materials and are exclusively designed, tested and built in our dedicated new product R&D facility.  Now you can get superior, high-purity welds with virtually no moisture and shield gas contamination. The JW Signature Series™ the right tool for the most demanding jobs.

Monster TIG Nozzles

A complete line of size #12, !4, !5, !6 & 24 nozzles for consistent shield gas coverage in a durable compact and light flooding cup.  Monster TIG nozzles use our proprietary GFST™ (Gas Flow Straightener Technology) internal nozzle shape and high-quality stainless steel, varying mesh diffuser screens-- for unparalleled tungsten electrode stick-out and weld puddle shielding.

Sharpie Hand-Held Tungsten Grinding Machines

Sharpie the safe, accurate and easy to use tungsten electrode grinder-- a must have for TIG welding shops. This handy machine quickly, easily and consistently points, cuts and flats tungsten electrodes for improved weld quality and lower tungsten waste.  Now you can reduce tungsten grinding / re-grinding costs, and improve your shop safety.

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