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Arc-Zone Exclusive Brands

JW Signature Series

State-of-the-Art GTAW (Gas Tungsten Arc Welding) - PAW (Plasma Arc Welding) - Torch Packages, Welding Machine Upgrade Kits, High-Purity Gas Scrubbers & Gas Supply Solutions that reduce Argon useage & deliver superior, high-quality welds with virtually no shield gas contamination.

Arc Zone Pro Series

Leading brand name welding products, upgraded by our dedicated team of experts.  Each value-added product is designed to help you Weld Like a Pro™ right out of the box! 

Monster TIG Nozzles

Next Generation TIG welding nozzles that deliver consistent shield gas coverage in a durable, compact and light design.  Monster flooding cups™ use our proprietary GFST™ (Gas Flow Straightener Technology) for unparalleled weld puddle shielding.

LowRider Super Low-Profile TIG Parts

How Low Can You Go? New LowRider™ Gas Lens Kits are the ideal solution to shrink your 9, 20 (2 series) & 24 (8 series) TIG torches head size for hard-to-reach jobs. Super-low-profile gas lens parts are designed to deliver the gas coverage needed to get a perfect weld in the tightest spaces, the LowRider Series is the ticket.

Sharpie Hand-Held Tungsten Grinders

These handy machines are a quick, easy & consistent tool that points, cuts & adds tip flats to tungsten electrodes for improved TIG weld quality & lower tungsten waste.  Sharpie™ tungsten grinders are availabe in corded & cordless models.

ArcTime Hybrid™ Tungsten Electrodes

State-of-the-Art ArcTime hybrid material with it's distinctive Sky Blue Tip™ is our proprietary non-thoriated tugnsten blend.  Non-radioactive & non-carcinogenic tungsten formulated to improve weld quality with longer tip life, superior arc stability & arc continuity. "One Tungsten, No Limits"

AMPLIFY Tungsten Electrodes, All Popular Blends & Sizes

High-quality "traditional" tungsten materials available in every size from .020" (.05mm) to 3/8" (9.6mm).  Choose from 2% Thoriated (Red Tip™), 1.5, (Gold Tip™), 2% Lanthanated, (Dark Blue Tip™) Ceriated, (Grey Tip™), Zirconiated, (Brown Tip™) & Pure (Green Tip™).  No matter what blend or diameter you need, we have it!

Ice-T Cryo-Treated Tungsten Electrodes

Innovative Cyro treated tungsten with a distinctive Pink Tip™  Ice-T™ is a 2% thoriated tungsten electrode that delivers excellent ignition properties, low burn-off rates & longer tip life. Take your mechanized & automated TIG & Plasma Arc Welding production to a whole new level.

RodID TIG Rod Storage Solutions

Store, Protect & Organize your TIG, Flux Coated Stick, Brazing & Exotic Alloy filler metals from Atmosphere & Moisture Contamination. Rod Guard® canisters & Rod ID™ Caps, Labels & Tags - Document what material you have. Each cap comes with a leash-chain so you can easily attach additional documents likes job orders, material certs, heat & mil specs!

Arc-Zone CoolKit™ Water-Cooled TIG Machine Upgrade Kits

Say goodbye to your bulky, to hot-to-hold air-cooled torch, and say hello to the high-performance, cool running CoolKit™.  Hands down, the simplest, most cost-effective way to upgrade to an integrated water-cooled TIG welding rig!  Everything you need, in one easy-to-install kit.

Hot Foot Remote Foot Amperage Controls

We couldn't find a high-quality, comfortable, precise, durable, all steel foot control-- so we had it made, right here in the U.S.A.  The Hot Foot™ -- the last foot pedal you'll ever need.

HyperCool Cooling Products

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