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Arc-Zone Premier Products

Grow Your Business with Arc-Zone's Premier Line of Welding & Metalworking Solutions!

Are you a Welding or Industrial Tool Supply Company looking to grow your sales?  Get started today by clicking the Distributor Inquiry button below or call +1 (760) 931-1500 -- to learn more about how our innovative products can add value to your company, and drive profitable sales growth.

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Sharpie Hand-Held Tungsten Grinders

The highest-quality, best selling portable tungsten grinder in the world!  Sharpie™ Tungsten grinders make it easy to grind a point, cut & add a tip flat to tungsten electrodes in the shop, or on the job site! The fastest way to improve your TIG weld quality & lower tungsten usage.  Sharpie™ DX & SD tungsten grinders are available in corded & cordless models.

Monster TIG Cups

TIG welding nozzle kits proven to deliver consistent shield gas coverage in critical aerospace applications for more than 20 years. Monster flooding cups™ use our GFS™ (Gas Flow Straightener) diffuser design in conjunction with a gas lens for unparalleled gas flow and excellent weld puddle shielding.  Monster TIG cups™  --  the best performing TIG flooding cups available!

LowRider Super Low-Profile TIG Cup Kits

How Low Can You Go? LowRider™ Gas Lens Kits are the ideal solution to shrink down your 9, 20, 2 series, 24, or 8 model TIG torches to access hard-to-reach jobs. These super-low-profile gas lens parts are designed to deliver the gas coverage needed to get a perfect weld in the tightest spaces.

ArcTime Hybrid™ Premium Tungsten "One Tungsten, No Limits"

The Perfect Tungsten Blend - ArcTime™ hybrid is formulated with proprietary non-radioactive tungsten additives & is proven to deliver snappy arc starts, long tip life with superior arc stability.  ArcTime

hybrid's premium blend has a low work function for better arc continuity & runs significantly cooler than generic tungsten blends.   Look for ArcTime™ hybrid with it's distinctive Sky Blue Tip™ the symbol of quality & performance!

AMPLIFY Tungsten Electrodes, All Blends, All Sizes

High-quality Amplify brand tungsten offers a complete range of tungsten material in every blend & size from .020" (.05mm) to 3/8" (9.6mm).  Choose from 2% Thoriated (Red Tip™), 1.5, (Gold Tip™), 2% Lanthanated, (Dark Blue Tip™) Ceriated, (Gray Tip™), Zirconiated, (Brown Tip™) & Pure (Green Tip™).  No matter what blend or diameter you need, Amplify tungsten delivers performance & value.

Pro Welding Positioner™

The A-PT-051 Pro welding positioner™ is a compact machine with heavy-duty performance!  Built with the highest quality components and engineered to last-- the Arc-Zone Pro Tabletop™ welding positioner delivers professional grade performance that brings semi-automated welding down to a price that your shop can afford.

RodID TIG Rod Storage Solutions

Store, Protect & Organize your TIG, Flux Coated Stick, Brazing & Exotic Alloy filler metals from Atmosphere & Moisture Contamination. Rod Guard® canisters combined with our exclusive Rod ID™ Caps, Labels, Tags & Rod Caddy™ racks - Let you identify & date code each material in your shop. Rod ID™ Caps come with a "leash-chain" so you can easily attach additional job documents including:  job orders, material certs, heat & mil specs. We engineered a total solution fro storing and organizing expensive TIG rod!

CoolKit™ TIG Machine Upgrade Kits

Say goodby to your bulky, too hot-to-hold air-cooled torch, and say hello to the high-performance, cool running CoolKit™.  Hands down, the simplest, most cost-effective way to upgrade your air-cooled TIG welding rig!  CoolKit™ -- Everything you need, in one easy-to-install, liquid cooled TIG machine upgrade kit.

Hot Foot Amperage Controls

High-quality, comfortable, precise, durable, all steel foot controls, made in the U.S.A.  The Hot Foot™ -- the last foot control you'll ever buy.

High-Purity Welding Products Built to Deliver Superior Quality Welds

State-of-the-Art TIG & PAW torch packages, welding machine upgrade kits & gas delivery solutions for superior, welds with virtually no moisture or atmosphere contamination. 

Industry leading Products Proven to Solve Problems for Metal Fabricators Worldwide

When you see “Pro” in the name, it means the kit, torch package, or tool has been upgraded and assembled by our dedicated team of experts. Each value-added product is exclusive to Arc-Zone and designed to help you Weld Like a Pro™ right out of the box! 

HyperCool Cooling Products

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