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Copper Chill Blocks for V-Band Flanges

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Copper Heat Sinks for Universal V-Band Flanges

These Copper Chill Blocks are the ultimate solution for back purging V-band Flange welds. 

Production Welding? Save time and make more money! 

  • Chill blocks are ideal for positioning and holding the workpiece steady and in position for welding. 
  • Say good bye to overheated parts and worktables!  Every TIG Aesthetics heat sink is designed with hex fins to suck heat out of the part being welded for quicker cool down times in a production environment.
  • Precision manufactured from high-tech Tellurium Copper alloy for durability and oxidation resistance.
  • Proven to withstand as much heat as you can throw at them and transfer heat quickly and effectively away from the flange eliminating any warpage or overheating of the welded part.
  • Copper construction has 40% better thermal & electrical conduction compared to Aluminum alternatives.
  • 70% heavier than an identical aluminum heat sinks, and allows better positioning and work holding
  • Hex shaped heat dissipation fins ensure quicker cool down times in a production welding environment.

Chill Block Kits Include:

  • Multi layer stainless steel diffusers eliminate turbulence in the tube / pipe, and minimizing Argon usage
  • Diffuser retaining snap-ring
  • Argon inlets allow you to taylor your purge gas supply -- through the bottom - or - side of the Chill Block
  • Plug to cap the hole not being used
  • Quality Quick Release fit up clamp


Part # Size
TIC-903-75063-1001 2.5"
TIC-903-75076-1001 3"
TIC-903-75089-1001 3.5"
TIC-903-75102-1001 4"

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