Arc-Zone The Metal Mashup March 2018 Vol. 1

March 2018: Grasshoppers, Leprechaun nozzles, CK’s MT200, GIANT swords, virtual welding at the fair & our fav breweries.


The Magnetic Grasshopper will hold your workpiece in place so that you don’t have to look awkward getting into position to get your weld on. Safety First:  You shouldn’t have to do the Limbo to get ‘er done!!! Save the dancing for the pub crawl.


It’s like Christmas in March, when we can offer $400 Savingson the CK MT200 AC/DC machine. It’s definitely on our employees’ favorite things list… Why? It alternates current with the best of them, so bring on the Aluminum! The dual voltage allows you to power down to standard 110. It’s simple enuf, even for the rookies, to dial it in with ease. This rainbow disappears 04/01, so don’t delay!


The Leprechauns gave our LowRiders 5 Stars:
***** “Awesome, makes the tightest of spots a breeze to work on” -Bryce
***** “If you need a small cup to get into a tight spot, this is the cup kit for you. I can’t wait to use it on the next roll cage I build” -Nick
***** “Perfect timing for me, as I struggled to get the torch in to finish welding the roll cage against the a post of the bodyshell” -Richard


4-H kids at the Ohio State Fair get a chance to weld virtually thanks to the American Welding Society and Lincoln Electric. Check-out the welding cells that and info-graphics that give visitors of all ages a hands on experience with both wire & stick welding. The next generation of Welders Wanted!


Of course they’re totally impractical, but if you can translate his Irish accent, you’ve got one up on us. In this video, we meetMichael Craughwell, an extraordinary sword maker from West Tisbury on the island of Martha’s Vineyard. This burly, Irish transplant is one of the world’s premiere builders of huge swords, mostly replicas of those found in video games and animation programs.


Who makes beer possible? Welders do!… Our March issue seemed like a good time to call out a sampling of the breweries that #BREWLIKEAPRO and have purchased from us here at Arc-Zone recently. You gotta love shiny stainless welds, along with the fabricators who keep those tanks sanitary and chock full o’ goodness. We’re here for you too, so you can get the tools you need to make great beer… or whatever your heart desires. Sláinte!  (The basic Irish Gaelic toast, which means “good health” – here’s to you!)

Arc-Zone The Metal Mashup February Vol. 2

Feb 2018: Tools to repair it, organize it & wrench it, along with an amazing Bogi, extreme off-roading & steel forging.


Repair or build custom length TIG, MIG & PAW hoses in the shop or in the field without tools! New hose repair kits are easy to install, using a simple threaded compression collar to securely mount your hose to the nipple. Everything you need in one convenient kit. No tools or crimping dies needed. Get one before you need one! (Designed for 3/16″ I.D. 1/4″ O.D. hose)


Sometimes you just need a tiny adjustment, and your big ol’ meat paws can’t get in there to tighten or loosen your collet body & other small parts. This lil’ dandy can step in to get the job done. Engineered with a thin body style and multiple ports to fit the collet body styles for for the popular WP-9, WP-20, WP-24, and similar TIG set ups. It’s the best $4 you’ll spend… especially since the wrench also opens your beer. Cheers!!!


Elevate your Rod Guard containers to the Pro Series level. We even have an Upgrade Kit for everyone who already has Rod Guard containers. We’ve developed a Rod ID Cap & label that nests on top to identify the material type, diameter, and date. Along with Custom Dividers to store 3 diameters of rod in one tube. Protect your rod, organize your shop & maximize the value of your containers. What’s not to Love?


Enjoy this excerpt from Discovery – Science Channel’s “How It’s Made” Steel Forgings episode. Guaranteed to melt your heart and take you to your happy place full of molten dreams, but just don’t reach for the light. Inspires us to make more things with steel. Now, that’s what we call recycling!


Is possible to blend high performance, 700 horsepower and luxury? This Ripsaw Super Tank runs like a Gazelle and charges like a Rhino. The Ripsaw are handcrafted, limited run, high end luxury tracked platforms developed for the public and extreme off road recreation. These unique off-road vehicles take up to 6 months to fabricate and can cost over half a million dollars, depending on desired luxury & performance packages. Not in our budget, but they sure are exciting to see in action.


You may recognize Bogi (@bogisgarage) from her successful tv show, All Girls Garage, but that role represents only a small portion of her time & talents. She’s owner of 180° Automotive, an unconventional, award-winning auto repair shop in Phoenix. Last year, Bogi brought together over 90 women to build the Chevy Montage, a 57 Chevy pickup, which was revealed at SEMA. She has established an Educational Center, which aims to lower the barrier of entry often experienced by women in the automotive trades. The Center welcomes new people into the trades and helps shrink the skilled trades gap we’re seeing nationally. Be sure to connect with Bogi on IG or one of her web properties, as this woman is driven to succeed! We’re thrilled to highlight Bogi, as we have many shared values & vision. Kudos to her and women everywhere who break down barriers & kick some serious butt.

Arc-Zone The Metal Mashup February 2018 Vol. 1

Feb❤2018: LowRider special, dinse ❤connections, EZ Cuts, a Barbie video, and a couple fused by welding.

Great things come in small packages! The LowRider TIG Kits are a new favorite here, and to celebrate these purdy lil’ things, we thought we’d go small on the price tag. Set-up your torch this Valentine’s Day and access even the smallest spaces to lay down the weld you need to win over even the hardest of hearts. These specials save you from $12 – $20, so grab one of these ❤throbs today.


Jason Moser says it best, “Straight, precision cuts have never been easier. Simply place the magnetized rail on the metal and push or pull in a smooth constant speed due to the geared head. Super smooth cuts every time.
My favorite aspect is the bevel adjustment. I use it for beveling big plate regularly, and it is super accurate. I have even made an adapter for my plasma gun and it opened up a whole new world of precision cutting.”
Check out Jason & his Scorpion in action. And if you fall for it like he did, we’ll ship one right to your shop!


Don’t be dense, get a dinse connector. Just plug it together, tighten with a quick slight of hand to make the connection. They’re safe, rugged, long-lasting, and provide an optimal supply of current. Dinse type panel mounted plugs provide maximum current carrying capacity thanks to their precision conical contact points. Don’t get caught without ’em or you might get a lil’ love zap of electricity.


The sound effects alone are reason enough to watch this hyper-speed inspiration to get ‘er done today. Barbie The Welder always has something new up her sleeve, whether a new art piece, shop tips, or horse shoe art how to’s. Check-out this silly montage to get you pumped up to take on your next challenge. Here’s to keeping it fun and loving what you do. Watch, Listen & Enjoy!


Anyone who’s met them, recognizes these two as having something special. Beware, cuz the @icweld & @mrs.icweldduo spark smiles & fun wherever they go… Veronica is always smiling & we’ve seen her capture a few of Isaac’s too. Together this couple lights up any room and not just with their arcs & sparks. When asked about why she enjoys going to Fabtech, Veronica says, “It’s about making decisions with my business partner, but also my best friend. We are a team.” We should all be so lucky to have cultivated such an amazing lifelong partnership! Share your joy and passion with your loved ones, so that your bond of ❤ grows even stronger. Hug the welder you’re with & Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

Arc-Zone The Metal Mashup January 2018 Vol. 2

Blue Moon Issue 2018:  Innovative Rod Storage Solution, BIG savings on CK’s MT200, drool-producing tungsten grinder, epic dance moves, a guy in his garage, & a few words about Jim.


Today we have the privilege to bring you something totally Innovative… We’ve developed a full suite of products to elevate your Rod Guard containers to the Pro Series level.
What makes ’em Great?
1. Rod ID Cap & label that nests on top to identify the material type, diameter, and date.
2. Custom Divider to store 3 diameters of rod in a tube.
This Pro Solution protects your rod, organizes your shop, & maximizes the value of your containers. Check ’em out!


We’re already enamored with the quality and dependability of the CK’s Multi-process machine. So when we heard that they’re running a promo to slash $400 off the price, we couldn’t wait to share it with you. Check it out & bring one home to your shop!


Thomas, one of our Pro Partners & customers, wrote this ode to his Piranha II, “When I welded only on the weekends for fun, using a drill and a belt sander was plenty good enough. Now that I weld every single day for a living. I need things to be better and quicker. The Piranha 2 tungsten sharpener, as you can see, is the unit I use everyday. You can see the difference in the quality of the point.”  Here’s a Link to his IG post. Check it out in our store, if you want to achieve similar quality and results. (Disclaimer: This Grinder won’t necessarily make you weld like Thomas, but quality tools get you that much closer 😉


If you don’t read The Fabricator regularly, well… you’re missin’ out. We’re big fans of Amanda Carlson, managing editor, for what’s been recently re-branded as, The WELDER. She really hits the mark in this video interview (the 1st we’ve seen) with Jim Wright of Jimbo’s Garage. We’re inspired by hard-working folks who share their stories for the betterment of our industry, tradespeople, and those who want to understand us.
Here’s the link to the print story from the Nov issue, but click above to watch this YouTube sensation, with infectious positive energy, tell the tale of how his YouTube popularity came to be.


From now on, why would you wanna shake it up any other way? We came across this lil’ gem posted by Bentley Garner last week & we just needed to share. Listen close ‘cuz you can hear the camera operator giggling too. Turns out, this Brazilian JiuJitsu Black Belt and fabricator has got some moves!


I don’t think we’ve done this before, as he’s too humble to suggest we highlight his weld-like-a-pro-ness… But our fearless leader, Jim Watson, (@thejoewelder) is our in-house guru of all things welding. While Jim doesn’t weld everyday anymore, his innovative, problem-solving mindset is the driving force behind our new product development and total quality culture… It’s Jim who conceived of the Monster line-up, the Low Rider, our Pro Kits, TIG Machine upgrades, the new Rod ID products… and so much more that’s still on the drawing table.
As Arc-Zone enters its 20th year, we wanna give Jim a Congratulatory shout-out, and Thank him for making a positive mark on our industry, providing us with a fantastic work environment, and supporting our shared quest to deliver our customers the best service & welding solutions on the planet.

Arc-Zone The Metal Mashup January 2018 Vol. 1

WELCOME TO 2018:  Time-saving tungsten, Plasma cutting parts, rock climbers, a helper, firefighter & a cannon mis-fire.


It’s ArcTime! @Arc_Zone, we love ArcTime Tungsten because it is The Original Hybrid. It’s the energizer electrode that keeps on delivering stable arc starts, low burn off rate & tip longevity, without the need to change out tungsten as you go from steel to aluminum & back. Forget about waiting til 5:00… it’s always ArcTime in the Shop! We’ve even got a sampler pack – Test ArcTime in different diameters to see what you use the most. Get your 10 pack today!


Usually it drives you crazy to have your helper just hangin’ around… with the Magnetic Grasshopper, you’ve got a 3rd hand right there where you need it… and it’ll cost you less than $30. If you’re looking to “hire” the perfect assistant in 2018, start by interviewing this lil’ gem. Increase your productivity today, without blowin’ your budget.  The Right Tools Make All the Difference!


If you’re already using an HPR system, you know that it cuts, bevels, and marks carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and other metals with a high degree of precision and consistency. Get ‘er Done Right the 1st time, without having to stop & clean up after each pass. Focus your arc & get the most precise cut, so you can make the most cash on each job by saving time. We’ve got a full suite of performance proven replacement parts – Get yours today!


Isn’t it everyone’s dream to turn their hobby & passion into a career? Cora Jokinen, CEO of Torq-Masters, is doing what she loves, growing her company, and supporting the sport that she loves – Rock Crawling. If you’re looking for a lil inspiration to follow your passion, watch this video about Cora, a woman on a 4×4 mission. The Full Story was featured on Millerwelds.


Thomas says this was the funniest thing to happen in his shop all of last year. Watch the video & let him know what you think.
What was the funniest thing to happen in your shop last year? or even last week? Share your videos, fun stuff, purdy welds, killer tools, and bestest moments for a chance to be featured on The Metal Mashup too. (@arc_zone,  #arczone#weldlikeapro )


Getting to know fab-tastic welders (& Arc-Zone customers) for the #weldlikeapro spotlight is one of the most rewarding parts of creating The Mashup. It’s our privilege today to highlight Tucker Harding (@tuckerbuilt), who picked up his 1st torch as a high school freshman & pretty much hasn’t put it down since. He serves as Captain of his local volunteer fire company. But his “day” job is fabricating & up-fitting of fire apparatus. Who better to do the job, than a guy who walks the walk and holds the hose himself. More people & structures are saved, and fire fighters are safer themselves when they have equipment that’s purpose-built To Last!!! And when stuff does break, Tucker is there to repair it too! Tucker, we salute you and thank you for all that you do to serve your community and raise the industry.

Arc-Zone The Metal Mashup December 2017 Vol.1

Dec 2017: ‘Tis the Season for joining round the table, all things glittering, savings, and gratitude for blessings big & small.


With a dedicated grinding wheel, your tungsten can stay on point, contamination free, and evenly sharpened. Unfortunately, the Zales jewelry store doesn’t guarantee these diamonds to stay glittery for life, so be sure to replace your wheel when you stop getting the perfect finish on your tungsten. We’ve ’em in stock and ready to help deliver the best grind every time.


Arc-Zone’s gratitude for our subscribers has spilled over into this edition. We got lots of positive feedback on our GR8FULSale, so we decided to bring it back for one(ish) more day. Click here to see all the products that are offered at 10% off.Use Code:  GR8FUL @ Check-out. Our Team is taking the afternoon off to share a meal, play games, laugh, and steal some presents from one another ;-). Since we couldn’t invite all of you to join us, we wanted to offer you this lil’ Metal Mashup party favor just the same. Thank you for choosing Arc-Zone and for reading our Metal Mashup!


Get ’em while they’re cheap(er). A fixturing table can take your weld shop to the next level… of productivity and quality. Your table is the centerpiece of your workshop, aiding you in serving up the best darn metalwork in the tri-state area. Martha Stewart’s got nothing on the fabricators who exactly how to Wow the recipients of their handiwork. And every Top Chef knows it’s only with the highest quality “ingredients” that you can cook up the most memorable, savory dishes.


Our economic expansion, as dull as it has been at times, is nearing a historic length-and it might just might have some more life in it (Please Please Please!).The length of the economic expansion since the Great Recession is turning into one of the longest on record. The good news is that there doesn’t appear to be any potholes ahead in the coming months. Check-out this article in the Fabricator for more good news on the outlook for our industry in 2018.


Jimmy DiResta is always a man with an unbelievable vision and plan. Who knew you could recreate bark with steel bars? He literally tacks, fuses, and grinds the bars so that they become one…seamless masterpiece hugging the walnut slab. Enjoy this video to help inspire your own creativity. This creation is All Bark, Done Right!!!


The Holidaze are a time to reflect on why we do what we do and to spend time with family. In this issue, we wanted to twinkle a light on Nick (@mishler_made_fab), a 3-time father who lays down the weaves and the hammer to build a new home, work 2 jobs, and still have time to be a loving husband & father. We know there’s lots of kindred spirits out there who are also makin it happen each day for themselves & their families. We tip our hoods to you this holiday season and thru the year. Keep up the amazing work – clearly you’re doing something more than a lil’ Right!!!