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Arc-Zone The Metal Mashup September Vol. 2

Metal Mashup Welding News from Arc-Zone

September 2016 – Stop spinning in circles, purge the weld zone, the Loch Ness monster, and dueling Robots are all featured in this issue.



You can either tighten or loosen the clamp. No more spinning & spinning & spinning the lever around. Time = $$$, and long set-up time doesn’t pay the bills. Check-out the Pipe Alignment tools we’ve added to our line-up. Clamp it down & Get ‘er done!



When the best weld quality is the only option, you’re gonna need to ensure an oxygen-free weld zone. Set-up is key to success, and backing tape, purge plugs, & industrial cleaning wipes are your Go-To contaminant killers. As a bonus, they can lower gas consumption and labor (pre & post-weld).



If your welding procedure specs out measuring the O2 around the weld zone, here’s a great hand held monitor. Get in, record the levels, and get back to business. Not everyone needs one, but if you gotta check the O2, then it had better be easy to use, accurate, work every time & not slow ya down. Check-out this lil’ bad boy!



Have you heard of TIP TIG?  The term was new to most of us. It’s a hot-wire welding process that feeds an oscillating wire under a tungsten electrode. It’s kinda like MIG wire meets an oscillating electrode that agitates & deeply penetrates the weld pool… all at high speeds. You can TIP TIG manually, but this article in The Fabricator magazine focuses on Robots that deposit welds in high gear. Check it out!



For Bill McCann the simple desire to build things out of metal is what sparked his interest in welding. Maybe it’s his background as a drafter, but Bill particularly enjoys conceptualizing the piece he is planning to create. We’re not sure what we’re more in awe of… Bill or his amazing works of art. It’s an honor and a privilege to see his work in the “metal” and share story with him & his wife. Check him out here on our Carmen Electrode blog.



For Brandon (@dailymobber), welding is his passion; it kept him both busy & out of trouble in high school. A perfectionist, he welds everything from trophy truck roll cages to custom pipes. He’s also a young entrepreneur, student of Welding Technology at a Palomar College, and working for Microfab, here in SD. He says, most of his skills are honed on the job each day. We appreciate him sharing his success with our ArcTime Tungsten and Monster Nozzles. Join the [visual] conversation on Instagram. Check-out his work and that of all the men & women who weld hard everyday to elevate and celebrate the Trades!



MegaBots, Inc. USA challenges Japan to a duel! 2 Giant Robots with Guns!!! The creators have a duty to science fiction lovers of this world to fight them to the death. Watch the story of the Mk. II MegaBot, a 15-foot tall, 12,000 lb Robot capable of hurling 3 lb projectiles at speeds of over 130 MPH. There’s even a few scenes showing the weld behind the Bot. Awesome!


The Arc-Zone Ultimate Welding Supplies Showroom

A few months back Arc-Zone officially opened a welding supply store we’ve dubbed  “The Ultimate Showroom” located at 2091 Las Palmas Drive, Suite F, Carlsbad, CA 92011.

Arc-Zone's Ultimate Welding Showroom in Carlsbad, CA

Customers in Arc-Zone’s Ultimate Welding Showroom during our Grand Opening Event in Carlsbad, CA

Welding Supplies in the Coolest Shop You’ve Ever Seen

Arc-Zone has always had the dream to build the best welding supply company in the world, and opening The Ultimate Showroom is one more way in which that dream is coming true.  And our local welding customers often stopped by our office to pick up their orders and meet with our top-notch technical team…  now they have a real reason to stop in!

Not only will you find the top notch welding supplies that we carry in our webstore, you’ll have an experience you won’t soon forget…  check this place out! Continue reading

Hot News, Cool Tools and Welding Tips for June 2010

Did you know that June is National Safety Month?

When I was a kid working with my Dad and Grandfather in their shops, they’d say something like “A Clean Shop is a Safe Shop.”  Like any kid I’d roll my eyes but as an adult, I now know how true it is.

As fabricators, we work with all kinds of things that can potentially harm us:  flames, fumes, electricity, molten metal, hot surfaces, chemicals, cables and cords, not to mention sharp objects!

There’s a ton of safety items out there to protect us, and at we use only the highest quality, modern gear.  In fact, we’ve just added Miller’s line of  Safety Apparel and Equipment:  Classic looking Arc Amor Apparel, Top-Of-The-Line Miller Helmets with replacement parts (in stock and ready to ship!), PAPR systems (for respiratory safety) that work with Miller Helmets, and Heat Stress equipment so you can keep your cool.  We even carry a full line of replacement parts for the respiratory safety and heat stress equipment.

At Arc-Zone we KNOW safety is important.  On our site you’ll find links to Operations Guides (using the equipment properly is the first step to safe operation) and MSDS sheets, and in this newsletter you’ll find a list of resources, including Safety Sheets from the American Welding Society and Safety Tips from the major manufacturers.

Don’t forget to let us know if you have a special request, something you don’t see on our website, or information you need to get your hands on.  a kit you’d like customized and give us a call–  TollFree at 800.944.2243 (US) or 1.760.931.1500 (worldwide).


Jim Watson, President & Founder, Inc.

Breathe Easy (and Weld Safely!) with Miller

Miller’s Arc Armor™ PAPR (Powered Air Purifying Respirator) features a blower that is 1.3 lbs. lighter than the leading competitor and incorporates a Miller-exclusive belt/shoulder strap design for maximum comfort. The Arc Armor PAPR features a lithium ion battery with no memory retention from frequent charging, dual air speeds for maximum comfort in varied work environments and audible and vibrating alarms for use in noisy workplaces. The PAPR comes with a Miller Elite™ Series auto-darkening helmet (non-auto-darkening lens model also available) and is certified by the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH, 42 CFR Part 84), which covers requirements for respiratory protective devices. Miller’s PAPR has an assigned protection factor of 25.  FIND OUT MORE ABOUT THE PAPR SYSTEM–>

Welding Safety Resources

With the internet, it’s easy to stay on top of the latest safety information, not to mention regulations.  This list of resources should get you started:

American Welding Society:

August 2009 Newsletter

PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT: Hot Foot™ Remote Amperage Control for TIG Welding

Hotfoot Remote Amperage Control from
Master Fabricator Mario Lozano from TSR Fabrication (and expert guest on Jesse James’s Monster Garage TV show) stopped by to pick up a remote control for his TIG Welder. He uses his pedal for a variety of applications for his high end custom fabricated header systems and turbo intercoolers- each one welded by hand and on a turntable. Mario chose the Arc-Zone Hot Foot™ brand high-performance foot control “they are durable, comfortable foot pedals with a nice foot bed and extra long cord.”

Read about Mario’s latest visit over at Check out Arc-Zone’s Hot Foot™ brand foot controls and other remote amperage control options.

Plasma Arc Welding Torch Accessories

Did you know the Plasma Arc Welding experts at have put together accessory kits for your plasma arc welding operations… Minimize downtime and have the highest quality replacement parts on hand so you’ll be up and running in no time!

If you do get into a bind, don’t forget, stocks the most comprehensive line of replacement parts for plasma arc welding applications–Count on us to deliver the parts you need!


Tips for taking care of your TIG Torch


Info on the 2009 FABTECH / AWS welding show