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Wanted: Women Welders


Carlsbad, Calif. February 4, 2015— is looking for women welders to profile for the “New Rosies” column on the company’s blog at Since its inception in 2007 the column has showcased a variety of women working in many facets of the welding industry. From pipe welders to automotive fabricators, from steam fitters to television show hosts, the “New Rosies” perform all kinds of work in the industry.

The blog, the first in the welding industry, premiered in 2004 and by 2006 was focusing on issues related to women such as tips for success in a male-dominated industry, and fun facts about Rosie the Riveter—including profiles and photos of the original Rosies. The New Rosies column has featured over 35 women whose interviews continue to be the most popular pages on the blog.

To be featured as a New Rosie, visit is committed to celebrating the amazing men and women who work in the welding industry through the company blogs and through its social media channels. Founded by master fabricator Jim Watson in June 1998, the company delivers proprietary, brand name and OEM replacement parts and accessories for GMAW, GTAW and Plasma Arc Welding and Cutting applications to customers worldwide. For more information, visit the web site at www.arc-, call (800) 944-2243 or email

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New Year, New Look for

CONTACT:   Maureen Henry or Matthew Dodd   PHONE:  760-931-1500


Carlsbad, CA—For the new year® has launched a redesign of their ecommerce site that includes a fresh new look along with improvements to functionality based on customer feedback.  Arc-Zone offers over 10,000 unique products and the new website features simplified fly-out navigation menus and a more accurate search tool to better target the MIG, TIG, and Plasma Arc Welding products customers are shopping for.  The most significant update to the web store is its mobile responsive design. redesigned website’s new mobile responsive design

“We take our customers’ needs very seriously,” says Arc-Zone founder and CEO Jim Watson.  “Like us, our customers are accessing the internet from the desktop computer in the office and from out in the field using tablets, smart phones, and other mobile devices.  The site is now designed to look great and function well no matter how or from where you’re accessing it.”

The Arc-Zone website is a purpose-built store developed from custom code.  Watson says that one of the benefits of using custom code is that the site is less vulnerable to security attacks because it’s not the same code that everyone else is using.  “Besides,” Watson says, “like our customers, we like to build things!”

Other upgrades to the store include an improved checkout process with the shopping cart visible in the header and a “Save for Later” option in case customers don’t have time to complete an order.  Product Reviews are more accessible too, so shoppers will know what other fabricators think of the MIG, TIG, and Plasma Arc Welding accessories in the store.

Watson says some things, however, will always stay the same. “We’re committed to continuing to offer our customers the best service and technical support”

Founded in June 1998, delivers proprietary, brand name and OEM replacement parts and accessories for GMAW, GTAW and Plasma Arc Welding and Cutting applications to customers worldwide.

For more information, visit the web site at, call (800) 944-2243, or email

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The Arc-Zone Ultimate Welding Supplies Showroom

A few months back Arc-Zone officially opened a welding supply store we’ve dubbed  “The Ultimate Showroom” located at 2091 Las Palmas Drive, Suite F, Carlsbad, CA 92011.

Arc-Zone's Ultimate Welding Showroom in Carlsbad, CA

Customers in Arc-Zone’s Ultimate Welding Showroom during our Grand Opening Event in Carlsbad, CA

Welding Supplies in the Coolest Shop You’ve Ever Seen

Arc-Zone has always had the dream to build the best welding supply company in the world, and opening The Ultimate Showroom is one more way in which that dream is coming true.  And our local welding customers often stopped by our office to pick up their orders and meet with our top-notch technical team…  now they have a real reason to stop in!

Not only will you find the top notch welding supplies that we carry in our webstore, you’ll have an experience you won’t soon forget…  check this place out! Continue reading

Joe Welder, American Chopper, and the evolution of the TIG torch

I was watching American Chopper with my wife last night and when they did a close up of Rick Petko TIG welding a custom gas tank together, my wife said, “He is using a Crafter Series TIG torch!”

That brought back memories of 1994 when we were dating and I was the Regional Sales Manager for Weldcraft, the world’s leading TIG torch manufacturer.  I was living in the western suburbs of Chicago, Saint Charles, IL to be exact.  I had a nice 1,000 Sq Ft fab shop behind my ranch house.

That shop is where I tinkered with an idea to solve a major problem with the TIG torches on the market at that time.  There was not a torch on the market that was ready to go right out of the box, with nozzle, tungsten, connectors and all.  I also added a flat side on the handle so that the welder can know which direction the torch is facing without lifting his helmet.  I built the first prototypes of what became the Crafter Series TIG torch, complete with the silicone rubber test molds, handle mock ups, etc.

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Joe WelderWe would like to announce that Joe Welder and Carmen Electrode are back, energized, excited and ready to blog. Due to some staffing changes and record sales at our welding supply store,, we have really lagged over the last few months on updating the blog for all of you readers.

But Joe Welder and Carmen Electrode are back and ready to rock it with a weekly blog post that contains interesting and helpful info for all you welders out there. Here’s a sneak peak of what’s to come:

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