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The Metal Mashup: July – 2018

July 2018: We Want to Celebrate You – Bulking Up, Spinning Right Round, Amplifying Results & Taking the Challenge


Using the Right [Quality] Tungsten for your application leads to better weld outcomes, the first time. Whether it’s adjusting the diameter or the blend, it pays to do some test runs and dial it in, to get the puddle lookin’ just right. Our Amplify™ tungsten is hand packaged and inspected by our our dedicated Team. Our Goal = Get you the material you need ASAP! Order a pack today to improve your arc starts. Guaranteed!


We’ve got Cable, in Bulk: Starting @ $1.92 / ft.
Our Ultra-Flex® Welding Cable is designed to provide extra flexibility for stingers, whips, leads, and grounds. It’s more flexible because it has more strands than standard welding cable. And the cable is insulated with an orange, high quality proprietary EPDM jacket and paper separator.
  *Note: To estimate shipping, add the cable to your cart & click on the estimate shipping button for a quote for your Zip code. For large orders, check w/ our Techs for a custom quote.


#ToolsThatMakeYouMoney – If there ever was a machine that embodied that hashtag, the Arc-Zone Pro positioner is It! This petite, powerhouse of a turntable makes repetitive operations a dream. It solves a both efficiency & quality problems for shops (BIG & small) that need to pump out work to be profitable. Choose the A-PT-051-PRO for your shop to lay down those purdy welds like a record baby, so you can get out & enjoy lots of fun. Work Hard – Work Smart – Enjoy Life!


Celebrating other people’s success is a great way to cultivate your own dreams. We took inspiration from this profile of three entrepreneurs with lots of sweat equity, published by Welding Productivity Magazine. “These three have set aside the status quo for something more. Their stories speak volumes about the human spirit and the determination that so many of our readers have in common.” Click above to read more. A lil’ like-minded motivation to accelerate your own journey.


Sometimes, you just gotta cut loose, have a lil’ fun on the job, and take on a challenge… the Mannequin Challenge, perhaps. This crew does it up right. Could you and yours beat them? We love the the teamwork that it took to get this done Right!!!


At Arc-Zone, we develop, sell & highlight the solutions and tools that help welders, fabricators & metal-workers reach their goals. One the most satisfying parts of “the job” is profiling the hard-working tradeswomen & men who use those tools to create, build, and make the most amazing stuff. Through our #WeldLikeAPro features, we shed light on talented people from across the globe. And We Want YOU! So, it’s time to answer the call, What are you building with the tools and accessories that you’ve bought from Arc-Zone? We want to share your success and your sometimes messy journey with like-minded makers.Use our hashtags (#toolsthatmakeyoumoney #arczone #weldlikeapro) and follow us on Instagram, Facebook, etc. for a chance to be Celebrated!

Arc-Zone The Metal Mashup June 2018 Vol.1

June 2018: Fatherhood, quick-change systems, Mike Rowe crackin’ the whip, 360 degree swing set, the Big Zero Loss


Of course, not! Cuz they wouldn’t get mad, they’d get even.
But this “wedgie” is a whole different sort & it’s no joke. The Wedge Collet may cost a lil’ more, but it lasts 2X as long and keeps your tungsten in place thru an interference fit, without twisting or warping. It’s particularly useful at high amperage. If you haven’t tried a “wedgie” for yourself, you’re missing out. Or be a friend & give the gift of a Wedge Collet to your favorite TIG Welder… BTW, they come standard in most of our Arc-Zone assembled kits.


From what we’ve heard, our customers just can’t seem to get enough of our rod storage solutions… it makes sense, since the ROD is the thing that actually becomes a part of the weld. If your rod is clean, dry, and organized, then your welds will be cleaner the first go around, so you can get on to the next section that needs your attention. With the dividers, great color selection and tags, they make a great addition to any shop.


If you’ve got more than one torch, more than one machine, or work in multiple shops, the Zero Loss Quick-Release System is specifically for you. Swap-out torches in a Snap – No Tools Required! Never deal w/ excess water, gas or money draining out of your TIG lines again. With Zero Loss, just snap in the torch you need & you’re ready to strike an arc. We offer conversion kits for as multiple torches, so you can literally plug-n-weld all day… So, You can take it with you. Still got questions, watch a video testimonial from @moser_fab


As if there weren’t enough reasons to think that Mike Rowe is the coolest guy around. But several years ago he took to Congress to tell ’em what’s up regarding our lack of focus on prepping students and celebrating the accomplishments of people who work in the trades. Sometimes they’re dirty jobs, but everyday they’re jobs that give you a sense of accomplishment and empower you to live the life of your dreams. Check-out his testimony, and then get out there and make something awesome!


When we pumped too hard or swung too high, you’d feel the legs of the swing set lift off the ground… which of course, caused us to swing harder & truly test its limits. Back then, we never imagined that anyone could build a swing set that propelled you 360 degrees, like a ride at an amusement park. OMG, we Sooooo want one of these… Please, Dad?


In celebration of Father’s Day, we’re highlighting Thomas Patsis, whose wife is due with their 1st born on about June 17th. If you don’t know Thomas (@coldhardart), you’re missin’ out on lots o’ laughs, metal artwork that’s 2nd to None, and the coolest trophies a person ever could Win. Our question to our readers & followers is, “Will Fatherhood change Thomas?” Which leads one to ask, did becoming a Father change you?

Check out the additional images we’ve showcased on our Instagram page, for more hilarity and epic pieces of metal artwork. We know in our heart that Fatherhood is only going to make him more more focused on his craft… cuz now he’ll have a new lil’ assistant who can fit inside his model replicas. We salute Dads & Welders everywhere who #weldlikeapro and inspire us each day to swing for the stars.

Arc-Zone The Metal Mashup May 2018 Vol.2

May 2018: Silly fabricators, tools that make you money, metal-mation, the legend behind the Oscars, & birth of a welding rig


Whether you’re doing some repairs or adding a pop of color to your art, Silicon Bronze is a fabricator’s lil’ secret. This malleable alloy will melt your heart and fill in as needed. We’ve got it in 1 lb tubes online. But you want it in larger quantities, just let our Sales Team know & we’ll quote you for a truckload.


Here’s what customers are saying:
Took a chance on this unit and love it! Welded a lot of link bars and rod ends already. Wished we had this years ago! Highly recommended!!!” – Jeffrey
I’ve run this machine for weeks now… VERY impressed. Well built and very easy to use. It’s perfect for small weldments and the price tag is on point. If you’re looking for a machine like this, look no further. You will not be disappointed.” – Wes
This thing is awesome! Love how much better of a welder it makes you look like on that ability to continuously welding all the way around a piece. None of those silly start and stops, and when you get it… the weight of the entire unit is very satisfying, knowing it’s made of real material not plastic. Love the ground set up also!” – Thomas


At Arc-Zone, we love tools that make metal-working and welding easier… make us look better… or allow us to get in the zone without the need for a 2nd set of hands & lots of head scratching to figure out hold to hold, clamp or align it. Check-out this selection of Strong Hand Tools or the thousands of other items we offer to make finishing your project easier, so you can get on to the next money-makin opportunity.


The legendary Dick Polich and his crew at Tallix have been at the leading edge of technology in art casting & fabrication for nearly 50 years. Their mission has stayed true to the artists who make the foundry great. “At Polich Tallix, creating and making art is led by the quest for technological excellence, superb craftsmanship and  an understanding and respect for artists and their work.” Heat of Fusion visually tells the story of the man who founded Tallix in 1970 and revolutionized the world of American fine art foundries. As an art fabricator, Polich typically remains behind the scenes, but his creations are installed worldwide. Learn more:


Enjoy the creative genius ofZac Max as he entertains us with his metalmation… Zac captures & animates the process of fabricating his creations. He truly needs no further introduction.


Ain’t it the truth when Dave (@blackburnfabrication) says, “the bed is done, but not done.” It seems that our own projects get sidelined or almost done… because we’re always fixing or making something for someone else. I guess if their jobs are payin’ the bills, we can’t complain. Nevertheless, there’s something really satisfying about being able to make the tools you need to get the job done… when that “tool” is actually an entire mobile welding rig, aka truck, that satisfaction goes thru the roof.  We salute welders everywhere who #weldlikeapro and inspire us each day to finish up our Honey Do lists.


Arc-Zone The Metal Mashup May 2018 Vol.1

May 2018: Welder’s colorful bouquets, lucky horseshoe art, an ode to newbies, going small & inspiring women who weld.


Everyone can use a little color to brighten up their day… color-coding your tools keeps you organized. Send you favorite welder (or yourself) a bouquet of welding tools that won’t wilt or make a mess of the shop.  Featured here are:
We’re focused on offering the best tools available to keep your time under the hood productive. #toolsthatmakeyoumoney


Looking for a little inspiration to share your love of welding with family and friends? Barbie the Welder has put together over 30 inspired craft ideas to create art from horseshoes. We’re thrilled to offer her book to welders and prospective welders across the globe who wanna learn from one of our industry’s most positively infectious women. Create something beautiful today or share your craft with Mom, the kids or a recent grad. Buy a book & share the love…


Stop Frustration (with accessing tight spaces) in its tracks! The LowRider gas lens kit can get you and your torch outta a jam, anytime day or nite. Available for your 9, 20, or 2 Series torch as well as your 24 or 8 model. We’ve got these lil’ life savers in our standard LowRider or the “Slammed” version that will get you even lower. We’ve lowered the price too, so cruise by & get yours today.


The world needs more welders and tradespeople; women are up for the job in increasing numbers. There are local training programs targeting women to prepare them for the demands of the industry. Check out the AWS’s recent profiles and series related to women in the industry to learn more… or forward this newsletter to someone who might need a hand up and a little bit of inspiration today.


There’s something so pure about a sharing your passion with the next generation or even your neighbor who’s looking for a meaningful, satisfying hobby. We found this video posted by@boostedgreengo of his 13 year old son welding on their homemade gokart frame. If you want some inspiration for your next project check-out their #driftcooler, aka gokart. Seriously, that’s our goal for the summer… build a “refreshing” cooler ride that takes you for a spin and keeps your beverages chilled. Forget dragging that heavy thing around. Gotta have goals!


There’s something heavenly & sublime about Jane’s steel creations. Has welding changed your life? Jane Bennetts (@girlinshed) experienced a life changing event that led her to the healing power of metal work. “I hit rock bottom and needed to begin again, so I used art as a way to process my thoughts and feelings.” While raising two boys, Jane found some time for herself to take an introductory evening course at the Ringwood Trade Training Centre in Victoria, Australia where she learned the basics of MIG welding. Thanks to social media, Jane expanded her skill set when she found similar artists on Instagram who both encouraged her and taught her to Arc & MIG weld. Besides the camaraderie of the welding community, Jane became interested in metal work because she loves “giving recycled materials new life, how the different textures can add to the meaning and that steel is very forgiving.” We salute moms and welders across the globe who #weldlikeapro and inspire us each day.

Arc-Zone The Metal Mashup April 2018 Vol.2

April 2018: Swap torches w/ zero mess, notch pipes w/ ease, get polished, a talented Bulldog & kickin’ back welding


Got >1 TIG torch? Now you can swap-out torches in a Snap. No Tools Required! Never deal w/ excess water, gas or money draining out of TIG lines again. With our Zero Loss Quick-Release System, just snap in the torch you need & you’re good to go. We offer conversion kits for as many torches as you have, so you can literally plug-n-weld all day… We’ve even got torch packages, so get all the #toolsthatmakeyoumoney from Arc-Zone. We’re here to keep that green stuff flowin your way.


If you weld pipe, you’ll love the new Modular Tube & Pipe Notcher (SHT-ATN100). Complete your 1st notch with a drill press, then use the BuildPro® Notcher to align angles & control the length of the 2nd notch accurately & easily. Position the two soft-facing V-Blocks and clamp as needed.

Nuts & Bolts of it:
  • Notch 1″- 2¹/²” OD pipes or square tubes at any angle
  • Cutter centerline is height adjustable
  • Adjust cutting angle up to 90º
  • Works with 1/2″ Drill
  • Accepts hole saw thread sizes: 1/2″-20, 5/8″-18
  • 25 mm Steel Shaft
  • Double Bearing Block


The popular Multitool 2×36 belt grinding attachment is available mated to a 1 hp grinder. More than a traditional belt sander, this versatile tool has a belt speed of approximately 5,400 surface feet per minute which allows for material removal up to 5 times faster, along with 5 grinding areas in one machine. The unit also offers platen grinding, slack-belt grinding, disc grinding, and stone wheel grinding!

Don’t miss the Multitool in action, check-out this video from @moser_fab 
putting this versatile tool the test… Over 300,000 folks watched the video @ our last count. Woot Woot!!


Since TIG welding his first Class 8 chassis in 1983, Robbie Pierce was hooked on Motorsports (and making the vehicles safer). This month, he’s acquired Jimco Racing, and says, “Taking over the reins at Jimco Racing just feels like coming home.” He says that this move fits his passion and expertise.
Pierce is an active off-road racer who drives in desert racing’s premiere Trophy-Truck category. Jimco is located in the heart of off-road racing’s “Gasoline Alley” just a short drive from downtown San Diego. A true American success story, Jimco was born out of passion and enthusiasm; eventually seeing its talented craftsmen build and develop more than 500 race cars, trucks and UTVs and hundreds of victories and championships around the world.


The folks @world_of_engineering re-posted this video from@ryancj55… and we couldn’t help but share it with y’all. The only thing missing are tunes & some of Ryan’s famous BBQ to help pass the afternoon as he seals up that pipe. Here’s to deploying tools that save you time, let you take a load off, and help you build it bigger & better. Spring flowers & the smell of smoked meats are in the air… Enjoy!


In 1996, Aaron Biefer (@bulldog_welding) started as a CAD designer in the automotive industry, and later moved to welding engineer. He began welding ~20 years ago to keep his old car on the road. From the very 1st arc with that ol’ Lincoln buzz box, he was hooked. Fast forward to today, he & Kelsey (his Rock ⭐) are engaged and live in an old farm house with Owen & Ben, their two English Bulldogs. The Bulldog Welding “world headquarters” is located in a barn on the property. Aaron, like most of us, has learned a ton from his mistakes as well as from Jody’s Tips and Tricks videos. He attributes his artistic flare for metal sculpture to his mom, an art teacher. Aaron now tackles everything from architectural to heavy equipment repair, and says that he’s driven to become better with every project. We salute Aaron and welders everywhere who pursue their passion each day that they strike that arc.

Arc-Zone The Metal Mashup April Vol. 1

April 2018: What’s you fav position? How Magnets can help. Filter for Results * Exercise for Welders * The PRL Boyz.


The A-PT-051 Pro is 100% Weld-a-licious, rendering all other position(er)s obsolete. This lil’ powerhouse takes you where you wanna go…  to the promised land of semi-automation. Our affordable, high-quality machines weigh only 22 lbs, with 110 lb horizontal weight capacity.
Choose from two (2) chucks- traditional heavy-duty 3-jaw or 4″ “speed chuck” (with reversible jaws) for light-duty high throughput jobs. In Stock Now!!!!  #toolsthatmakeyoumoney


Essentially we’re good at dropping things, always looking for a lil’ help keeping things together, not all our tacks hold, & we wanna be more efficient… so for all those reasons & many many
more We ❤Magnetic Tools. Check out our offering here!


At Arc-Zone, we like choices and having the widest selection of tungsten on the planet is a goal of ours… but our customers wanna find what they need & get on with the rest of their day… so we’ve implemented the first (of many) filters on our Site to improve your shopping experience. What’s not to Love? Get the tools you need & get ’em fast!!! 
Bonus:  Tungsten Grinder section has been re-vamped too!!!


What is a Kata? It’s an exercise in karate where you repeat a form many, many times, making minor improvements at each pass, helping you master a skill. Through practice, the pattern of a Kata becomes second nature; it’s done with little conscious attention. While it’s not all the rage in most weld shops, Kata is a pretty cool (& hilarious) idea… see if you can get your crew on board… if you do, be sure to tag us, so we can watch, laugh & cheer you on too.


PRL Motorsports (@prlmotorsports) produces premium performance products designed to boost engine efficiency. Not only are their products made in the USA, they are hand built by some of the best fabricators in the biz. Using high quality tools and materials (like their #Monster16s  and CS310 torches ;-), it’s no surprise PRL products are top notch. Josh, @PRLJosh, got started with them in 2015 when I saw a welding job posting. Josh says, “I applied, interviewed, took a weld test and got hired 3 weeks later.” With a 2005 Subaru STI that “always needs to be maintained”, Josh couldn’t have found a better fitting job. We love that their Team takes time to share their talents with the next generation, they demonstrate the basic manufacturing and tuning process to the students at Norwin High School. Here’s to PRL and everyone out there who raises the bar by workin’ hard & accepting nothing but the Best!