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The Metal Mashup: June Vol.2 – 2019

June 2019: Miller MIGmatic, beat the heat, enhance water & air flow, routine maintenance & successful entrepreneurs.


Chances are you’re looking for a replacement gun or parts for your M-25 Air-Cooled Welding Gun. These guns are an ideal match for Miller® wire feeders that came, rigged with the M-25 MIG Gun. Just because Miller isn’t making the OEM version of these Guns anymore, doesn’t meant that you can’t get a high quality replacement at a great price. Don’t ditch the ol’ tried & true, just cuz something else came along that’s shiny and new.
“Hey whatever happened to… Doing it all by hand,… It’s only worth as much as the time put in. It all just seemed so good the way we had it. Back before everything became automatic.”
Miranda Lambert


You’re not the only one who suffers when the temperature soars… Heat, atmosphere & dirt can contaminate your system and your welds. When’s the last time you checked your cables and connections for leaks and cracks? A pure, continuous flow of air & water can keep your machine or torch from overheating. With our new filters, all you’ve gotta do is check a few boxes to find the right solution, replacement or upgrade. We’ve got TIG Torch connectors, power cable adaptor blocks, TIG extension kits, hook-up kits, and gas hoses for nearly every import or domestic welding machine. 


Safety is a welder’s #1 priority (right?), but what happens when it’s way too hot to wear a jacket? Getting a third-degree sunburn is not a sensible option, but an easy to wear pair of welding sleeves sure are! Made with grain pigskin and breathable cotton, the sleeves are light but durable. They’re easy to pull on and feature an elastic band for the perfect fit. When it comes to light welding or hotter weather, these welding sleeves are a great alternative to bulky coverage.


Ever wonder how to change your welding machine’s oil while it’s still on a mobile rig? It’s called a topside oil change and thanks to Badass Welding Videos, here’s how to get ‘er done!


Elizabeth Schweitzer, a proud graduate of the Women Who Weld program, was chosen out of 157 applicants to be in the top 15 of the Local 80 2019 apprentice program. She currently works at the prestigious CASS Sheet Metal in Detroit where she restores historical structures. Previous to her apprenticeship, Elizabeth wasn’t fulfilled with her sales job and wanted to revisit her background of interior design and fuse it with welding and fabrication to create metal studio furniture and home accessories. She says, “I heard that about 50% of welders and tradesmen will be retiring in the next 6 years or so. With that in mind, I thought this would be an excellent field to get into with the extremely high-demand for workers expected in a few more years.


Feast your eyes on the fold-out metal shield that stuntman, filmmaker, and inventor, Colin Furze recreated from the popular video game, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Visit Colin’s YouTube channel to see more of his twisted creations and gain inspiration for future projects.


We may have started out as an online only welding accessory store but now in our second decade, we’ve opened our doors to give customers a chance to see what’s behind the curtain. Not only can you visit us online but you can visit us in person at our one-of-a-kind showroom. We welcome all welders and tradespeople to experience life at the Zone!

The Metal Mashup: June Vol.1 – 2019

June 2019: Dote on Dad, smooth operators, stubby your nozzles – not your toes, & just try n’ Weld like a Woman!


The Pro Positioner itself is a ‘lil powerhouse, semi-automated tool to aid in a continuous welding app. When paired with the ReadyRest products from Strong Hand Tools, any shop with and extra $70 in their budget can operate like a high-end, fast-paced production line. The Adjustable Wrist Restalleviates stress on tired, shaky hands. And the Adjustable Arm Rest reduces overall operator fatigue. Both articulated rests grant you greater torch/puddle control… and meet your basic primal need to Always Be Comfortable, while layin down the hottest welds in all the land. This trio of tools is perfect for repetitive work, especially when it involves turning out stubby tubes for short housings! 


We’ve got the perfect solution if you’re considering our Monster Nozzles but aren’t sure which size Cup you need. The Monster Pro Kit, available for both 2 Series / 9 or 20 Style and  3 Series or 17 / 16 Style TIG torches, is loaded with 4 different nozzle sizes, each stacked w/ our proprietary, varied mesh screens.  But wait, there’s more…You’ll also receive a collet, teflon gasket, o-ring, gas flow tester, EZ wipe, TIG calculator, 3 back caps, 2 collet bodies, and 3 tungsten electrodes. With so many accessories in just one kit, your welding arsenal will be stocked n ready for anything. Plus, those Pro kit boxes are perfect for keeping your tools or your kid’s Legos organized. Just in…A Monster Testimonial on IG from a True Pro! He can help you decide which size works best for your application.


No, we’re not talking about America’s most decorated war dog. What we have here is the CK Stubby Gas Saver Kit with TIG torch consumables that allow for 6x more tungsten stick-out and up to 40% lower shield gas consumption. Stats aside, this kit delivers better visibility, cleaner welds, and longer parts life. And, No, we’re not yankin’ your chain. 
And if we peaked your interest in the short, round WWI canine war hero, click here to learn more about Sgt Stubby’s story.


When it comes to celebrating Dads and our Father figures, we can’t think of anything better than spoiling those men with a ton of swag. We’re talking a fresh pair of gloves, the sweet smell of a new respirator, or something to help improve his welds like a hand rest glide and magnifying lens. We could go on but since everyone has different tastes, we suggest visiting for the best selection of welding accessories and apparel!


A few months ago, we had the pleasure of sitting down with the founder of Women Who Weld, Samantha Farr. Check out her interview with our resident female welder and Pro Partner, Joanie Butler to learn all about her empowering welding program. And don’t forget to visit for more about Samantha!


Say “hello” to the pop culture ninja turned voice of the welding industry, Jimmy McKnight! When he isn’t yucking it up with industry favorites and Instagram influencers on his Arc Junkies Podcast, Jimmy’s welding intricate designs for the aerospace enterprise and studying to become a certified welding inspector. His life hasn’t always been interesting conversations and cool projects, he’s had to work hard just like the rest of us to get to where he is today. We’ll be featuring Jimmy on so keep an eye out to learn more about him.


The National Science Foundation is working with universities across the nation to teach the fundamentals of science, technology, engineering and math using just one item. STEM educators demonstrate how a GUITAR focuses on everything from manufacturing, electronics, mechanical systems, art and design, physics, and mathematics. By building guitars, students receive hands-on training and develop important skill-sets for future employment. Tom Singer, a professor of mechanical engineering technology says, “As technicians and engineers, we know the value of putting your hands on something and acquiring knowledge through tactile learning.”


When you want to join a heavy metal band but welding is life…
Video credit@camreeves86 via Instagram


We may have started out as an online only welding accessory store but now in our second decade, we’ve opened our doors to give customers a chance to see what’s behind the curtain. Not only can you visit us online but you can visit us in person at our one-of-a-kind showroom. We welcome all welders and tradespeople to experience life at the Zone!

The Metal Mashup: May Vol.2 – 2019

May 2019: Pick-up a new tool, drop it low, slip into something comfortable, salute the Navy & dance like no one’s watching.


You can pick your friends, and pick your tools, but you can’t steal your friend’s tools. Moral of the Story:  Invest in your own Sharpie™ grinder, and you’ll never again wonder why your arc wanders and your welds look like very distant cousins. Tungsten taper & finish matter! But don’t take our word for it. Ask your friends or check-out the reviews from our customers. 


Take a little trip… to those hard to reach places with the LowRider Stubby Gas Lens Kit. At half the size of a standard torch head, the LowRider Stubby and (1/4″ smaller) LowRider Slammed Stubby kits are perfect for tight spots and even better for micro welding when you’re really yearning to foster a sense of closeness with your weld.


Miller combined the protection and performance of leather with the light weight and breathability of cotton in their WeldX Jacket. This jacket is flame and spatter resistant, features lined sleeves and a vented back, and includes reinforced stitching for durability.


With heat resistance of 482°, the EZ Zone aluminum welding tape safely seals the gap on pipe or tube while welding them together. Available in 2.5″ & 4″ width, zone tape reduces purge time, gas waste & set-up time. If you’re not sure how it works, watch the instructional video. Learn how to achieve a clean and contaminate free weld with EZ Zone aluminum welding tape.


Meet David DeMoise, a mobile crane welder by day and welding fixture table fabricator by night. While in high school, David wanted to modify the suspension on his 1987 Toyota pickup so he decided to learn how to do it himself. He took a welding course at his local community college and has been hooked ever since saying, “I love the process of welding, but what I enjoy most is that it allows me to fabricate and build most anything I can dream up out of metal.” Like most of us, David is inspired by the fabricators on Instagram and credits the online welding community for his growth, but the one person who has really helped him become who he is today is his dad. “I’ve had a lot of mentors throughout my career but my biggest role model would be my dad. He taught me how to work hard and be successful,” he says.


In 2016, the US Navy announced its intention to name a series of ships after civil rights leaders. The John Lewis (T-AO 205) first-in-class oilers… “will, for decades to come, serve as a visible symbol of the freedoms Representative Lewis holds dear, and his example will live on in the steel of that ship and in all those who will serve aboard her, ” stated Ray Mabus (then Secretary of the Navy). recently, construction of the USNS John Lewis has begun in the General Dynamics NASSCO shipyard. At the keel laying ceremony on the ship’s deck, Lewis practiced his hand at MIG welding by personally initialing the ship’s keel plate. He praised NASSCO’s team, saying, “The diversity of the crew building the ship is inspiring. They’re black, they’re white, they’re Latino, they’re Asian American, they’re Native American – if people can come together and build a ship to travel the sea, why we can’t come together as a people?”  At Arc-Zone, we’re honored to support General Dynamics and all branches of the military by supplying them with high quality welding tools & accessories to get the job done – big or small! 


Dance like nobody’s watching, especially OSHAWhat’s the Scooby Doo Pa Pa?, you say… watch & find out


For a small business, like ours, arriving at our #20Year anniversary, is call for a celebration. Mostly, we’re celebrating by offering you top notch technical service, quality products, innovative solutions to make your welding life better. So give us a call, place an order, tag us on social media, or shoot us an email. We’d love to hear from you! 

The Metal Mashup: May Vol.1 – 2019

April 2019: Arm yourself with a saber, raise hel or at least use a hook & become a Monster welder! Enjoy welding in movies!!


It’s been 15 years since we introduced the #16 Monster Nozzle and now, we have five different sizes to fit virtually any TIG torch and welding application…

  • #12 – This is our smallest nozzle at 3/4″. It is compact, lightweight, and perfect for hard to reach places such as intake manifolds.
  • #14 – At 7/8″, this condensed and agile nozzle works well for applications that require a larger gas shield.
  • #15 – This 15/16″ nozzle delivers major gas coverage and minimizes atmosphere contamination. It is ideal for pipe and thick plate TIG welding.
  • #16 – This flooding nozzle is 1″ and a great alternative to extra large gas lens and other purge welding devices that are expensive and cumbersome.
  • #24 – At 1-1/2″, this nozzle is designed for the welding applications that require maximum shielding.

You can purchase the nozzle kits separately or bundle and save with our Monster Nozzle Pro Kits which feature four nozzles as well as collets, collet bodies, back caps, and much more!


We’re all about storage and organization here at Arc-Zone which is why we love the Hel-Hook Gear Organizer. It’s easy to install on top of a gas cylinder, keeps your shop or work station in order, and opens so much room for activities (Thank you, Will Ferrell). 


Meet Moses Soto, a veteran, father, and certified welder who credits his wife for igniting his passion for welding. Owner of Papa Mo Metalworks, Moses began crafting when he was a kid but didn’t really get into welding, until he started creating Halloween decorations with his wife. He specializes in scrap metal and loves being able to transform items, most would consider trash, into beautiful pieces of art (check-out this time lapse trike build video). Moses is very supportive of others in the trade; he often showcases other welders on his @papamo_metalworks IG Page. In the digital age of self-promotion, it’s refreshing to see a man who goes out of his way to encourage others. We’re definitely inspired by Moses – How about you?


Did you know that the American Welding Society does more than just set the standards for the welding industry? It provides multiple resources to help welders like you advance in your career. The AWS turned 100 this year. Isn’t it time you joined, got involved in your local section, or simply got more out of your membership?


The Avengers: Endgame may be the most popular movie in theaters right now, but we found a compilation of some movies that welders might find more entertaining.


For a small business, like ours, arriving at our #20Year anniversary, is call for a celebration. Mostly, we’re celebrating by offering you top notch technical service, quality products, innovative solutions to make your welding life better. So give us a call, place an order, tag us on social media, or shoot us an email. We’d love to hear from you! 

The Metal Mashup: April Vol.2 – 2019

April 2019: Hop up your game, reach for the Sky & last 10x longer! Meet a cancer survivor, spend $1M & sit on a throne


CK Worldwide introduced the wedge collet nearly 20 years ago, and its performance is still unparalleled. A single wedge collet can last 10x longer than the slotted versions. “Wedgers” also swear they produce better quality welds.  But How? Because there are no slots cut into the collet, it isn’t prone to weakening or deformation. The precision wedge cut at the head creates better gripping action of the electrode. By wedging the tungsten directly against the collet body, the contact area between the electrode and the other conductive components is greater and resistance is lower. Bottom line, the design creates better arc transfer, smoother arc starting & greater heat dissipation. Available in five different diameters, the wedge collet will fit a variety of 2 & 3 Series TIG torches. We’ve even got them built into our Monster Kits !


With the Magnetic Grasshopper, you can hold, position and steady parts on square, round or angled material! The spring-loaded arm self-adjusts for consistent work holding. And the magnetic base swivels 360° allowing it to securely stay in place, even vertically. Forget about practicing patience, isn’t it time you HOPPED on this amazing tool and upped your Kung Fu welding skilz?


Is your tungsten helping your welds reach for the sky? @Arc_Zone, we can’t say enuf about the Sky Blue ArcTime Tungsten. Not only is it The O.G. Hybrid on the market, it’s the energizer electrode that keeps on delivering stable arc starts, low burn off rate & tip longevity, without the need to change out tungsten as you go from steel to aluminum & back. We’ve even got a sampler pack – Test ArcTime in different diameters to see what you use the most. Get yours today and enjoy watching your weld quality skyrocket!


At just 22-years-old, Hannah Sherk is already an accomplished welder, fabricator, metal artist, and painter. When she was 8-years-old, she began welding with her dad. And by the age of 16, Hannah started a full-time welding gig. With her kind and bubbly personality, you’d never believe that just 3 years ago she was diagnosed with Burkitt’s Lymphoma, a type of cancer in the lymphatic system that impairs the immune system. She says, “Welding has always been my passion, and not being able to work in the shop because of my illness was honestly really hard for me. I kept a positive mindset through it all because I knew I’d be back out welding again eventually. I knew it was just a little bump in the road and would only make me stronger in the long run.” We are thrilled to report… On February 15, Hannah announced she is cancer-free and continues to live her best life!


Michael Hayes, a 32-year-old war veteran and welding student, spent over 100 hours and two months building a replica of the Game of Thrones’ throne for his bride, which included at least 400 individual aluminum swords. The couple, who bonded over their love of the show, have since gone viral, even appearing in People Magazine. What was intended to be a gesture of love, has turned into a heartfelt nationwide phenomenon! Check-out their interview and search them out online – we promise you’ll be touched & impressed. All brides should be so adored!!! *Fun Fact:  Arnold Schwarzenegger sat on their throne last month!


For 16 years, the Totally Trades conference has taught high school and eighth-grade, female students that with the right tools and training, they are capable of landing a high-paying job in a male-dominated industry. The goal of the conference is to expose the girls to non-traditional career options such as plumbing and heating, forestry, construction, heavy equipment operation, computer programming, wind power, and welding. Not only do they receive hands-on training but they learn to work with one another and empower each other. The Totally Trades conference is a great program that provides a supportive environment for young women trying to break boundaries and expand their horizons.


Preserving the skilled-trades industry and providing the right tools for the job have been a hot topic in the media lately and finally, someone has stepped up to help the cause. California Assemblywoman, Sharon Quirk-Silva granted a $1million budget to the Fullerton College welding department, saying, “The funds are a critical investment in the future workforce and economy.” The welding department plans on upgrading their machines, bringing in new equipment and subscribing to educational material from the American Welding Society. They’re even developing a mobile outreach program to perform demonstrations for prospective welding students. Using their funds to share the skilled-trades with others is why the Fullerton College welding department is very much deserving of the massive budget!


For a small business, like ours, arriving at our #20Year anniversary, is call for a celebration. Mostly, we’re celebrating by offering you top notch technical service, quality products, innovative solutions to make your welding life better. So give us a call, place an order, tag us on social media, or shoot us an email. We’d love to hear from you! 

The Metal Mashup: April Vol.1 – 2019

April 2019: Tools that make ya wanna “cheat”, the perfect position, an awe-inspiring woman & our Society turns 100!


Your Fab-friends may call it cheating, but your customers and anyone looking at your work will simply judge you by the Quality of your work. Strong Hand’s new ReadyRest products are designed to make you look & feel better after a long day on the job. The line includes a few All Stars:*360° Articulated Arm Rest steadies your hand & reduces fatigue*Wrist Rest smoothly whisks your torch along an 11″ travel length*Deluxe MIG Pliers: Go-To for cutting, hammering or filing anything


The ArcSaber tungsten storage container is now better than ever. We have, not one, but four different colors to choose from to keep your tungsten well organized. We also offer a Stubby version for your short or cut-to-length pieces. These tung-taners feature a magnetic base to keep ’em in place & right by your side. The angle reference guide on the lid helps verify you’ve ground to the perfect tungsten taper every time.  


The Pro Positioner may be petite, but it packs a big punch! With a horizontal capacity of 110lbs and a 200 amp rating, this tabletop welding positioner delivers professional grade, semi-automated performance to virtually any shop. But don’t take it from us. Master fabricator, Bret (aka @focusonthearc) is grateful he has the machine when it comes to turning out  stubby tubes for short housings.* Pair it with a 2.5″ Chuck4″ Chuck, & Arm or Wrist Rest to complete your production welding arsenal.


Say “Hello” to Samantha Farr, the Founder of the non-profit organization, Women Who Weld! After learning how to weld, Samantha wanted to share her passion with other women by providing free courses to the underemployed and unemployed. She believes we shouldn’t profit off of education and wants to provide an equal opportunity for all women to learn a skilled trade. Samantha is an advocate for women’s empowerment and embodies everything our female counterpart, Carmen Electrode stands for. To learn more about Samantha and her program, read our in-depth interview at


With over 70,000 members worldwide, the American Welding Society has supported and connected welding communities for 100 years. They are dedicated to advancing the science and technology of welding and constantly strive to move the industry forward. The AWS sets the standards for what the welding industry is today and we can’t wait to see what their next 100 years will bring for our community!


Tradespeople are not only an integral part of the Society’s growth but they “build the structures and products on which the American economy depends,” states OH&S. These jobs are crucial to our country and yet there is a shortage of over 200,000 skilled professionals. Some people may enjoy sitting behind the same desk day in and day out, but a job in the trades opens one to many different opportunities. One day you’re digging ditches with a shovel and the next you could be repairing high purity medical gas piping. The possibilities are endless and the AWS is here to help guide you to the career of a lifetime! 


For a small business, like ours, arriving at our #20Year anniversary, is call for a celebration. Mostly, we’re celebrating by offering you top notch technical service, quality products, innovative solutions to make your welding life better. So give us a call, place an order, tag us on social media, or shoot us an email. We’d love to hear from you!