Arc-Zone The Metal Mashup July Vol.1

July 2017: Featuring crimping tools, Rhino Welding Carts, the Carmen Electrode story, and a welder named Blackburn.


We’ve added new work lead tools; Repair and maintain your own cables, lugs and connectors. Don’t get caught without the proper tools to keep your crew on task and meet project deadlines. The Right Tools Make All the Difference (and cure headaches too)!


Well… maybe not gold, but StrongHand Tools’ Rhino Mobile Welding Carts are the perfect all-in-one solution for shops of all sizes. Enjoy the fixturing options of a BuildPro table, the portability & storage of a cart, and a 66 piece fixturing kit is included. It offers a 4’x 2.5′ table top with a 1500 lb load capacity; roll it wherever you need it.


Show off your true colors and save your Rod. Whether you choose colors based on a favorite team, type of filler metal, or your welding machine – with Rod Guard colored canisters, you can organize your shop any way you choose. It’s kinda like pimpin’ your ride… but a LOT cheaper!


The Story of How Arc-Zone & Carmen Electrode Came to Be

Maybe it’s a trip down memory lane, sprinkled with the prominent role women have played in shaping both Jim’s journey and Arc-Zone’s history. Regardless, we think it’s a story worth telling, and reading (we hope). Grab your favorite beverage, read our tale, and please leave a comment to let us know what you think or what more you’d like to know. We really value your opinion; without subscribers, customers, friends, and partners… there would be no, so Thank You for the role you’ve played in our story too!


No, not really. Even if you thought that you knew a lot about grinding wheels, you’ll probably learn a thing or twelve from this “How It’s Made” video. We’re all familiar with the finished products & what they do, but how are they produced? Click to see the end-to-end process of manufacturing each type of wheel, starting from the specific mixture of chemicals and minerals to placing the final labels on the wheels.


We love to showcase talented welders, great welds, and every so often we have the opportunity to meet these folks face to face. Our goal is to foster a community of great peeps. Dave (@blackburnfabrication) is no exception. He stepped up to the booth & completely Wowed the Crowds, when he made the #RazorBladeChallenge at Fabtech happen. Dave’s stepdad and uncle taught him to weld when he was a kid… so he could fix his dirt bike. He enjoys all processes, as each has its own challenges. Dave does a lot of TIG repair jobs, and he’s building his own kickbutt mobile welding rig, so if anyone has an upcoming project in Central CA, Blackburn’s your guy!

Arc-Zone The Metal Mashup June Vol. 2

June 2017: Protect yourself this summer from evil vapors, poor visibility & gnarly pipe joints with the best tools on the planet!


Seriously, those noxious fumes & vapor are evil villains trying to enter and blacken your lungs. Don’t pass-up our breath-saving Offers, exclusively for Metal Mashup subscribers:
  • Use Code @ Check-out:  BREATHE25 (expires July 1st)
  • 15% savings on a 3M PPE Bundle (Savings built into bundle price)


Lucky #15 Monster nozzle is like a photgrapher’s wide angle lens (just a lil’ more rugged) that captures the entire scene. These bad boys use a large diameter gas lens to diffuse heat & maximize shield gas coverage. If you’re planning to go tubin’ down the river or walkin’ the cup across a pipe, invest in a Heavy Duty Monster15.
The Right Tools Make All the Difference!

The Clear Choice

The 1/2″ Orifice Pyrex glass nozzle provides excellent visibility of the weld puddle and tungsten electrode; it’s ideal for inside corners, inside pipe & around tubing. Gas Saver™ kits are available in tungsten electrode sizes from .040″ (1.0mm) to 5/32″ (4.0mm). Arc-Zone is dedicated to setting you up for success with the best accessories on the planet.

The Next Big Sport!

In this edition of ARC Magazine they state how collaborations from metal fabricators, mechanical engineers, programmers, hydraulic and electronic technicians take place in order to bring life to the giant robots and “create a real-life epic battle of science fiction.”


This is a new version of our ALL TIME favorite & most popular “Fun” welding-related video. Enjoy the chaos & the drama – It’s Awesome! And Feel better about your own commute, cuz it isn’t that bad after all…


Colton (@coltonbontrager) is a 20 year old welder from Wasilla, Alaska. He has been welding for 3 years and is currently working on an all TIG job in the aerospace industry. He enjoys fabricating and designing things. Colton also takes any chance he gets to go out to explore Alaska, whether it be by land, sea or air. We love to celebrate welders and fabricators across the country & the globe who literally make Great things every day.

Arc-Zone The Metal Mashup June Vol. 1

June 2017:  Featuring diamond wheels, a flashback, Zeke the 12-year-old protégé & videos to inspire you this Father’s Day!


StrongHand Tool’s new Scissor Lift is Made in the USA to increase productivity and worker comfort. Set your BuildPro table to the fabricator’s ideal height for each project. A simple button power control raises the quick-acting scissor lift platform with loads up to 4,200 lbs from 8.5″- 48″ high. An optimally positioned work piece improves weld quality & speed.


Unlike the pretty, sparkly ones, these diamonds are meant to be ground down and replaced. If you’re getting your grind on, be sure that your tungsten is tapered to perfection with a dedicated grinding wheel. Arc-Zone carries all the Replacement Wheels you need. If you have any questions, call or email our diamond-grinding experts.


If you’re like us & you love to give [and get] useful gifts. Checkout our video giving a rundown of some of our favorite metalworking tools. Our in-house “hand model” made a few extra bucks filming this one, so feel free to share & enjoy a whistle while you shop. We has fun Making it!

Flashback to 1948

This is a video produced by GE, literally in 1948. It’s a “More Power to America” film promoting GE’s welding line; it demonstrates how the use of a welder can greatly improve productivity and maintenance tasks on the farm. When you have time, it is truly one of the most interesting videos we have watched (over & over again) in a long time. GE deserves kudos to how much time it invested in producing a storybook, sales, educational resource in 1948 that is still relevant today!


Bryan Fuller isn’t Zeke’s father, but he has taken on a mentoring role in his life. If you’re looking for inspiration to spark your day or to light a fire for one of your kids, check-out this article in ARC Magazine. We can all learn a little (or a LOT) from Zeke’s drive and Bryan’s approach to challenging Zeke to learn and to grow thru his motorcycle build.  Zeke says: “Bryan makes learning really fun. He doesn’t solve a problem for you -he teases you into solving it.” We love their style!!!


This is your OMGosh!, some people put themselves in the most precarious positions, video of the week. It is also our reminder to take safety seriously; there’s only one you and we’d like to keep you around, safe, and [sane] for as long as possible. Have fun & Be Safe out there, young [Bridge]walkers!


At Arc-Zone, we love to showcase how welding is a great way to bring your family together. In honor Father’s Day, we’re highlighting our own Scott & his daughter, Madeline, who enjoy working in their workshop together. Madeline has caught the welding fever from her dad, and they’ve introduced a few of her school friends to their pastime. No time spent with family is time wasted. Live – Love – Laugh – Weld!
Share your family fun welding pics:  #WELDLIKEDAD

Arc-Zone The Metal Mashup May Vol. 2

May 2017: This issue features Cannonballs, Sharpies, Clamps, and a Double Tribute our Vets!!! Enjoy!


It’s crazy how far & wide those lil’ sparks and spatter can fly…
* Protect your valuables from flying sparks and burn marks with a blanket that’s simple to deploy.
* Don’t expose your colleagues & family to arc flash – super light, portable welding screens make a great visual barrier.
* When you’re done, roll the screen out of the way & fold up your blanket. It’s that easy!


Lenco makes some of the industry’s Best clamps & connectors on the market… and they’re all made Right HERE in the good ‘ol USA. They cast and mold their tools, plus we know exactly what metal alloys are poured into the molds. You’re gonna get better conductivity, operator safety, and less heat. What’s not to Love? The Right Tools Make All the Difference!


If it’s true that the included grind angle (taper) & tip flat diameter of an electrode affect the size, consistency & quality of the weld bead and penetration… then it does matter. Prep your tungsten electrodes quickly, easily and consistently w/ a Sharpie. With the Deluxe model you can set the angle of the point, and repeat it over and over again.


Meet Shane Savage, a disabled veteran who has launched a successful 2nd career as a welder through a veteran re-training program. This inspirational Spotlight reminds us that we need to sharpen our own saws to keep our skill sets up to date. With determination, we can overcome any obstacle we encounter.


Kayla, a 3rd grader, is a gleaming example of a little girl who has been raised Right! Her local 4-H exposed her to welding @ 7 yrs old. She creates art pieces honoring veterans, and they auction for up to $500. Kayla also raises her own chickens & pigs. She, and her family, are an inspiration. If we encourage our children to push themselves to gain new skills and to care for others, they are destined to make our world a better place. Kayla aspires to be a welder for the Navy! How are the kids in your life giving back and, at the same time, laying a path toward a bright future?


Sometimes you gotta Go Big or Go Home… Enjoy a redneck version of the cannon ball run, aka a bowling ball launch. Ok, so it’s not a cross country race, but it sure look like those bad boys could fly that far, plus it features some great characters! It’s even set to some catchy tunes! Guaranteed to make you smile! Don’t try this at home… unless you’ve got ~100 acres.


It doesn’t take long to figure out that Bryan has applied his artistic talents to his welding career. He has been fabricating for 5+ years, and Bryan’s business focuses on the aftermarket diesel performance industry. He’s passionate about metallurgy; he studies the properties of dissimilar metals… and the metallurgical properties that make it possible to weld. Check-out (@bryankinches) on IG to see more. We tip our hoods to him and to all the men and women who burn rod each day to spur our industry and the trades forward!

Arc-Zone The Metal Mashup May Vol. 1

May 2017:  Introducing Low Rider TIG kits, fixturing solutions, and a celebration of Mothers & Fab Females!!!


You might be surprised by How Low Your Torch Can Go!
After talking to customers, who were struggling to get a clean, quality weld in tight spaces, we came up with an innovative solution for reducing the footprint of the torch’s front end. The Low Rider kit can get under, over, and in between with style & finesse. Hit them corners with your Low-Low…


As a tribute to all the female fabricators and mothers out there, we’re showcasing a collection of apparel and safety gear for women. Pick something out for yourself or grab a gift for the woman in your life… if she isn’t already doing so, maybe she’d love a lil’ time under the hood!!! And if you’re not careful, she’ll be schooling you on your dime-stacking technique in no time.


What does it mean to run a lean shop? At most businesses, there’s a crazy amount of CA$H tied up in inventory & tools. And these things are only valuable if you use them to make $$$ or if you sell them. So, if you can use just one, high quality tungsten for most applications, you’ll have less “stuff.” Hang onto your CA$H and stock only what you need. You’re the Pro, and we’re here to help you run lean and clean.


How much do you get paid to set-up and tear down? No one wants to spend hours “getting ready.” Dedicated fixtures are perfect… if you only do one thing. But for most of us, variety is the spice of life, and each project has different requirements. This article reads like a case study of how your shop can benefit from the modular fixturing tables & tools from Strong Hand Tools. Check it out, and let us know how we can get you “Imagineering” your best build yet!


It’s all about the hydraulics… How do those Lowriders get their cars to ride that low? or bounce 8 ft in the air? Enjoy the video and pics that bring this car culture to life. If the lowrider scene has been around since the 50’s, there must be something to it. Its community spans the globe and brings people of all cultures together. Enjoy the creativity and ingenuity!


Arc-Zone The Metal Mashup April Vol. 2

April 2017:  We’ve got Spring Fever, Scorpions, Rhinos, High Purity Welding & Crazy Coworkers on the brain.


Yep, it’s true the Scorpion EZ-CUT takes the sting right out of makin’ straight, clean cuts by using a pre-set mechanized controller and a stainless steel rail. Once you find the optimal speed, dial it in to reduce grinding and rework. You can even take this bad boy vertical by using the magnet mounts. No additional electricity req’d. Mount your torch & it’s Go-Time!


Keep your Cool this Spring and Get the Tig Finger™ Heat Shield. It’s 100% Awesome and hand-made right here in the USA. Protect your favorite pair gloves and your hands from the heat. At Arc-Zone, we’ve got both the Original Finger and the XL Finger created by Jody at Welding Tips & Tricks.


Enjoy all the fixturing options of a BuildPro table, the portability & storage of a cart, and if that wasn’t enough, a 66 piece fixturing kit is included. This newly released welding cart & table from Strong Hand Tools is the perfect investment & our analysts guarantee it’ll pay dividends for years to come.
Plus, it Ships Free within the contiguous U.S.A.!


How do you get a perfect weld, inside & out? High purity welding or sanitary welding requires the right tools, repeatable processes, and a skilled operator. If any one of those criteria are left out or are sub par, an outbreak of food poisoning is easily the result. We’ve authored a resource for anyone looking for more information on the complexities of achieving the perfect weld. Check it out & let us know what you think!


Have you ever [thought] you communicated exactly what you wanted done… only to see the your coworker completely misunderstand what you were asking for? Sometimes it’s Very comical to see how people can take the literal interpretation of what you asked for. This one’s kinda short & silly. Enjoy!


Ryan (@ryancj55) started welding full time when he was 18 years old and after 14 years, he has never looked back. Ryan does mostly mobile stick welding, from pipe welding to repair and alteration of pressure vessels and occasionally does some TIG. In his spare time, Ryan spends time with family, off-roads in his 4×4, and heads out camping. Kudos to Ryan and to all the men & women who weld hard everyday!