Arc-Zone The Metal Mashup March Vol. 1

March 2017:  May your pockets be heavy and your torch be light. May good welds pursue you each morning & night.


We’re always looking for the pot o’gold at the end of the arc. This month, we uncovered a pot of gold, green & lucky tools and accessories. Let us know if we hit the mark or if we’re full o’Blarney. Get Your Jig on!


But once you’ve got your water cooler set-up, you can weld your own brewing tanks. These Abicor Binzel coolers run quieter, have a built in flow switch, simple-to-use tank, and a “no wear” impellar pump. A great investment that will improve productivity for years to come. Eliminate the unnecessary Stops & Starts – Keep your torch Cool and your welds Hot!


Until 3/31, we‘re offering a FREE Steady Grip remote amperage control with the purchase of a CK-MT200 welding machine. Invest in a dependable power source, backed by a top notch warranty & customer service. The Leprechaun will send that rainbow and package to you for free too, within the contiguous USA.


A highlight into the day and career path of an apprentice welder / ship builder. This video is one segment of a series entitled, True Calling. It’s a great story and wonderful resource to share with anyone looking to find his or her career path in the trades.


St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, was actually born in Britain & kidnapped by Irish raiders… This edition of our “fun video” offers a quick lesson on the History of St. Patrick’s Day. This year, when you got out celebrating you can impress your friends and fellow pub crawlers with some notable Fun Facts! Maybe you can even win a trivia contest for a Free Beer.


Lisa (aka Elizabeth @I_am_girlwelder) is a talented fabricactor from Yekaterinburg, Russia. She works for Etun Fabrication, a custom fab shop that makes exhaust systems, inter-cooler kits and other high-end car accessories. Her work is an expression of her passion, and the quality of her welds speak for themselves. She loves working on her 1989 BMW e30, so if she’s not under her welding hood, Lisa’s likely wrenching under her German hood.

Arc-Zone The Metal Mashup February Vol. 2

February 2017:  3 Cheers for our Founding Fathers & Mothers who laid the root pass for our opportunities & success.


If your high production, precision, or small part welding projects call for plasma arc welding, you already know that maintaining ample stock and replacing your torches and consumables can require a lot of juggling. Stick with a trusted supplier who can take the guesswork out of keeping the right parts in stock. We’ve slashed prices on 100’s of PAW items. If you don’t see what you need online, give us a call – we promise that if it exists somewhere, we’ll make every effort to deliver it to you.


These rugged foot controls allow you to comfortably operate your machine, regardless of whether you know the two-step or not. If you’re tired of kicking around a crappy plastic pedal, opt for a Hot Foot or SSC pedal that’s performance tested to stand up to the job. We the People, in order to form a more perfect weld, do establish that The Right Tools Make All the Difference.


Unfortunately, the saying that a diamond is forever, doesn’t hold true for the diamonds on your tungsten grinding wheel. With a hardness classification of ~9.0 on Mohs scale, as compared to a 10.0 for diamonds, Tungsten is hard enough to wear diamond wheels out; the frequency depends of the diameter of the tungsten & the # of grinds per day on the wheel. Having a high quality diamond wheel in your tool kit will ensure that you get the best quality weld, every time!


Arc-Zone has had a long history of promoting and supporting women in the welding industry (i.e. So when we came across this article from the Fabricator, that outlines women’s role in filling the gap in skilled labor jobs, we were pretty stoked. Check it out to learn how women are influencing the trades; apprentice training programs and skilled manufacturing jobs are benefiting from this ArcFlash revival of female workers who can turn an arc into a dance… all the way to the bank!


This woman could take out-of-position welding to a whole new level. Perhaps, you could save some coin and limbo under your car, instead of jigging it up to get your repair work done. This might be one of the most useful skills they forgot to teach you in auto-body class. Don’t try this at home… unless you want to make All your friends laugh for weeks. Literally, too crazy-funny not to share. Grab an Umbrella Cocktail & Get Your Limbo on. How Low can You Go?


Austin is both an inspired and inspiring 20 year old. He humbly claims that he’s making his way up the ladder, weld after weld. Austin credits his high school vocational teacher for setting him on the right path. At Stonewell Bodies in Genoa, NY, Austin builds the custom vehicles that First Responders, Veterinarians, & Farriers rely upon to get their jobs done. Check-out his work (@thatwelderaustin607), and that of all the Tradesmen & Women who weld straight from the heart!

Arc-Zone The Metal Mashup February Vol. 1

February 2017:  It’s time to share exotic arcs and multi-sparks, along with a couple of extra-ordinary water-based stories.


Whether you’re looking for something Red, Pink, or a [LOT] less traditional this Valentine’s Day… our compilation of Large Diameter, Stubby, Magnetic, Long, EZ, Cryogenic, & Micro Gifts for You or the Welder You Love,… is sure to inspire.


The Multi-Tool – A sure fire way to get the sparks flying in your fab-tastic relationship. And don’t worry, cuz even after the sparks die out, you can polish up your look to make sure that the Love of Metal burns strong for years to come. They say a diamond is forever, but those peeps never laid their gloves on this lil beauty.


With our extensive collection of Exotic Rod, sold in 1 lb. packs, you can dip that exotic beauty, create a lil’ magic, and not even break the bank. Whether your looking for a darling Nickel Alloy, the elusive Alloy X, or a Titanium blend with ultra high tensile strength, we’ve got your Rod and the sturdy Guards to keep your precious beauties safe.


Inspired by Black History Month, we’ve shared a video and story designed to give you pause to reflect on how you can use your own 2 hands, like Nestor the Togolese Welder has, to shape your business and community into something to be proud of today and for generations to come.


This video depicts one Epic Fail after another. Holy Cow! There’s more than a few ship yards out there in need of some repair work. The great thing about welding is that whether someone’s building a brand new boat or in need of repairs on the vessel they’ve just wrecked… there’s a good paying job for a skilled welder. This one kinda dropped our jaws. Enjoy!!!


James (@Narcissisticwrench) grew up in the rural Northern Territory & in Victoria, Australia. He moved to the U.S. in 2002, and his first welding job was building titanium bicycle frames. Since then, he’s contracted with the military and NASA. James enjoys working at Cruising Kitchens in TX, building crazy-awesome food trucks and shipping container projects. James has an 11 year old son, who pretty much schools him every day, and he rescues “troublesome” dogs that desperately need a home. Check James out on IG, enjoy his work, and that of all the Tradesmen & Women who weld straight from the heart!

Arc-Zone The Metal Mashup January Vol. 2

Screen Shot 2017-02-17 at 10.01.45 AM

January 2017:  Super Deals, Tools, and News that will Bowl you over. Get under the Hood & Make Your 2017 Great!!!


Screen Shot 2017-02-17 at 10.04.53 AM

It’s that time of year when we bring in the new, and offer you great prices on the old, discontinued & available only in limited quantities. Check ’em out! Perhaps you’ll find something you can’t live without.


Screen Shot 2017-02-17 at 10.08.04 AM

Never underestimate the importance of selecting the right tools to help you get the job done. We looked through our offering to highlight a few tools you might not have yet… Wide Mouth, Panel & 3-Axis Clamps, Mag-levels, Expand-O Pliers & more. Check ’em out to see if you think they’ll serve you well.


Screen Shot 2017-02-17 at 10.09.38 AM

Our nylon, aluminum & silicon Tube & Pipe Plugs make the job of purging easier and less expensive by saving shielding gas & time. Plugs deliver an air-tight seal for high-purity purging to keep unwanted atmosphere out of the weld zone. during prep or transit. Most importantly, they help you lay down the best quality welds.


Screen Shot 2017-02-17 at 10.11.33 AM

The Rhinos are in stock & ready for a new home. If you’re looking for the best all-in-one solution for your shop, the Rhino Mobile Welding Cart is the perfect choice. It can be rolled wherever you need it, comes with a 66 piece fixturing kit, and offers a 4′ x 2.5′ tabletop with a 1500 lb load capacity.


Screen Shot 2017-02-17 at 10.13.25 AM

At this historic changing of the guard, many are wondering… What does this mean for me? Where are the opportunities for my business and our industry? Regardless of how you feel, adapting to a changing landscape is the key to success. The time is ripe with innovation, a renewed focus on the trades, and nationalistic pride. How will you make this new business landscape your huckleberry? We found this article in MetalForming magazine to be a good read & hope you will too.


Screen Shot 2017-02-17 at 10.15.02 AM

Welders say [& do] the strangest things… We were in the mood for a light-hearted video that recounts a few of funniest welder-isms. Check it out, if you’re in the mood for an entertaining rendition of what is uniquely you. No need to share with mom, she probably won’t get it.


Screen Shot 2017-02-17 at 10.18.18 AM

When you cut your teeth on earth moving equipment in gold and copper mines, anything that follows has gotta seem routine. After his stint in the mines, Bret moved on to pipe and fabrication, and we think he’s pretty well rounded in all welding processes. Bret’s passion is precision GTAW. He’s inspired by the talent he sees growing in the younger crowd on IG. He’s always willing to help someone get better and enjoys the challenge of honing his skills daily. Check-out Bret’s work (@focusonthearc) and that of all the talented tradesmen & women who come together virtually (& visually) each day.

Arc-Zone The Metal Mashup January Vol. 1

Screen Shot 2017-01-26 at 11.02.28 AM

January 2017: Position yourself for the Best Year Ever with Tools & Gear that work for You!


Screen Shot 2017-01-26 at 11.05.29 AM

Mount your tabletop and rotate the work piece into the optimal position to get the best weld quality… and enjoy the ergonomic benefit of working at an angle that best suits your body. Say goodbye to neck strain & back aches. Nothing is out of reach with the new Rotating Table Mount Positioner because the swiveling, locking casters  allow you to move your table & get ‘er done in any area of the shop.


Screen Shot 2017-01-26 at 11.07.11 AM

A lil’ stubby cup can get you out of a tight spot. The Stubby Pro Kit is one of our Best Sellers and includes 30 different goodies all in one convenient box! If your New Years resolution is to “Get Organized,” this kit is definitely for you.


Screen Shot 2017-01-26 at 11.09.46 AM

Need to switch torches and welding machines on the fly?
Arc-Zone’s Plug & Weld Connector Kits are the perfect time-saving solution. Multiple power cable and torch connections are included:  A, B & C fittings, along w/ Cam-lock, Dinse, Everlast, Threaded & Tweco connectors.


Screen Shot 2017-01-26 at 11.13.33 AM

If you chose an Arc-Zone “Welding Hood” as your new favorite t-shirt. We challenged our “not-so-new” Graphics guy (he started in the warehouse & but is really a computer guy…) to design a bold & original t-shirt… The Team is pretty stoked with what he created, and we hope you’ll like them too. Rep your hood – loud and proud – with your new Arc-Zone original T. They’re a soft cotton-poly blend & sizes run kinda big n’ long.


Screen Shot 2017-01-26 at 11.16.44 AM

If you find yourself along the Mississippi in Memphis, don’t miss the only Museum of Metal in the U.S. This extraordinary museum showcases, preserves, and educates the public on the metal craftsmanship and the impact of metal work on everyday life, a life that most of us are happy to know all too well. This place [and video] are killer, from the artists in residence to the metal-working shop that are found on the 3.2 acre historic U.S. Marine hospital, built in the 1930’s. Doll heads not included!


Screen Shot 2017-01-26 at 11.20.36 AM

Andrea is an American original, if there ever was one. A union Steelworker and structural welder, who has worked her way from unskilled laborer through her vision and determination. She loves books and enjoys motorsports, especially motocross. Her 2 daughters are front & center of her life. Via @hotwork247 & her daily “grind” Andrea hopes to inspire younger generations of women to do whatever job they enjoy, and we can’t think of a better role model for women, young & old, who want to work or “dab-ble” in the trades. Raise your torch to Andrea, and to welders everywhere who burn metal each day to get ‘er done!!!

Arc-Zone The Metal Mashup December Vol.2

Screen Shot 2017-01-19 at 9.47.35 AM

December 2016: Beware of pistols, razor-blades, 2 Monsters, elves, and videos that’ll knock your Christmas socks off.


Screen Shot 2017-01-19 at 9.49.53 AM

It may not be mandated by the 2nd Amendment, but theSteady-Grip Remote Amperage Control puts you in control of your amperage by simply pulling the trigger. Exercise you right to lay down the best welds in ‘Merica and across the globe.


Screen Shot 2017-01-19 at 9.51.31 AM

Sometimes, ya just gotta have Two! We’ve added an option to get 2 Monster nozzles in your kit. Add a second cup of the same size to your kit for $25-$33 (prices vary by cup size). Save 20%. Be ready for anything that comes into the shop today & long after the Holi-daze! Click on any single Nozzle kit & choose the “w/ Two Monster Nozzles” option.


Screen Shot 2017-01-19 at 9.53.12 AM

Take a peek at our recap of the #razorbladechallenge, but we’ll warn you it was loads of fun & even a lil’ inspiring. Our friends at CK Worldwide were gracious enough to co-host welding demos and the infamous Razor Blade Challenge, using the a Monster Nozzle, ArcTime & the MT200 Welding Machine.
It’s one thing to complete a Challenge in the comfort of your own shop… it’s entirely different to jump into a “foreign” welding station with 1,000’s of people around & a camera all up in your grill!!! Watch our recap of this fun event!
Thank you to everyone who agreed to participate!

THE ELF ON THE SHELF IS [STILL] WATCHINGScreen Shot 2017-01-19 at 9.56.56 AM

If you’re like most of us, there’s no time to write-up your Wish List… not mention mail it off to the North Pole. So our lil’ elves have taken their best shot at creating a Welder’s Favorite Gifts List. Share it with Santa & get the perfect gift(s) this Season!


Screen Shot 2017-01-19 at 10.03.29 AM
One our favorite sections of The Mashup is the “Just for Fun Video.” Each issue we try to find an entertaining video to shock, entertain, or educate our Mashers. We tabulated the clicks and created a play list of this year’s favorites. Thanks for watching, laughing, and sharing!!! Here comes the Muffin Man…


Screen Shot 2017-01-19 at 10.06.03 AM

Rush Kane started welding 13-14 years ago and has been professionally welding for 9+ yrs. He’s worked everything from race cars to tiny precision instruments and jewelry. Rush loves the welding community and strives to push the industry in a positive direction, however he can. On Instagram, @kanekid spotlights all that is both fun and cool about welding. He is awed by the impact that our industry has on building everything big & small around our world, and Rush is inspired each day to weld a small part of it. Our hoods come off to Rush and all the men & women who weld hard everyday. Cheers!!!