The Metal Mashup: November Vol.1 – 2019

Seasonal specials, new products, pink solo cups, a sit-down project, and a 3rd generation welder’s story


After a whirlwind Fabtech Show, we’ve great stories and even better product specials for you. You can find armloads of our favorite products, best sellers, and year-end specials just in time for the holidays!! Thanks for being a part of our Metal Mashup community! 


We are excited to announce that we’ve added a brand new Monster™ Nozzle, the #10, to our lineup of super-shielding TIG cups!! The Monster™ 10 is a straight-shooter @ 5/8″ x 1″. It’s perfect for smaller spaces and detailed weld applications. Legendary metal artist, Bill McCann is a fan and we’re sure you’ll become one too.


Looking for the gas shield coverage of the Monster™ Nozzle without all the extras in the Monster™ Kits?… Look no further, because we now offer the Monster™ Cups all by themselves. And if you thought it couldn’t get any better, the #12, #14, #16, & #24 single cups come with the Screen Stacks already installed! Btw, they like to travel in pairs, so the 2-pack option is priced to encourage you to keep the Cups together. 


Have you ever been asked what you bring to the table? Well, now you can you can saunter on out to the shop & show ’em exactly what you’ve got on the table! With year-end $avings on some amazing Build Pro and Siegmund welding tables (along with their fixturing kits), we guarantee that you’ll love the shop upgrade and the ease of fixturing & welding each of the projects on your list…


In a world of do-it-yourself projects, nothing gets more hands-on than fabricating your own swiveling stool. Thanks to the helpful tips and tricks from Jimbo’s Garage, we’re highlighting a tutorial on how to build the ultimate rest-stop for your Bum. And can anyone tell us whose t-shirt Jimbo has on?… 


Meet Aaron Miller @aaronmilleri_, a 3rd generation welder with over 10 years of welding experience. He’s 1/3 of an up-and-coming podcast, Just the Other Day Pod. PLUS, he’s the other half of the Weld Clips crew on YouTube. This dude is gettin’ busy! Aaron credits his dad for his career in welding saying, “My biggest mentor has been my father. My old man played a big role in training me on the knowledge, skills, and attitudes of welding.” Some of his favorite welding products include Monster™ Nozzles, Mag Blocks, and his Miller Dynasty welder. 


We may have started out as the 1st online welding accessory store but now in our second decade, you can visit us in person at our one-of-a-kind showroom… or in this case (above photo) at Fabtech. We welcome all welders and tradespeople to experience life at the Zone, which always includes M&M’s!

The Metal Mashup: October Vol.1 – 2019

Take it easy & chill out with this awesome lineup of tools. Plus, learn the basics of Plasma Arc Cutting! 


If there’s one thing we know, it’s fittings and conversion kits to optimize your rig. Our proprietary Zero Loss kits stop the torch swap madness of holding the torch ends in the air to stop the cooling fluid from leaking on the floor. Or maybe you simply want a low cost (just a lil’ dirty) conversion with, Qty. 2 QDWAP + Qty. 1 QDGAP.
We’ve got 100’s of options to connect you with the power, gas, & water fittings or hoses to keep you in the Zone.


We hear nothing but rave reviews on the I-PurgeX® Modular Inflatable Bladder Systems. One system fits multiple pipe sizes. The modular design and quick connect fittings make it easy to swap out sizes on the inflatable bladder modules, allowing for any number of unique combinations.
Purge the pipe by filling your bladder… no one wants to be the first to “break the seal” and head out for a break. These modular systems elevate the quality of your work with no messy, unnecessary set-up time.


Pretty much no one, and certainly none of your welding tools perform better in Extreme Heat. The DF-Tig-er light to medium duty water cooler quickly cools down your TIG torch, gloves, and cables. A cooler system = greater productivity. If you find yourself walking in circles, while your rig cools down, you might ask yourself, “What’s my time worth?” A cooler-running rig also prolongs the life of your torch, cables, and consumables. We’ve put together complete CoolKit™  packages with water-cooled torches and accessory kits.


Check out these basic plasma cutting tips from Lincoln Electric … then head over to to stock your toolbox with the latest & greatest Plasma Arc Cutting products!


The Fabricator shares 6 tricks, tips, and rules of thumb to keep in mind when choosing which consumables to use for plasma cutting in addition to those laid out in your owner’s manual.


We usually feature an Arc-Zone customer in our Weld Like A Pro section because it’s important to support those who support you. BUT, today we want to support someone who is always supporting others. This is the Arkansas Elite Welding Academy, an ELITE Welding School committed to training welders for top jobs all over the nation. They provide hands-on training & job placement and are very active with online welding community by spreading positivity, inclusiveness & awareness of the opportunities there are in the trades industry.


What’s better than having a personal driver? How about a robotic personal driver who won’t talk your ear off when all you want to do is get to your destination!!


We may have started out as an online only welding accessory store but now in our second decade, we’ve opened our doors to give customers a chance to see what’s behind the curtain. Not only can you visit us online but you can visit us in person at our one-of-a-kind showroom. We welcome all welders and tradespeople to experience life at the Zone!

The Metal Mashup: September Vol.1 – 2019

It’s time to reflect, squeeze ’em tight, Go for Gold, take care of your tools, and get back out there again.


Who isn’t interested in efficiency and finding the smartest way to complete a tough job? That’s where tools like Pliers and Clamps come in. They’re like an extra pair of Super-Strong fingers – willing to grab, pull, twist, and hold on tight… whenever they’re needed. So don’t let go… get your hands on some of these helpful little tools and hold on tight. We’ve got over 25 unique tools to choose from!


The Sharpie™ Tungsten Grinder is one heck of a tool but it’s only as good as the sum of its parts and if you’re not maintaining those parts, you might as well just kiss its longevity goodbye. We offer an array of Sharpie™ replacement parts that’ll increase the lifespan of your grinder, reduce your chances of meeting the impending doom of a neglected grinder, and pretty much obliterate any reason to spend money unnecessarily. 
We’ve also added a New Grinding Wheel to our offering – cuz if you’re grindin’ tungsten, those diamonds are wearin’ away.


Orange you glad Arc-Zone offers informational blogs to update welders on the ever changing industry standards, such as Ceriated Tungsten changing from Orange to Grey? Read  
Tungsten: What’s the buzz? to learn all about the recommendations for which metals and applications each tungsten is used for. And visit for all the tungsten you’ll ever need!


For some, September 11th represents a day that forever altered the course of their lives. It’s a day that’s left an imprint on our hearts and one we’ll never forget. The Navy’s USS New York (LPD21), forged from 7.5 tons of steel recovered from The World Trade Center, memorializes the unity of our nation as we find new strength that can arise from great tragedy. Watch as the vessel sails near Ground Zero for a symbolic tribute. 


We are very excited to announce that we’re returning to the 2019 Fabtech Expo as an Exhibitor 20 years after we debuted as the first online welding supplier in 1998. Keep a look-out for more details, special deals, and guest appearances!


Kent Evenson has an eye for metal art. He sees a pile of scrap metal and envisions the masterpiece (or pieces) it will become. He loves welding for all of the same reasons as everyone else but where he stands out is how he uses welding to create different textures and profiles. He says he uses it as a medium to create the visions in his mind. “I see it lying in the pile of scrap metal so, I must weld it.” For a lil’ inspiration, check Kent out


What’s the perfect metal alloy for plunging 90 mph down an icy chute lying on top of a 50lb sled? The USA Olympic Luge Team got a crash course in metallurgy in order to find out. And while the Gold medal is their ultimate goal, safety is their #1 priority. With the help of their longtime sponsor, Norton Abrasives’ engineering team, experts determined the perfect metal to get athletes safely down the chute in near-record time. This incredible story about how a sponsorship turned into a crash course in advanced manufacturing is a must read!!


We may have started out as an online only welding accessory store but now in our second decade, we’ve opened our doors to give customers a chance to see what’s behind the curtain. Not only can you visit us online but you can visit us in person at our one-of-a-kind showroom. We welcome all welders and tradespeople to experience life at the Zone!

The Metal Mashup: August Vol.2 – 2019

Dedicated to the family & friends of Jessi Combs. May her life inspire us all to Live Large & Love Fiercely.


With heavy hearts, we share that the world has lost a very special woman this month. Jessi Combs, the Fastest Woman on Four Wheels, passed away after her 52,000 horsepower, jet-powered car crashed. She was attempting to break her own land speed record. Jessi, an avid fabricator, motorcyclist, and all around BADA$$, dedicated her life to helping support others’ dreams. She never hesitated to divulge her trade secrets or share her knowledge with the people she loved. Recognizing her talent & spark, back in ’08, she agreed to share her inspiring story for our CarmenElectrode Blog. We wish her family, friends, and colleagues the strength to cope and the serenity to heal.
Ride in Peace Jessi. Your incredible spirit will forever be remembered & cherished.


Backed by government funding, the Canadian Welding Bureau Welding Foundation launched Women of Steel, a basic welding and safety training program aimed to encourage, support, and inspire women to explore both traditional and new options for careers in the trade. Click here to learn more about the program and how it has transformed dozens of lives.


Attention all DIY-ers! Barbie the Welder has stocked the Arc-Zone shelves with another great craft book, How to Weld Silverware Animals. PLUS, she’s added 4 Metal Sculpture Kits which include pre-cut metal pieces for you to fit & weld yourself. Whether you’re a first-timer or you just need a refresher course, these Metal Sculpture Kits are a great place to start!!


We’re Reelly Excited to announce the addition of the Reel Craft Hose Reel line to our offering. Hands down, they’re the best quality retractable reel you’ll find on the market. Take it from our Pro Partner, Wes Mishler who says, “It looks like it’ll last forever! Very robust and the plug end is well made with a spring loaded dust cover to keep debris out of the electrical connection.” Plus, the mounting process is standard and easy. With four bolts and screws, you can attach it to virtually anything.


Introducing the Mini Magnet Squares, just a pinch over 2-inch magnets perfect for welding in those hard to reach places. Available in a convenient and COLORFUL 6-pack, these mini magnets will mount practically anywhere and feature an
aluminum casing for easy cleaning. 


School may have started for most of you, but there could be a select few who don’t know which college they’d like to go to yet. We’ve got a great new blog up on that might help you decide your next step toward a great career. 


Nothing to do with welding, just three and half minutes of pure enjoyment. You’re welcome 🙂 


We may have started out as an online only welding accessory store but now in our second decade, we’ve opened our doors to give customers a chance to see what’s behind the curtain. Not only can you visit us online but you can visit us in person at our one-of-a-kind showroom. We welcome all welders and tradespeople to experience life at the Zone!

The Metal Mashup: August Vol.1 – 2019

Baby your Pinky, Summer of Savings, Tips from a Pro, Adding 10 lbs, and Celebrating Tradeswomen!


We’ve sold Tons of TIG Rod over the years, but we had a limited online offering of the 10lb boxes. Due to customer demand, we recently broadened our offering & added product filters to help you find exactly what you need. Invest in larger boxes of the rod you use most, and stick to 1lb tubes of specialty alloys. You make the choice, and keep more cash right where you need it, in your wallet!


Jody Collier‘s TIG Finger is a great addition to any pair of welding gloves. Its patented insulation material adds a barrier of protection from high temperatures and keeps your fingers cooler after rounds and rounds of welding. Stay cool & keep those gloves around a lil longer with the Regular or XL version.


Save $65 on the 3M Speedglas™ 9100 Series Welding Helmets! With a smooth up-and-down pivot action and suspension that keeps the helmet closer to your head, these helmets are lighter and more stable. This model, without side windows, helps you eliminate outside glare and distractions.


You might just pick up a few tips or tricks as you watch TSR Fabrication‘s Mario Lozano TIG welding aluminum, like the Pro that he is, on a CK Worldwide MT200 Master TIG machine. If you need a new machine or consumables for your favorite torch, contact our Team. Getting the Right Tools in Your Hands is our #1 Focus. Take advantage of Special Savings thru 9/30: Save $475 on an MT200 AC/DC WelderSave an extra $77 on a Stubby Pro Kit Upgrade (regularly $135)


Who remembers their first… welder? Do you still have it? What’s the most memorable project you completed on it? The Fabricator takes a look at the impact of a welder’s first machine on their career paths and how welding has enhanced their life journey.


Meet the Oregon Tradeswomen, a group of women dedicated to promoting the success of women in the trades through education, leadership, and mentorship. They offer a variety of programs and provide resources for help with scholarships and internships, as well as volunteer opportunities. For more information about the nonprofit organization, as well as how to donate towards the cause, visit


Check out these fantastically flexible robots. There is no space too small or difficult for them to reach. How many hours of stress could these save your shop?


We may have started out as an online only welding accessory store but now in our second decade, we’ve opened our doors to give customers a chance to see what’s behind the curtain. Not only can you visit us online but you can visit us in person at our one-of-a-kind showroom. We welcome all welders and tradespeople to experience life at the Zone!

The Metal Mashup: June Vol.2 – 2019

June 2019: Miller MIGmatic, beat the heat, enhance water & air flow, routine maintenance & successful entrepreneurs.


Chances are you’re looking for a replacement gun or parts for your M-25 Air-Cooled Welding Gun. These guns are an ideal match for Miller® wire feeders that came, rigged with the M-25 MIG Gun. Just because Miller isn’t making the OEM version of these Guns anymore, doesn’t meant that you can’t get a high quality replacement at a great price. Don’t ditch the ol’ tried & true, just cuz something else came along that’s shiny and new.
“Hey whatever happened to… Doing it all by hand,… It’s only worth as much as the time put in. It all just seemed so good the way we had it. Back before everything became automatic.”
Miranda Lambert


You’re not the only one who suffers when the temperature soars… Heat, atmosphere & dirt can contaminate your system and your welds. When’s the last time you checked your cables and connections for leaks and cracks? A pure, continuous flow of air & water can keep your machine or torch from overheating. With our new filters, all you’ve gotta do is check a few boxes to find the right solution, replacement or upgrade. We’ve got TIG Torch connectors, power cable adaptor blocks, TIG extension kits, hook-up kits, and gas hoses for nearly every import or domestic welding machine. 


Safety is a welder’s #1 priority (right?), but what happens when it’s way too hot to wear a jacket? Getting a third-degree sunburn is not a sensible option, but an easy to wear pair of welding sleeves sure are! Made with grain pigskin and breathable cotton, the sleeves are light but durable. They’re easy to pull on and feature an elastic band for the perfect fit. When it comes to light welding or hotter weather, these welding sleeves are a great alternative to bulky coverage.


Ever wonder how to change your welding machine’s oil while it’s still on a mobile rig? It’s called a topside oil change and thanks to Badass Welding Videos, here’s how to get ‘er done!


Elizabeth Schweitzer, a proud graduate of the Women Who Weld program, was chosen out of 157 applicants to be in the top 15 of the Local 80 2019 apprentice program. She currently works at the prestigious CASS Sheet Metal in Detroit where she restores historical structures. Previous to her apprenticeship, Elizabeth wasn’t fulfilled with her sales job and wanted to revisit her background of interior design and fuse it with welding and fabrication to create metal studio furniture and home accessories. She says, “I heard that about 50% of welders and tradesmen will be retiring in the next 6 years or so. With that in mind, I thought this would be an excellent field to get into with the extremely high-demand for workers expected in a few more years.


Feast your eyes on the fold-out metal shield that stuntman, filmmaker, and inventor, Colin Furze recreated from the popular video game, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Visit Colin’s YouTube channel to see more of his twisted creations and gain inspiration for future projects.


We may have started out as an online only welding accessory store but now in our second decade, we’ve opened our doors to give customers a chance to see what’s behind the curtain. Not only can you visit us online but you can visit us in person at our one-of-a-kind showroom. We welcome all welders and tradespeople to experience life at the Zone!