Flex-Loc TIG Welding torch from CK

fl_1UPDATE:  7/31/2013 3:00 p.m. Contest won by Jesse, who will use the Flex Loc torch to weld up his customer’s dreams in his new weld shop!  Good luck with the new shop, and Good Welding!

–The Arc-Zone Team


The ultimate in versatility, CK Worldwide’s FlexLoc TIG Torches are the most user-friendly modular TIG torch on the market.

The 360 degree rotating head is perfect for out of position welds, and the locking design of the head means that it will outlast traditional flex neck torches.

The air-cooled Flex-Loc and the water-cooled Flex-Loc torches can be outfitted with nearly any combination of front-end parts, from high amperage flooding cups, to low profile stubby parts.

With a torch like this, there’s no telling what you could weld–  so tell us!

If money were no object, what would you weld?

Tell us in the comments, then share with your friends!  If your comment gets the most “Likes” by Wednesday, July 31st, at 3:00 PM PST, you will win a Flex-Loc TIG welding torch.


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    I would weld up a much larger boarder fence. Then weld the doors shut on fort knox, keep those greedy hands out…. see if we can keep some money in there for our kids. Im pretty sure I would need a Flex-Loc for that task.


    A hot car using 4130 tubing for the frame with SS exhaust, SS headers, hand welded aluminum intake manifolds, English Wheel rolled fenders everything TIG welded right down to the gas tank!


    On the water cooled CK torch. Ouote: “The Isolated water-cooling chamber means no more broken torch bodies leaking cooling fluids into your shiled (spelled incorrectly).. gas and contaminating your welds– and no more messy water leaks which are common with standard water-cooled “flexible” TIG torches that use a copper coil assembly. ”

    This statement is very strange. I welded with the TIG welding process for 6 out of 8 hours per day
    For 14 years just on one job. I never had a torch that broke and leaked water. I used the standard of the industry torch, Weldcraft. You have got to be a real abuser to break a TIG torch.
    I am not sure what this rotating head torch could be used for other than some kind of robotic type set up. It may be of some help if you have an optic cable that needs to be imaging the weld.
    Maybe Boeing could use it on those intake ducts that are .040 inconel.


    I would like to weld up a custom electric mountain bike frame, with a 4or5 inch diameter down tube under the seat for the batteries, with the drive motor at the bottom of the tube with a coastable ring and pinion gear in the crank hub.
    You can peddle if you want but you don’t have to. Maybe a 1000 watts or so.


    I would build a full custom chassis and a arms to air bag and stock floor body drop so my Chevy Colorado can tuck 22s. I would throw in an LS2 v8 with a t56 and pile on a turbo with stainless exhaust manifolds and aluminum intercooler and plumbing. Toss in a full sheet metal bed, smooth fire wall and cowl, shaved drip rails, shaved fuel door, shaved doors and and shaved tailgate. I would also hand craft a giant stainless steel rose to be placed on the campus of Princeton University.


    If money was no object for me my perfect dream welding project would be a Jr. Motorcycle dragster for my daughters. I drag race motorcycles and love it when they come to the track with me to watch. I just need the extra money to be able to start a matching set of them.


    If money were no object, I would build a polished stainless steel welding bed for my truck. Completely customized bed with all the extras.


    I’m 32 and I have always wanted to relive my favorite childhood past time,Riding my Big Wheel. If I win I will use this torch to weld a BIG KIDS BIG WHEEL!!!!!!!


    I would build my wife a flower sculptor that she has been wanting me to do for a while now


    My father always bragged how when he was in the Navy, they stole a jeep and smuggled it onto a aircraft carrier and made a complete Stainless Steel body for it, then returned it back to the Army base, I would like to replicate the feat myself.

    kerry Stottlemyer

    If money was no object??? Money is not the issue here it’s time. The time you save by being able to twist this head into a position that would normally contort your wrist into a pretzel is worth the cost by is self.

    I do a lot of out of position welding and this seems like it would come in very handy for getting into some tight spots. It would not be my #1 torch but it would definitely have a spot on my bench.


    I would build a Pitts Model 12 Biplane. The airframe is 4130 Chro-moly tubing covered in fabric with a 350 horsepower Russian radial engine. So dang cool!


    I’d weld my boss’s car doors shut…


    A Big Radio Flyer Wagon.


    Walking by my garage at night, the light shines through the cracked glass and produces a breathtaking image: What looks like a large spread of fiery wings and the lamp almost takes on the formation of a bird’s head. If I had all the tools available, I would create this jagged fire bird on a large scale, with the wingspan being 20′.
    Using a plasma cutter, I would shape the burning holes all over the wings so that the shards of orange/red/yellow glass could be placed inside, then I would TIG the rugged carbon steel head and all the loose ends. Have plans for a massive steel tail feather as well. It will be EPIC.


    Since A Little Kid I Have Alway Wanted To Be Like Jesse James. I Recently Graduated From Welding School And Now I Am Want Step Closer To Being Like My idol.

    Eric Strauss Sculptor

    I have been a full time metal sculptor for 28 years, so this question need little thought. I fabricate and sculpt monumental Stainless Steel horses. They are all organic and twisted . They are tig welded together and all the welds are blended and the meatl is polished or buffed . A 16′ horse can taketake, I work by myself, up to 4 months to build. I believe with the torch I would kick up the series by adding forged stainess details to the horse. I think a 25′ stainless horse, all polished and containing a visiaul scavenger hunt for the eyes is what I would do. Of course if money was no object i would travel the world first,then hunker down in my studio fo a year and see what I could create. I would then donate it to a Childrens Museum or park.


    I would weld:midget,sprint car,funny car&top fuel frames,and the aluminum tanks like moon equipment makes,of my own design,Ithink the ck torch would be the “catsmeow” since it so versitale in all positions,that’s what I would weldand use,thank you.


    hollow titanium sailboard


    I’ve been a welder fabricator, (hobby; building Streetrods) for 30 plus years. Since going to college for that welding degree/certificate, I’ve taught my son and his friend how to be great welders. And now its time to pass the torch, and teach my grandson (11 years old) how to weld.


    Stainless steel insulated dog house. Heated floor with stadium turf. It can be hooked up to the central air in my house and protected from the sun so the pooch won’t get hot.


    The dream job I have is competely insane and ridiculous but it stays the same. I want to weld spacecraft. I think the inner workings of a working space shuttle is crazy considering where and what it does; I would want to experience what it’s like to not only be in space welding but to be apart of the process getting our satellites and shuttles out into the universe. Imagine being able to tell your grandkids you worked on the first shuttle to colonize Mars? Amazing!
    That or being able to work on submersibles that travel to the ocean depths.


    Would love to have a endless aluminum job. Not a project but some work.


    I would build a set of mechanical legs that my father could slip his legs into and help him walk. without pain. This way he could walk again and take his grandson fishing.


    If money were no object I would build a foam pit for anything that could make it up the ramp. It would have an unfolding roof that was padded on the inside with a basketball hoop so you can practice your layups and not overshoot. To get the machines out there would be an electro magnet on a crane.


    I would weld up a titanium river boat!


    That would be really handy this fall when I begin frame back half and roll cage install on my S-10 .


    1953 f100 custom cab chopped and everything would be stainless. then cut out bed slot for custom bobber moto also built from ground up. with a tig torch as a hood ornament.


    A full-scale replica of the Eiffel Tower.

    Ryan K

    Dream welding project would be on a boat going from island to island with a trailblazer 325 efi and a dynasty and enough argon to fill a room, doing all custom work on boats/racecars/air crafts! I want to bring amazing welding to all small places and work portably wherever whenever just need some gas. And of course living on the water and welding goes hand in hand in living the life!


    I have worked 34 years in the Tool & Die trade. For over 20 years, the head welder in our shop. With the plastic injection mold /compression mold repair and engineering changes that I am called on to weld during the day and though the week all I can say is….. This torch looks like the life saver I have been waiting for. :D.
    Sometimes having to weld in near impossible to reach areas with a standard torch, the possibilities with this torch would be amazing.


    If money were no object, I’d put together a chopper that would truly deserve the name Big Dog.


    I would build an all aluminum p-51 mustang fighter plane!

    Chris k

    I would build a twin turbo H1 Hummer with hand built inconel exhaust manifolds, titanium exhaust, custom titanium push guard and park it on top of a Honda CRV


    Well I tell you I would just want to use it to weld at work so I could actually have one part of quality equipment to weld pipe with see I’m the head welder and they except me to do welds like I have good equipment but they give me junk I mean I tape the hose to keep the gas flowing to the torche so see I would be my dream job just to tig weld with nice quality equipment thank you for a try at this


    I would build a mini semi truck and trailer for my kids.


    If money were no object, I would spend it on advertisements for my newly opened weld shop. Then I could weld up everyone’s dream projects. But I would need a flex lock torch to make all those dreams come true.
    Weld straight, weld true.


    my dream is to solder with her and my pyrex in a place where leaving products with welds of high quality to worldwide


    Take a shipping container cut the long side off and support and glass it off, then support the top to create a second floor, fab a winding staircase inside, then fab railing up top that fold for shipping, air-condition it and dress it up to be a mobile night club that can be shipped anywhere. Built one for Absolut Vodka. Now I wanna build another. This container is bad ass, I can send pictures to show you the first one We built.


    If I had the money and a flex-loc TIG torch I would weld a HUGE ALUMINUM HOUSE for me and my family so we wouldn’t have to rent any more.Then I’d weld one for my brother so he wouldn’t have to sleep on my couch any more. Then, I would weld a 75 …..(ah what the heck) a 100 foot steel hull sail boat, so I could sail my family around the world. Of course I’d have to learn how to sail, but whatever it’s just a dream.


    Build a trophy truck from a pile of tube and a lift of 4130 plate! building something form nothing that can go 130mph over anything!


    Pete did a great job on my front porch. He knew want I wanted.

    Angie aka Rosie the Riveter

    If money were no problem I would weld the world…
    Not only would I get practice but I would be the most popular welder girl.
    I would weld all the broken pieces of a shattered dream so that no one would hurt from disappointment, metal is all we would need.
    I would weld a bridge so that all could cross the river of life and never would they sink again, yeah it’s a philosophers outlook with a TIG torch always in hand. Art is pride, art is a bead, art is a welder seeking to win a valuable tool so please let me win!


    I am a TIG welder and my dream job would be to weld robots, movie animatronics practical or fantasy.