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What is One of San Diego’s Best Kept Secrets?

pic1People throughout the country are looking for jobs and new avenues of career exploration. Many professions, such as commercial arts, are becoming highly competitive, with a shortage of jobs and a multitude of applicants. But there is hope. With the down-turning economy, projections of AWS surveys, and rapid retirement of US welders, it’s clear that there is a definite need for new welders for both the present and future. San Diego’s Continuing Education, a vocational school in the San Diego Community College District is offering an exciting new welding program as well as a newly updated welding facility.

The local San Diego chapter of the American Welding Society met on May 19th, in downtown San Diego, to support local welding students and share information about the school’s new program. The meeting featured networking opportunities, a dinner, a tour of the facility and a presentation by Dr. Brian Ellison, Vice President of Instruction and Student Services of San Diego’s Continuing Education. Dr. Ellison shared the school’s vision for the future of welding vocational education and details about their newly updated welding facility.
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