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Free Maritime Welding Classes Offered

Who can say no to free? Especially if you can get training for a high paying job despite the economic downturn. Bryant Career-Technical Center, in South Mobile County, is offering free maritime welding classes to hundreds of Alabama residents. Adults can take a 10-week course during the day or a 12-week night class to learn skills that can earn them $10 to $16 an hour. What a great deal!

Free welding training offered for south Mobile County residents
Wednesday, July 08, 2009
Staff Reporter

After being diagnosed with diabetes, Andy Anderson of Irvington had to give up his nine-year career as a truck driver and look for work closer to home.

He scanned the newspaper’s classified advertising section, but the economy’s tough, and few jobs are available.

“It seems like the only jobs you see are for a welder or a truck driver,” said Anderson, whose father was a welder for 35 years. “Welding interested me.”

So Anderson became one of 33 people to enroll in new, free maritime welding classes at the Bryant Career-Technical Center on Padgett Switch Road in Irvington.

Hundreds of south Mobile County residents will get welding training over the next three years.


The Welder’s Lens Offers a Free Home Study Course

I found another great free resource for you. The Welders Lens is an educational welding website created by Michael D. Treadway, an experienced boilermaker, ironworker, and welder. The site features free articles and a video welding course on everything from stick welding to TIG welding. Here’s an example of one of the instructional videos:

Arc Zone also offers free educational welding videos which can be viewed here.

Olympus NDT to Host Free Welding Webinar on May 18

I was surfing the internet and I found this great free opportunity to learn more about weld inspection. Olympus NDT has scheduled a free webinar titled “The Benefits of Phased Array in Weld Inspection.” This 45-minute event is scheduled on Tuesday, May 19, at 11:00 a.m. (EST). How can you say no to free?

The following topics will be discussed:

  • How phased arrays significantly increase the speed of your weld  inspection
  • Much improved imaging of the weld defects
  • Highly reproducible inspections
  • The keys to make your inspection more cost-effective
  • Availability of wide range of instruments at various price levels
  • Training takes the mystery out of phased array

This 45-minute live webinar includes a Q & A session. Attendees can register on-line here.