UPDATE:  Friday, February 21, 3:00 p.m. California Time:  Jonny won the StrongHand Tools welding table– more info coming soon


Arc-Zone just started offering the StrongHand Tools™ welding tables with the full line of table accessories like fasteners, clamps, clamping squares, and fixturing kits.  We’re so excited about the tables, we’re giving one away!

StrongHand Tools™ offers some amazing welding tables, from the economical Nomad Portable and the FixturePoint Convertible tables to the BuildPro Welding Table that you can expand to fit YOUR dream projects!

Nomad Portable Welding Table

We’re giving away the Nomad Portable table–it’s small enough to cart around your weld shop (it even has wheels), yet sturdy enough to take on some tough welding jobs. You can even connect two tables together for even more work space!

While you’re checking out the Nomad on Arc-Zone.com, be sure to take a look at the BuildPro table.  You’ll be amazed at the way the fixtures work together to make any project a breeze.  Even though it is tough (and heavy), it’s modular design means it’s easy to set up. Each panel only weighs 40 lbs. and you can add more panels as your project–and your business– grows!

Want to win the Nomad Portable welding table? Tell us what you’d need from StrongHand Tools™ to build your dream project:

  1. Which welding table would you choose?

  2. Which BuildPro fixture kits and/or accessories would you choose?

    1. List at least three fixture kits and/or accessories – If you’re gonna dream, you might as well dream big!

So what’s on YOUR welding table?

Tell us in the comments, then SHARE WITH YOUR FRIENDS!

If your comment gets the most “Likes” by Friday, February 21st, at 3:00 PM PST, you will win a Nomad Portable welding table.



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    BuildPro™ 6.5′ (1.98m) x 3′ Welding Table – Standard Finish

    BuildPro™ Popular Accessory Kit — 120 Piece

    BuildPro™ Table Mount C-Clamps

    BuildPro™ Leveling Caster


    Carbide tooth holders that weld onto a milling drum. And hand brazed brake lines converting them to long air blower nozzles..and spreader bars for a chain conveyor on an asphalt paver.welded up homemade pullers, and pins.


    It’s my dream to design and build custom vehicles — Tube-frame offroad trucks, high performance road cars like the Ariel Atom, etc. So, in my dream shop (dream big, right!) I’d have 4 BuildPro MAX 8′ x 4′ tables together for a continuous level 8’x16′ build platform. Then, I’d have several of the BuildPro Round Tubing Accessory Kits for fixturing, a selection of BuildPro individual plates and BuildPro riser blocks to fixture frame subsections elevated from the table, and probably a lot of extra V-blocks and spacers. Also, one can never have too many clamps and pliers!


      I have a Nomad …but wish they would be size of 2′ x 4″ or larger that could be assembled to make a larger fixture table like “Jonny’s idea”.


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      Jonny has got over 150 votes in less than 10 minutes. Definitely cheating.

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      20 votes per minute in the last 15 minutes… like you REALLY have that many friends. Cheater!

      Mobin's Child

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    Dream materials from Build Pro
    My shop is tiny and the convertible Table SHT-TBH36244 would fit the bill perfectly.
    The dual length of the legs would be a real blessing. Both sets of fixture kits for round and square would of course be necessary. Looks to me like fixture kit SHT-TMK550 would round out the setup perfectly. I seem to spend more time trying to clamp and jig up my projects than I actually do welding them. Such a set up would be truly a dream come true. Never have ahd the luxury of a production job, every one I get is one off and never even similar. I see videos of theses tools in operation and my mouth waters. Love it!

    Talk about a happy day!


    Would build custom bumpers and tire carrier for my Jeep project. During the winter my work area is filled since I try to get all the vehickles in the garage. The portable table would be nice.


    If I were building it would be mostly two wheels. For that purpose, I would want the following to setup my shop:
    Four 6.5′ by 3′ the SHT-TM-57838 models, I can hook two of them together and go from the standard bike to the wild chopper with a 10′ wheel base. I would also need two of the joining kits for that.
    Four sets of leg braces to brace and store stuff under the tables.
    16 leveling casters for all legs of the tables
    The build pro square tubing and round tubing accessory kits
    10 v-blocks
    2 mag plug packs
    5 of the 3 hold threaded adaptors
    4 of the inserta clamp t handles
    4 toggle clamps
    a set of 4 and 5 face riser blocks
    a set of clamping squares
    then for building bars, struts, and sissy bars a fixture point convertible table, and last but not least the nomad to roll around the shop as needed.
    That would at least get me started…


    My Stronghand Tools BuildPro wishlist includes:
    4×3 Nitride Finish BuildPro table, 30″ depth

    BuildPro Table Mount C-Clamp
    4 BuildPro Inserta Clamp, Ratcheting Handle
    BuildPro 5-face Riser Blocks
    4 BuildPro Leveling Casters
    BuildPro Square Tubing Accessory Kit
    8 BuildPro V-Blocks
    8 BuildPro V-Block Spacers
    2 Stronghand Sidekicks

    At present I have a 95% complete, 700c bicycle frame and fork occupying my welding table.


    The nomad table would be a great addition to by backyard shop, were my son and I are just starting to restore our 1967 GTA fastback Mustang. We have owned it since 1987 and it time she gets a makeover!


    My dream set would start with a 4’x3′ BuildPro with an aluminum top. And, of course, a Round Tubing Accessory Kit since I’m mostly doing tubular frames. But hey, maybe I’ll do some square tubing too, so I’d get Square Tubing Accessory kit. I don’t want to appear greedy though, so I’d probably just get a Basic Accessory kit as my third kit. I think 386 pieces is probably plenty for a 4’x3′ table.

    Thanks, Arc-Zone. You guys rock.


    I am a gunsmith and all my welding is small pieces, altho I do other types of welding in all nothing large. I have a small shop and my tig and wire feed are on wheels so I can move them as needed. A portable welding bench has been on my long range plans for a while just seems there is always something that needs finished first. The Nomad portable would certainly fill that need and solve the problem of me getting something done toward a good bench.


    Has been my dream for years to be able to set up the area underneath my house as my own home workshop and slowly grow my own company building stainless & aluminium sculptures and lamps/lighting fixtures, while building custom automotive parts and tube frames on the side.
    My dream build-pro table would be BuildPro™ MAX 8′ (2.4m) Welding Table – Nitride Finish model: SHT-TMQ–59648F with a couple of 172 Piece Ultimate Accessory Kits and a whole bunch of extra v-blocks and stops for tube work!


    My dream Build-Pro setup would be geared toward custom motorcycles – mostly trellis-frame sport bikes and cafe-style customs that involve a lot of tube work. The ideal table would have to be the BuildPro MAX, Nitrided finish, with leveling casters and leg braces – maximum rigidity is the goal. The 8-foot length should accommodate any frame design.

    For the fixturing kit, might as well go for the 172 piece SHT-TMK550, mostly for the large selection of riser blocks that would be handy for constructing a solid, adjustable jig for head stocks and rear suspension mounting points.

    Going even further, it’d be super-trick to have the whole thing mounted on an in-ground hydraulic lift to make it easy to roll bikes on/off of. Since it’s a rigid, flat platform, the table can be used for blueprinting frames and much more than just welding.

    Thanks Arc-Zone!


    My dream welding table set up would include the 8′ Build pro with the nitride finish (SHT-TMQ-59648F)
    equipped with leveling caster kit (SHT-TMLC600) . Since I build custom parts for bikes and want to do frames as well the Buld pro Ultimate Acccessory kit (SHT-TMK550) and Build pro Round tubing kit (SHT-TMK-537) assorted clamps, v-blocks and stops would round it out nice .


    Unfortunately, the Nomad table is too small for most practical welding, although the portable design is nice. Any welding table less than 24-inches wide is too small for practical use.

    The Fixturepoint table is closer to being correct for a portable table, but you can’t fold it up and roll it around for easy storage. I’ve got a 2x4ft table configured for fold-down which is better than this model

    The BuildPro tables look OK from a surface standpoint, but the supports would seem to be lacking in that there is NO lateral support for the table legs. This is an option but should be standard. You absolutely need this for a safe table system. I’d probably opt for the BuildPro MAX 8′ system and augment it with some custom pipe cross-supports to ensure that the table didn’t shift or collapse with heavy loads. Also, I’ve found that any table that can’t be easily moved is a pain, so I’d probably retrofit the legs with wheels. You would probably have to reduce the table leg lengths to achieve a suitable table height.

    One thing I’ve never seen on a welding table is a RETRACTABLE vise for welding pipe and other items. Bolting the vise to the table isn’t an option – you need a RETRACTABLE system so you have clean access to the table edges for clamped welding operations.

    I don’t see any provisions for storage of welding torches, MIG accessories, etc. You always need some sort of custom add-on to hold a TIG torch or other accessory. This seems to be missing for all the tables.

    The Buildpro system is 46 inches deep??? I can’t imagine having a system less than 48 inches deep, as too many custom fence rails are 4ft x 8 ft.

    It is a bit surprising that a fully configured system (table [BuildPro MAX 8-ft) + accessories[BuildPro™ Ultimate Accessory Kit — 172 Piece]) would run around $10k to purchase. This seems a bit high. Lets check the math. using their plate as a cost basis. Given that the plates are 5/8 thick x 6.3 x 46, this would be about 50 lbs of steel / plate. Given the plate cost of $250, this is more than $5/lb for the steel. A bit pricey given the function. Granted there is some machining involved, but this should be automated and thus not cost much.

    So, the dream system for me would be TWO a BuildPro MAX 8ft / nitride with Ultimate accessory kit, and optional cross supports. Include an additional 12 aluminum plates for the second table so you could run aluminum/stainless. I wouldn’t mix welding on the two tables, necessitating two rigs. Note you have to buy the AL plates and arrange a custom support for them because they don’t come in 48-inch lengths.

    As for the vise rigging, I would probably get some of the 6×6 plates and rig a hinge system to the edge of the table (possibly with an additional leg support) to facilitate the vise.


    Let’s start with the BuildPro 8ft table with nitride finish, equipped with leveling castors, some additional table legs with supports, the round tubing fixture kit, and some clamping squares to finish it up. What do I need with all this stuff? Thanks for asking. I’ve been asked to build 2 side cars rigs so we can take all 5 grandkids out at once. I’d really like my rig to have center hub steering so I can go quickly and make them kids squeal with delight.


    Obviously most everyone would want the biggest welding table they could get, but for my shop space and actual needs the fixture point convertible welding table would be ideal. Outfitted with the FixturePoint tool kit #1 and #2 should provide the kind of versatility that I need to prevent me from having to be frustrated when jigging up welding jobs.


    Although this is suppose to be a dream welding table, I have to be practical about it.
    BuildPro™ 6.5′ (1.98m) x 3′ Welding Table – Standard Finish
    BuildPro™ Ultimate Accessory Kit — 172 Piece
    BuildPro™ Table Mount C-Clamps
    BuildPro™ Right Angle Brackets
    BuildPro™ Malleable Cast Iron Clamping Squares
    BuildPro™ Inserta Clamp — Ratchet Handle
    BuildPro™ Stop
    BuildPro™ V-Blocks
    BuildPro™ Magnetic V-Pads — Table Mount


    For my confined but efficient work space the optimum station would be the Build Pro 3×4 Nitride table, Build Pro Ultimate Accessory Kit, 6 – 3.6″ 1/2 D-Stop Bars, 6 – 6.2″ 1″ D-Stop Bars, and 4 sets of corner magnets. The beauty of Build Pro Table Systems is if I can gain more space in the future it’s easily expandable!

    Thanks for the opportunity to dream!


    I started building 2 sets of gear holders w/squate tube and flattened expanded metal for our fire dept (for the cost of materials) but I am having problems getting all the pieces exactly the same. A BuildPro Table would sure help.

    4′ X 6.5′ SH-TM-57846 BuildPro Table w/Nitride Finish
    Fixture Point Tool Kit #1 Sq Tubing Frames
    A hand full of Build Pro Table Mount C-Clamps
    a hand fill of BuildPro Insert-a-Clamp T Handles
    and a hand full of Build Pro Right Angle Brackets
    Would make the project go quicker and look a lot better.
    After that I promised a Fitting Holder made from aluminum for each apparatus.


    Yes, If I had that 8 foot Stronghand table I would start working on my 28 Chevy 2dr Vicky. First I would construct/fab my own chassis, incorporate the suspension system to the chassis.


    Would love to have the Build Pro welding Table the clamps & clamping squares and the stops and fasteners


    I would need 2 Build Pro Max Nitride tables, joined together along with 2 sets of Build Pro Ultimate Acc Kits.
    In my business we are always having to “Adaptive Engineer” products for customers who know what they want but don’t know how to get it done. With two tables it would allow ample space and We would use most all of two Acc kits on some projects we are involved in. In other words a Ultimate Welders tinker toy set.


    iam not by no means a great welder, but learning. an a table like the buildpro would make me a better welder for sure.i like tig welding. i build a lot of bike racks, an need a third hand.the table would come in handy, and be able to hold down and clamp parts would be great. easy to move around and set up use of stops clamps and squares, would be great. lash


    My wife…. after that I build Go Kart frames and lifts. It would be awesome to have a build pro table that I can set up fixtures to build them a lot faster.


    I currently have a small table where frames have to be welded in subsections and then assemble those for a complete frame. My dream table would consist of
    4- BuildPro 8′ X 30″ high nitrided tables
    4-leg braces
    4-table joining kits
    1-120 piece round tubing kit
    1-128 piece square tubing kit
    20 rest buttons
    10 magnetic rest buttons
    This would be a great start for making even better car, truck, buggy frames.I may be forgetting a few things but those items can be purchased later.


    The table would be perfect, I do a lot of metal crafting and small jobs so portability is perfect.


    Working out of my house garage the Nomad would be very handy. Both the square and round kits would be great. Never had the luxury of all that ‘holding power’. And would also like the clamping squares to go with it. Have to keep everything square, right!!


    I would use two BuildPro MAX 8′ tables to act as fixtures on each end of a chassis project for placing suspension parts on custom builds, nitrided of course. This would allow suspension attachment points to be mapped, altered and placed perfectly!

    For accessories, I’d have the tables outfitted with leveling casters so they can be moved around and trued on uneven floors, and have a joining kit when necessary to tie them together. Buying the ultimate 172 piece accessory kit would be the way to go, since it would cover almost everything offered. In addition I’d be adding some corner magnets, C-clamp pliers and mag spring clamps, both deep and shallow.


    Hello everyone,

    I’m entering this here for someone very special to me that can’t do it himself; My little brother. He has looked up to me ever since he was very little. After our parents split the responsibility of keeping him on the right path in life fell on my shoulders. I have to be his best friend, his older brother and at times care for him like a father. Since he tries so hard to follow in my foot steps he naturally started taking a liking to welding and fabricating. He started small with designing little parts for himself and friends and now has a few chassis for off-road race cars under his belt, all this at only 13 years old. I would love to see him learn to be a successful welder and see his creations come to life, this kid is the future of the industry. Anything that would help him progress his talents would be absolutely amazing.

    Thank you very much for the support,



    As the fabrications supervisor for Liberty University, I would love to have 2 of the BuildPro Max 8 Nitride finish tables as well as 2 of the BuildPro Max 4 Nitride finished tables. Probably 3 of the 172 piece fixture kits as well as several of the joining kits. We build pretty much anything from simple brackets to fencing and railings using steel, aluminum and stainless steel. We also build custom trailers for use by the university as well as heavy structural systems such as scoreboard towers and stair towers. We have even built a steel Christmas Tree that is visible over 50 miles away.


    1. Weighing in at 1,326 lbs, I’d choose BuildPro’s most massive table, the 8 foot BuildPro Max.
    2. For my fixture kits I would get the Ultimate accessory kit. Not one, not two, but three of these kits. That’s right 516 pieces in total. Clamps on clamps on clamps.