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Heat Up before you Flex your TIG Torch

Flex Head TIG Torches

About the Flex Head TIG Torch

The flex-head TIG torch allows you to personalize your TIG torch for your welding application, your workstation, and your welding style. You’ll want to follow some simple steps so your torch doesn’t fail prematurely.

Using Your Flex Head Torch

We know it’s tempting to check out your new flex TIG torch the minute your box arrives from Arc-Zone, but don’t do it without following these instructions. Continue reading

How Do Professional Fabricators Jig Up Their Jobs?

The key to a fabricator’s success is incorporating little tricks and tools that improve both efficiency and weld quality. Often times, the right tools can turn a frustrating project into a “No Brainer”. Here’s a shot of a “No Brainer” Ultimate Accessory Kit all jigged up on a BuildPro™ Welding Table.

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Everything You Need In ONE Welding Pro Kit

You know that getting the job done right, and on time requires that you have all the right components parts for your welding application. Here’s a look at our #1 Selling Pro Kit, the Gas Saver Pro Kit™ – It saves you up to 40% on Argon gas, delivers better puddle visibility, and reduces gas turbulence over the weld zone resulting in a more consistent weld every time.

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As Seen On Instagram May 2015

Here’s a roundup of all the welding action on Instagram: Amazing welds, industry news, product launches, updates on Arc-Zone Pro Partner activities, and a look at what our customers are up to in the weld shop or out in the field.

Product Spotlight:   the Popular Sharpie Tungsten Grinder

Sharpie Hand-Held Tungsten Electrode Grinder for TIG WeldingIntroduced 15 years ago, the Sharpie Tungsten Grinder remains one of our most popular welding accessories (along with our comprehensive line up of TIG Torches from top manufacturers like CK Worldwide and Weldcraft).  If you’re looking for an easy-to-use, portable and reliable hand-held tungsten grinder then set your sights on the Sharpie PRO Kit to make sure you’ve got all the accessories you’ll need in one sturdy kit box. The Sharpie™ Weld Like a Pro Kit Includes our most popular accessory items:  the .040″ (1.0mm) collet and a replacement double-sided diamond grinding wheel, for just $50.00–saving 25% over the price you’d pay if you purchased each of these extras separately.  You also get the industry leading technical guides  “How-to-Select Tungsten Electrodes” and “How-to-Grind Tungsten Electrodes” along with the complete operations guide with all replacement parts listed for your convenience.

Most Liked Post (about welding)

Amazing Weld for # WeaveWednesday on Instagram

Check out this stellar weld from Aaron, @kingpita_fab, a fabricator out of Minnesota. He’s got some mad skilz! This photo he shared with us for #WeaveWednesday received 1,560 Likes!

Most Commented Post

This was also the post that brought out the most comments!  clocking in at 169 comments! Lots of admirers out there. Continue reading

Prep Your Base Welding Metal with EZ Wipes™

Aquasol EZ WipesWhen EZ Wipes™  came on the market a few years back, Arc-Zone became a big fan. They were easy to use, and convenient, but unfortunately as packaged—in a plastic canister—they dried out before you could use them all and the manufacturer of EZ Wipes discontinued production.

We were disappointed, but it was the right decision at the time.

And we are excited to tell you that EZ Wipes™  are back on the market!

Whether you’re welding a specialty alloy, or a metal like titanium, or you just want to get the best weld possible, proper preparation of your base metal is essential. With EZ Wipes™ you can loosen dried contaminants with the abrasive side of the pre-saturated lint-free fabric, and you can clean away contaminants like oil, ink, tar and wax as well as heavy grease and paint, revealing a ready-to-weld surface with the smooth side.

These acetone-free wipes now come in individual packets. They are a great addition to any professional weld shop whether you’re working on motorcycles, jet engine parts, or yacht towers or if you’re a weekend welders working with specialty metals like stainless steel and titanium where eliminating contamination is critical. Continue reading