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Welding Fix Of The Day: Welder’s First Aid Kit

Safety Police… Picked this up at my local industrial supply store a couple weeks ago. Never had one, or seen one dedicated to the Weld-shop.
So when your best laid plans and all your good welding safety precautions fail – You need a back-up plan!
We actually take safety pretty seriously at Arc-Zone.  We carry a select line of welding safety apparel, including welding wear for women!  And the best gloves for TIG welding.

The New 3M Speedglas 9100XXi Helmet

Is Your Helmet Up to Speed?

The new 3M Speedglas 9100XXi welding helmet was designed to let welders spend more time concentrating on the job, and spend less time adjusting their ADFs. It’s your window to a new world of more realistic color and detail — to help you weld, grind and see your finish.

When you can’t make out all the details or distinguish colors through the auto-darkening filter of your welding shield, it can make welding more challenging. Now, a new auto-darkening filter (ADF) from 3M – incorporating next-generation optics and simplified controls – gives welders a more detailed and realistic view of the workpiece, with less of the greenish “night vision” look associated with conventional ADFs.

The 9100XXi ADF is compatible with all welding helmets in the 3M Speedglas Welding Helmet Series 9100. However, access to its grinding and memory modes requires the silver front panel included with the 9100XXi ADF kit. This panel can only be used with Speedglas helmets 9100, 9100-Air and 9100-QR.


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Innovators in Welding Safety

3M™ Rugged Comfort Half Facepiece 6500 Series

3M™ Rugged Comfort Half Facepiece 6500 Series

Arc-Zone is partnering with 3M™ to bring some of the most highly engineered welding safety products to our customers.

3M™ makes many many products (everything from masking tape and Post-It Notes to data storage) but we’ll only be offering their welding safety products or Personal Protection Equipment (PPE).

Specifically we’ll be stocking 3M’s welding helmets including the the auto-darkening helmets with Speedglas™ lens, and 3M respiratory safety products (including Powered Air Purifying Respirators (PAPR) ).

The helmets and respiratory protection products are designed to work together for the ultimate in safety and comfort.

If you’re managing any kind of welding business you’re well aware of OSHA regulations, specifically in regards to respiratory safety but many of you may not realize that depending on your specific welding application, the process changes you implement in your weld shop may Continue reading

Welding Safety FAQs

When we shared some of our TIG Welding FAQs (last blog post) we started with some basics on welding safety:  how to select a welding helmet and how to protect your eyes.  But there is a lot more to welding safety: welding apparel, heat stress, respiratory health, and welding gloves to name a few.  And here are some Frequently Asked Questions from the Arc-Zone customer service files:

What’s the best welding safety apparel?

JW-afireThe best apparel for welding is made of flame resistant material–but we also know that you want to look good on the job as well.  One of our favorite lines of welding safety apparel is the BSX Xtreme Welding gear tricked out with some awesome flame action on the sleeves (Pictured left: check me out in the Ultimate Weld Shop).

We also offer the more classic lines of flame resistant wear from Miller and Revco— top quality flame resistant fabric and leathers in classic styles.

We also like the Angelfire line of welding safety wear from Revco for women welders. In the picture below our own Joanie Butler is rockin’ the Angelfire welding jacket (sized and cut to fit a woman’s body). Continue reading

Welding Safety Wrap Up

Ye Olde Welding Goggles

Ye Olde Welding Goggles

If you’re like me, when you think back to when you first started out in the weld shop, you cringe remembering how much you ignored welding safety…  either because you didn’t know any better, you were young and thought you were invincible, or because the products (and the knowledge) just wasn’t available.

Case in point:  the welding goggles featured in this photo.  Clunky, and uncomfortable to wear…  it seemed easier for tack weld to just avert your eyes!

Now, fortunately, the welding safety products are more comfortable and more innovative.

Joe Welder’s Favorite Welding Safety Products

The Half Mask Respirator from Miller

The Half Mask Respirator from Miller

One of the best things that’s come onto the market revolve around respiratory safety.  From dust masks, to the Half Mask Respirator that fits under most helmets to Miller’s PAPR system…. We wrote a more extensive post about that last week, “Respiratory Welding Safety Basics”.  

These products are great, especially  when you are working with old dusty, rusty metal and MIG gun.  

Safety Glasses for Welding

Safety Glasses for Welding (and more)

Even safety glasses have come a long way since the old days.  And you KNOW you should be wearing them any time you’re sanding, filing, grinding, using an air hose–anytime you need to protect yourself from debris.  It used to be the lens quality was bad and they were uncomfortable. Now the optics are much better, and they are inexpensive, so if you scratch them you can replace them pretty easily… not the big investment they used to be.  

Welding HelmetI also really appreciate a good flame retardant welding jacket.  The newer jackets are comfortable, but loose fitting for great range of motion while protecting your arms and neck from sparks and arc burn.  (that’s me on the left with my Miller Welding jacket, but I also really like the the BSX jacket with the red-flame sleeves.

Ear plugs are also great to have around.  You can keep a pair in your pocket, and slip them in whenever you’re running loud machinery.  Not like the old days when you’d have those big bulky head-phone-like things– that didn’t fit under your hood or your hard hat.

These are just a couple of my favorites…  I really appreciate the technology behind the newer auto-darkening welding helmets, but I’ll save that for another post.

Check out Arc-Zone’s  Welding Safety Education section where you’ll find downloadable (and free) PDFs that cover Eye Protection and Fume Control (and more!) and our collection of Safety Guides,  Operations Manuals, and MSDS sheets.