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Welding Fix Of The Day Monster TIG Nozzle Madness

Here’s a sneak peek at the latest additions to our Monster™ TIG Nozzle lineup:  the Monster 12, 14, 16 & 24!

We are adding these gas cups to Arc-Zone’s world-leading selection of TIG welding cups. We offer the  Ceramic (pink), High-temp Ceramic (grey), Lava (light brown), Pyrex (glass), Metal (aluminum and  copper), nozzles AND  Flooding & Trail-Shields… in other words, we’ve got you covered!

These new Monster™ TIG Nozzles address a wide range of welding challenges and are dropping soon in our secure webstore.

Pre-Order your Monster by direct messaging us:  or give us a call:  800-944-2243 (toll free) or 760-931-1500 (worldwide).  You’ll be the first to know when these Big Monster TIG Nozzle are ready to roll out.

Already using the original  Monster™ TIG nozzle? or the Monster™ 15?

The Original Monster TIG Nozzle

Monster TIG Nozzle

Look for an upgrade offer soon and get ready to ditch the Scotchbrite diffusers!

We make each nozzle to our exacting specifications and with the highest-quality grade “A” ceramic. Our technicians precision machine the screen stacks the skillfully assemble them.  And we don’t use dissimilar metals!

With the right setup, you can get the best quality weld every time. All at a Fair Price!!!

If you’re using the Toxic style nozzle you’re in luck:  The Monster 12 & 14 are direct replacements. You can order complete Monster cup kits, or just the ceramic nozzle, or screen stack. Choose from 1/16″ (1.6mm) & 3/32″ (2.4mm) tungsten guide sizes! Best of all, there’re available when you need them along with the most complete line of TIG welding products for simple, one stop shopping! has been delivering quality welding equipment for over 15 years. Our business is based on helping you build yours👊🏻 #tigwelding #welding #monsternozzle #weldlikeapro #tigasthetics #tig #arczone #metalfab #weld via Instagram

What’s All the Buzz about Specialty Monster™ TIG Cups?

Q:  Why have flooding cups caught the attention of TIG welders across the globe?

A:  The simple answer is better shield gas coverage. A Monster™ Nozzle, with a wider diameter orifice, offers improved coverage of the arc zone which reduces contamination of the weld puddle and decreases post-weld clean-up time.

Q:  Are they really worth the extra coin?

A:  It depends. For TIG purists and anyone whose work wants to pass X-ray or who hates to a messy clean-up job, the Monster™ Nozzle is the perfect ace in their kit box. It’s not for those who are paid to hurry up and finish, regardless of how the weld looks or the inclusions left behind in the puddle.

The Proof is in the Puddle™

Below is a comparison of Arc-Zone’s Monster™ Nozzle vs. a standard gas lens. The ArcTime™ tungsten, amperage, gas flow, torch angle, pulse setting, and tungsten stick-out are exactly the same on each weld.

monster nozzle for TIG welding

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High Purity Welding Products

High Purity welding applications such as aircraft, aerospace, food, beverage, process piping, medical device, automotive, and construction, require specialty precision tools to meet the demands of the modern metal fabrication marketplace. Arc-Zone is the world’s leading supplier of high purity welding accessory products, and we’re pulling the curtain back to share a mashup of our top selling HIGH PURITY welding solutions.

Complete Purge Baffle Kits
Complete Purge Baffle Kits

Purge baffle kits allow you to quickly and cost effectively purge the area immediately on both sides of the weld, displacing the atmosphere with purge gas for high purity, x-ray quality welds.

Nylon Purge Plug Kit
Nylon Purge Plug Kit

Complete purge plug kit includes a full range of nylon purge plugs designed to plug pipe and tube sizes ranging from 1/2″ (13mm) – 4″ (101.6mm).

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The Best Gifts For Welders

MIG – TIG – OXY – Safety  & More – We’ve got you covered with The Best Gifts For Welders.

1. Arc-Zone High Performance Helmet/Utility Pack: When the job gets rough, our new helmet/utility Pack is sure to protect all precious welding gear including welding helmets + costly lenses.Arc-Zone High Performance Helmet:Utility Pack2. MIG Gun Holder & TIG Torch Holder: Just like Thor’s Hammer, the powerful magnetic base enclosed in these holders will prevent your TIG Torch or MIG Gun from going anywhere.Magnetic Torch Holders for MIG Guns or TIG Torches

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Go Wireless With The JW Signature Series Hot Foot™ [wireless] Amperage Control

Step up your TIG game and set yourself free without blowing up your wallet. Check out the new JW Signature Series Hot Foot™ [Wireless] Amperage Control by Arc-Zone. Designed specifically for TIG fabricators who require extra mobility. Ideal for high foot-traffic or limited space welding shops and minimizing clutter to improve shop cleanliness.

“I have been dreaming of firing the cord for a while now, and I finally have the J.W. series hot foot wireless remote is a great alternative to the more expensive OEM wireless pedals.” Review on

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