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How to Maintain your Sharpie Tungsten Electrode Grinder

About the Sharpie Tungsten Electrode Grinder

One of our most popular tools for sharpening tungsten electrodes is the hand-held Sharpie Tungsten Electrode Grinder.  It’s an affordable option for preparing your tungsten electrode with a precise taper with longitudinal grinds.  A properly prepared electrode will deliver consistent welds, deeper penetration, and less re-work.  The Sharpie also allows you to add a tip flat and cut your tungsten.  This grinder is a great tool for in the welding shop or out in the field, and there are two models to choose from:  the original Sharpie SD with its fixed grind angle, or the adjustable Sharpie DX.  The latest addition to the Sharpie line are the cordless versions of the Sharpie tungsten grinder which offer even greater mobility.  Properly maintaining your Sharpie will ensure its functionality and improve its longevity.

Maintaining your Sharpie Tungsten Electrode Grinder

To maintain your Sharpie and keep it running smooth and quiet, you will need to keep the head area free from tungsten grinding dust.  We recommend blowing the dust out of the machine frequently, specifically the area below the diamond wheel.  Over time, the dust can build up in that area and begin to permeate the sealed bearing that supports the wheel mandrell.  Based on how much you use the machine, you may need to replace the bearing located inside the lower housing on occasion.  In fact, you’ll know it’s time to replace the bearing when the motor gets loud and/or begins to vibrate.  This is a relatively easy procedure* that will extend the life of your Sharpie.

Watch the video for some tips on How To replace the bearing.  

*Note: the video shows a lower housing with a bearing that has been run until it disintegrated and was is in several pieces.  If your bearing is in one-piece you can simply remove and replace it– if it’s in pieces, it becomes more challenging to remove as the outer race of the bearing may be locked into the lower housing.  We hope the video helps

Other Maintenance Tips for your Sharpie Tungsten Grinder

Replacing the Diamond Grinding Wheel

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Sharpie Tungsten Grinder PRO Kit

Sharpie Tungsten GrinderSince we introduced the Sharpie™ tungsten electrode sharpener back in 2000 (that’s 15 years ago!)  it has remained one of our most popular products.

Not only is it a cool tool to have in your shop, with a dedicated tungsten grinder you can improve the quality of your TIG welds and lower your tungsten usage.

The Sharpie™ tungsten grinder is a hand-held tool that preps tungsten electrode sizes .040″, 1/16″, 3/32″ and 1/8″ (1.0mm, 1.6mm, 2.4mm  and 3.2mm) quickly, easily and consistently. You can sharpen an electrode, and with the Deluxe model you can set the angle of the point, and repeat it over and  over again. The standard model has a pre-set grind angle that is good for most welding applications.

The Sharpie ships with a long-life double-sided diamond grinding wheel and produces  longitudinal grinds for consistent welds, deeper penetration and less re-work. You can also use it to to produce a tip flat–tungsten electrodes ground to a pointed tip can burn off and contaminate your weld puddle.   Continue reading

TIG Torch Spotlight: CK 230 from CK Worldwide

CK-230 TIG torch packageWhy the CK 230 Should be Your Next TIG Torch

If you’re looking for a small but super powerful TIG welding torch, you’ll want to check out this torch from CK Worldwide–engineered for the most demanding TIG welding jobs:

  • Super powerful:  300 amp ACHF or DCSP at 100%
  • Efficient:  water-cooled torch
  • Small and light:  Torch Length:  8-1/4 in (20.9 cm), Torch body weight:  3-3/4 oz (106 gm)
  • Versatile: Great TIG torch for 80% of all general purpose TIG welding applications, including heavy-duty applications where torch control is critical
  • Universal:  the CK-230 uses the “2” Series head components (compatible with 9, 20, 280, & CS310 Parts).

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10 Great Gifts for Welders for Under $50

Stocking Stuffer Gift Ideas for Welders

Arc-Zone has some not-so-expensive gifts for welders, some small enough to fit in your favorite welder’s stocking!

ArcTime All Purpose Hybrid Tungsten ElectrodesArcTime All Purpose Hybrid tungsten electrodes

Our ArcTime Tungsten for TIG welding  is one of our best sellers. No matter what kind of material you’re welding, and no matter what kind of machine you’re using, this tungsten is the best.

ArcTime™ brand electrodes are packaged in our exclusive clear plastic tubes with black vinyl removable cap and includes our trademark “wood strip” to minimize moisture contamination and prolong electrode storage life.’s® High-Quality ArcTime™ brand tungsten electrodes meet or exceed ISO 6848 and AWS A5.12 standards.

MIG Gun holder with accessory plate

MIG Gun Holder
Place this MIG torch holder at any point on your welding table–it’s strong and has a magnetic base.  It’s fully enclosed base makes clean up of metal fuzz a breeze. And check it out:  the handy accessory plate features a slot for MIG Pliers and a nozzle gel canister.

The MIG gun holder may not fit in a stocking, but it sure is a handy tool for a MIG welder!

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New Name, same great tungsten electrode grinder

Orbitalum ESG Plus® (née Triad) Tungsten Electrode Grinder

Orbitalum ESG Plus® (née Triad) Tungsten Electrode Grinder

The Triad is now the ESG Plus tungsten electrode grinder. Same manufacturer, same great grinder, new name.

As Miller continues consolidating and solidifying their brand and position in the welding industry, they are evaluating everything in their product line to ensure they’re utilizing their strengths. They’ve opted to no longer offer the Triad Tungsten Electrode Grinder. Instead, Orbitalum Cutting & Welding, manufacturer of the grinder and sister company to Miller, will distribute the ESG Plus tungsten electrode grinder (the same grinder that Miller branded as the Triad).

Tungsten Electrode Grinders and Orbital Welding

DGP Tungsten Grinder

The tip geometry, electrode length, and finish of the electrode are highly critical to orbital welding and for a grinder to be suitable for orbital TIG, it must be capable of precision grinding, precision cutting, and polishing–only a few grinders are capable of this: DGP-3-V2, Ultima TIG-Cut, and the ESG Plus tungsten electrode grinder.   The DGP-3-V2 is not portable, however, and the wheel would need to be changed to switch between grinding and polishing. Continue reading