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Why spend extra on a cable cover for your TIG torch?

Protect Your TIG torch Cables From Damage

We know about being budget conscious.  Remember started out in a suburban garage and with a small line of welding accessories.  I wore all the hats:  technical welding consultant, vendor relations coordinator, account rep, customer service rep, bookkeeper, shipping guy…  So I understand the importance of spending money only on things that really matter.


From an investment standpoint, cable covers matter.

Imagine, in a busy weld shop you’re dragging your TIG torch all over the place to get your job(s) done. Well, you’re also exposing your cables to various shop hazards like sparks.  If you’re using the vinyl (plastic) hoses, they’re especially vulnerable to damage–which is why we generally recommend the braided rubber hoses and why we include a cable cover with our water cooled TIG Torch PRO packages.**  You may think it’s not a big deal, a short gas hose for your TIG torch will only cost about $15 bucks to replace, but do that over and over again and it adds up! And if you have to replace a hose, you’re not welding, you’re out shopping.

**If you’re interested, check out “Rubber vs. Vinyl Plastic Hoses, Which one is Better”

Bundle Cables to Improve Safety And Convenience

Shop safety is important to us here at Arc-Zone, and bundling your cables keeps them all tucked in together and less likely to get caught on something, or trip someone.  Arc-Zone offers two Continue reading

Saving Money with Pre-ground Tungsten Electrodes

One of the best ways welding manufacturer’s that do TIG, Plasma and Orbital welding can save money is by using pre-ground tungsten electrodes. While it may sound expensive, in the long run your company will experience more consistent performance and less downtime with pre-ground tungsten electrodes.

Consistent Finish for Consistent Performance

Turbo 4 Tungsten Electrode Grinder

Turbo 4 Tungsten Electrode Grinder

Arc-Zone is the world’s leading supplier of tungsten electrodes and tungsten electrode grinders, we offer every model from hand-held to production units, including several grinding stations that deliver a precise cut-to-length and ground finish. But you can ensure even better precision with pre-ground tungsten electrodes. Arc-Zone pre-ground electrodes are made from the highest-quality material that is precision CNC cut and ground– to meet your welding specifications. Each pre-ground tungsten electrode is cleaned, packaged and shipped to your door when you need them.

Precision ground electrodes are especially imperative with Plasma Arc Welding, automated TIG welding, and micro TIG welding applications. In fact, we stock pre-ground tungsten electrodes for Weldcraft® WP-125 (MT-125) and WP-50 Micro TIG torches, and for your Thermal Dynamics® Plasma Arc Welding Torches. Ready for immediate delivery. We can even work with you to schedule deliveries based on your production demands. Continue reading

Getting customers the welding accessories they need

Monster TIG NozzleWe love to meet with our customers to learn about what they are doing, and see how we can help them improve their welding operations and lower costs with the right welding accessories for their welding application.  Sometimes it’s as simple as improving the set up of the front end of a TIG / GTAW torch with a Monster(TM) Nozzle for TIG Welding to improve gas coverage and sometimes it’s about introducing a customer to some of the “newer” products on the market like the ArcTime(tm) Hybrid tungsten electrodes made with rare earth additives to improve ignition rate and tip longevity.

Continue reading

ULTIMA TIG/CUT Precision Tungsten Electrode Grinder

If you follow the blog, you’ve seen this already, but it’s worth repeating:  the new ULTIMA TIG/CUT tungsten electrode grinder– is amazing.


ULTIMA TIG/CUT tungsten electrode grinder


Neutra Wet Tungsten Grinder

We were already impressed with the wet grinding technology of the earlier versions of this machine–many of which are STILL performing in job shops today!  In fact, for many years we’ve been selling and servicing the wet tungsten grinders you may know under the brands Black Gold, ArcTime LTG, Neutra, Astaras, and Abicor Binzel (pictured right).  In fact, if you have this machine, Arc-Zone stocks the replacement parts you’ll need to keep your Neutra Wet Tungsten Grinder running, from the side wall seal and grinding fluid to the thumb screw, the inspection cover plate gasket to, of course, the top quality diamond grinding wheels that provide that precise angle on your tungsten electrode.

The new ULTIMA TIG/CUT utilizes the same wet grinding technology, keeping the tungsten electrode cool while preparing the taper which means the tungsten runs cooler and won’t discolor or degrade from over heating.  The dust is captured in the liquid filled chamber– great for high purity welding applications and any clean shop environment. In fact, this is one reason these machines are so popular in nuclear facilities and aboard Navy ships.

What the ULTIMA TIG/CUT offers that the other earlier versions don’t is an improved degree scale that makes selecting and setting the grind angle more intuitive, and an enclosed module on the back of the machine to precision cut the tungsten electrode.  So not only will you be able to prepare a precise and repeatable angle on your tungsten, you can precision cut the length as well.

Now I know this robust machine is not for everyone…  it’s too pricey for a small hobby shop, or even a small PRO shop, but for a high production weld shop where you need precision and repeatability, then this is an investment you may want to consider.

If you are in the market for a tungsten electrode grinding machine that is a little more affordable, Arc-Zone carries the widest selection of premium tungsten grinders in the marketplace from hand-held, portable tungsten grinders for the welding pro, to mid-range benchtop tungsten grinding machines, and fully loaded tungsten grinding stations.

In the Arc-Zone store you can purchase top quality replacement diamond grinding wheels for the most popular tungsten electrode grinders.

And don’t forget….  Arc-Zone offers a full line of the best quality brands of tungsten electrodes for all your TIG/GTAW and Plasma Arc Welding needs, including our ArcTime brand Hybrid (non radioactive) tungsten recommended for all machines and all applications.

We even offer precision, CNC pre-ground tungsten electrodes for your high production TIG and Plasma Arc Welding applications.

Arc-Zone prides itself on offering the best equipment and accessories to keep you welding like a PRO!   If you need help selecting the tungsten that’s right for you, check out our technical bulletin on Selecting Tungsten (.pdf).  If you need help selecting the tungsten grinder, check out our Tungsten Grinder Selector Guide (.pdf)  or call our customer care team technicians and they can help you out.  Phone us toll free (U.S.)  800.944.2243, or worldwide at 760.931.1500.

Welding Accessories for High Purity Welding Applications

As the world’s leading supplier of high purity welding accessories, is constantly on the lookout for accessories that can help the welder working with reactive metals and/or in industries like food processing and aerospace, produce the best welds possible.  If you’re not familiar with these, here’s a rundown of some of what’s available:

Purge Dams

For welding tube and pipe, there are a myriad of accessories that can be used to purge the backside of the weld—so that the weld on the inside of the tube or pipe is just as strong and contaminant free as the outside. Depending on your application, or your personal preference, you can choose from reusable accessories that allow you to create a purge dam for your weld (Purge plugs, Purge baffles, Inflatable purge bladders) or you may need to utilize water soluble solutions such as Purge Film or Purge paper in sheets and rolls, or pre-cut purge paper.

Weld Tape

Aluminum weld backing tape is a good solution for holding your structure in place to facilitate tack welding or to cap off the tubing.

Fiber insulated aluminum weld tape is designed to attach to the backside of the weld joint, protecting the weld zone from oxygen without a back purge.

EZ Zone™ weld tape wraps around the weld joint, which is then purged with shield gas. Operators simply peel back a section of tape exposing the joint to begin welding. Shield gas flows out of the exposed area ensuring no atmosphere enters the joint. This engineered aluminum welding tape includes two halogen-free adhesive areas on the outside edges, and an adhesive-free center “Zone”.

Trail Shields and Purge Cups

Some of the most innovative accessories we’ve come across are the trail shields and purging cups for TIG and PAW applications. These shield gas accessories fit right onto your TIG or PAW torch. Because they are engineered, and manufactured—and not individually hand- fashioned, weld variables are minimized and a consistent and coherent umbrella of shield gas can be maintained over the weld from beginning to end from the auxiliary shields that are up to 2-in. in diameter to the trailing shields that promote coverage during cooling. These cups and trailing shields fit onto industry standard TIG and PAW torches.

Another option is the WeldHugger Shield Gas Kit. Wafer thing, these accessories can be shaped for your welding application. And, for the At-Home PRO, there are less expensive options such as the Monster Nozzle Series Flooding Cups.

If you need to make absolutely sure that your weld environment is free of oxygen as well as contaminants–consider a flexible purge chamber.

Oxygen Monitors

To make sure whichever purge system you’re utilizing is doing its job, you can use a monitor to ensure an oxygen free weld zone.