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Miller Electric Mfg. Co. Introduces WeldX Safety Apparel

Miller Electric Mfg. Co. has just introduced WeldX™, a revolutionary new apparel line for personal welding protection that is lightweight and breathable, yet provides exceptional flame and spatter resistance–available at!

This stylish safety apparel comes in classic black and is sixty percent lighter than most leathers and also lighter than many flame resistant cotton garments, WeldX represents the next generation in protecting welders from the hazards of heavy-duty welding, while also reducing the potential for heat stress-related injuries.

The WeldX line offers protection in a welding apron, welding bib, cape sleeves, welding jacket (pictured above) and welding sleeves.

Originally developed for military applications, Miller’s new WeldX fabric combines the lightweight and breathability benefits of cotton with exceptional spatter and flame resistance to provide maximum welder protection.

WeldX at Arc-Zone.comFlame resistance is inherent to WeldX – laundering will not degrade its performance over time. WeldX is based on a fabric technology that has proven its performance and durability in iron production, race car driving, high voltage electrical work, firefighting and other potentially catastrophic applications. The fabric consists of a blend of oxidized acrylic fibers and modern strengthening fibers, which are then treated with a proprietary compound that allows the resulting material to “shed” spatter and sparks upon contact. The proprietary compound is embedded into the individual fibers rather than being applied topically, allowing the garment to retain a high degree of pliability and maneuverability. In even the most extreme environments, WeldX will not burn, melt, ignite or shrink.

The newest addition to Miller’s popular Arc Armor™ line of welding protection, WeldX garments are available as standard welding jackets, sleeves, cape sleeves, bibs and aprons, offering a range of protection options for a variety of applications and industries. For most applications, WeldX will deliver the highest level of welder protection required without a corresponding increase in heat stress, keeping your welders safe, comfortable and more productive.

About Miller
Miller Electric Mfg. Co., headquartered in Appleton, Wis., is a leading worldwide manufacturer of Miller brand arc welding equipment and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Illinois Tool Works Inc. (NYSE: ITW).
For more information, visit Miller’s Web site at

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Plasma Cutting for Beginners

If you already know all about plasma cutting, then this article is not for you, but if you’re new to the industry, or investigating all the metal fabrication processes out there, then check it out.

Plasma cutting and how it works

By Kent Swart, Contributing Writer
August 11, 2009

What is plasma cutting, and when is it your best metal cutting option? What information do you need to choose the right plasma system? This article answers these questions and more about plasma cutting.

plasma-cuttingThe basic technology for plasma cutting has been around for decades. Researchers and engineers remain focused on increasing cut speed, improving cut quality, and extending consumable life, while making systems smaller and more powerful.

What Is Plasma Cutting?

Once a gas is heated to an extremely high temperature and ionized, it becomes electrically conductive and is considered to be plasma. Plasma arc cutting and gouging processes use plasma to transfer an electrical arc to the workpiece. The metal to be cut or removed is melted by the arc’s heat and then blown away.


And check out this article about plasma arc cutting over at… tips to maximize the life of your PAC consumables and enhance your cut quality –>

Hypertherm PAC torches at …and check out the line of Plasma Arc Cutting Torches and replacement parts at

Measuring Up

How does your structural steel shop measure up?  The Fabricator magazine has some helpful guidelines that you can use to see whether or not your shop hits the mark.

1. How close can your drilling operations get to 50 inches per minute?

2. Can you claim material handling costs of less than $50 every time you move a beam?

3. Can your plasma cutting system deliver a cut with a tolerance of 0.010 in.?

4. Can your software packages accommodate the use of CAD models to generate CNC codes automatically?
Read on to find out more about how your answers affect the life of your shop:

Technologies help to make shops structurally sound

4 benchmarks your operations need to beat

By Michael Bishop, Contributing Writer

Photo courtesy of Peddinghaus Corp.

Photo courtesy of Peddinghaus Corp.

Tough economic conditions have hit the construction industry as hard as they have many other industries. These problems in commercial construction are affecting structural steel fabricators. New technologies are especially benefiting four important structural steel fabricating processes by reducing labor costs. These represent some of the bigger developments in recent years.


At we’re always on the lookout for new business opportunities and ways to streamline operations… what are YOUR best tips for streamlining operations? and How are YOU weathering the economy?

Welding Show 2007

Arc-Zone’s own Joe Welder, aka Jim Watson, is on his way to Chicago for the Fabtech/AWS (American Welding Society) Trade Show.

Jim didn’t have much time before he left to write about the show, but he did shoot me an email and asked me to post it:

For the longest time the AWS (American Welding Society) staged their own stand alone welding trade show in April of each year and it rotated primarily around the cities in the midwest.

With the continued acquisition of many small specialty manufacturers, the show’s attendance diminished and lost its luster. Recently the AWS and Fabtech shows merged to combine one big metal working extravaganza!

If your like me and love to see all the good stuff this is the palce to be!
Plan on it this weekend in Chicago!

See you there!

There’s an impressive list of exhibitors at the show, and some great welding seminars and other programs, including the 2007 PROFESSIONAL WELDERS COMPETITION where you could win $2,500.

Expect a full report and maybe even some information and pics of some great innovative products from Jim when he gets back.