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Brewery Equipment:  When a Quality Weld Matters


Tractor Brewery in Albuquerque, NM

The welds in brewing equipment don’t just need to look good, they need to be perfect. Weld quality affects the brewer’s ability to keep the equipment sanitary: The welds need to be free from corrosion, pits, or crevices where bacteria can flourish.

Whether you’re fabricating stainless steel fermenting tanks or welding stainless
pipe that needs repair, it takes the best equipment to get the job done right.

Start with a top quality TIG/GTAW welding torch engineered by a reputable manufacturer (like CK Worldwide or Weldcraft/Miller) with attention to craftsmanship. The best torches are made with the best materials to avoid problems associated with weld quality, such as gas leakage that can draw atmosphere into the weld zone. Continue reading

Heat Up before you Flex your TIG Torch

Flex Head TIG Torches

About the Flex Head TIG Torch

The flex-head TIG torch allows you to personalize your TIG torch for your welding application, your workstation, and your welding style. You’ll want to follow some simple steps so your torch doesn’t fail prematurely.

Using Your Flex Head Torch

We know it’s tempting to check out your new flex TIG torch the minute your box arrives from Arc-Zone, but don’t do it without following these instructions. Continue reading

Welding Fix Of The Day: Amp Control for TIG Welding

CK Worldwide TIG Welding Torches

We’ve gotten great feedback on the CK Worldwide products we offer like the Turbo Sharp X tungsten grinder, the inflatable purge chamber for high purity TIG welding, and a wide selection of CK Worldwide TIG welding torches.  And the latest, the MasterTIG™ welding machine.  Now we’re taking a look at this remote amperage control to add to our line up.

Anybody try one of these CK “Steady-Grip ” AMP controls? I prefer not to jump into selling new stuff until it is proven. . . Any feedback would be appreciated👍🏻 #welding #tigwelding #arczone #weldlikeapro via Instagram

Miller Diversion Upgrade for Air-Cooled TIG Torches

One of the most popular entry-level welding machines on the market is the Miller Diversion® 165 and 180.  The machines have an output range of up to 180 Amps and come with a regulator/flow gauge and gas hose, a remote foot control, and a 150 Amp Weldcraft™ TIG torch with a 12.5’ cable.

Air Cooled TIG Torch upgrade for Miller Diversion welder


While the Diversion® power source is great for a small fabrication shop or for a hobbyist, when you need more functionality the standard torch just doesn’t cut it.  Many customers have contacted us asking if there was a way to connect a different TIG torch to their Diversion, and Arc-Zone responded by developing the TIG Torch Upgrade Kit. Continue reading

Welding Fix Of The Day: CK MT200 TIG welding machine

CK MT200 TIG welding machine

Look for the CK MT200/AC/DC TIG welding machine un-pack & setup video dropping tomorrow in the “Metal Mashup” Email & on our YouTube channel. Not signed up for the MM email? Join tens of thousands of metalworking pro’s & head over to & sign up now, you’ll be glad you did. #weldlikeapro #arczone #tigweld #tigwelding #welding #ckworldwide #welder #metalworking #metalfab #metalart #weldinglife #joewelder #weldshop #weldingmachine via Instagram