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Arc-Zone’s PRO Series TIG Welding Torch Packages

Crafter Series DecalBack in 1997 when I was working for Weldcraft, I developed the Crafter Series TIG Welding Torch.  In addition to some innovations in design, including modifications to the handle and improvements in cooling, the Crafter Series torch came “Weld Ready” meaning it was more than just a torch body. The Crafter Series included gas and water hoses, power cable, and 3/32” front end parts. If you are interested in the whole backstory, check out this post from 2013, “Thankful for: Weldcraft and the Crafter Series TIG Torch.”

TIG Welding Torch Packages

Most TIG Torch packages sold today only include the torch body along with its cables and hoses. As a company, we recognized that there was a need to offer a more complete package for metal fabricators. We jumped on the opportunity too add more value for our customers and Arc-Zone began offering upgraded TIG Torch packages.

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As Seen On Instagram February 2015

Did you know you can find Arc-Zone on Instagram?  Well, once a month we’ll be doing a roundup of all the welding action on Instagram:  industry news, amazing welds, featured products, updates on our PRO Partners activities, and/or a look at what our customers are up to in the weld shop or out in the field.  We hope you’ll join us over there, but if you just want the highlights, you can continue to follow the blog.

Arc-Zone Product Spotlight

CK-230 TIG TorchPRO TIG TORCH PACKAGE PROMO For the month of February only, we’re knocking 10% off CK Worldwide’s Flagship CK-230 300 Amp TIG Torch with our specialized Pro Package Kit included. If you already have a torch but want all the benefits that are included in the complete Torch Package, you can grab our “Pro Upgrade Kit” separately for this month only. The Pro Upgrade Kit includes: ✓ Ballistic Nylon Cable Covers ✓ Gas Saver Front End Parts ✓ Pyrex & Alumina Push-On Cup ✓ Pre-Ground Arctime Tungsten ✓ Shield Gas Flow Tester ✓ TIG/GTAW Calculator #arczone #weldlikeapro#welding #arczoneproductspotlight

Get your CK-230 PRO TIG Torch Package today!

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A lot of welders turn on their machine, open up their argon tanks, set their flowmeters and call it good, right? The reading you’re getting from the flowmeter is the rate of flow from the tank to regulator, and not all the way from the machine to the torch. Many times what your flowmeter indicates and what your torch puts out are two entirely different things. Think about the comparison engine hp to wheel hp. Same thing with your gas flow, the flow at the torch often times is less than what the regulator says. With the gas flow tester from you can be sure the flow coming out of your torch is what you want it to be! #arczoneproductspotlight #weldlikeapro #tigtuesday #welding #arczone #arctime #TIG #GTAW #tigaesthetics

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TIG Welding FAQs

If you can’t see, you can’t weld, so one of the most important pieces of welding safety gear you’ll need is a welding helmet to protect your eyes…  which leads to TIG Welding FAQ numbers one and two:

1. How do I select a welding helmet and goggles for TIG Welding?

From the  Arc-Zone Learning Center (Safety section)  “Choosing Welding Helmets and Goggles” (pdf) publication:

Welding Helmet, etc.

Don’t drink and weld!

Few decisions affect the safety and well-being of welders as much as his or her choice of eye and face protection equipment. The CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) estimates that approximately 10,000 eye injuries related to welding occurred each year, and making a wise choice of helmets or goggles can greatly reduce the chances of your becoming injured. Most importantly, always choose helmets and goggles complying with ANSI Z87.1. When choosing them, there are three main considerations:

• Fixed filtration versus variable electronic darkening
• Traditional flip up helmets versus autodarkening ones
• The filter shade rating number required by the job

The filter lens should be marked with the manufacturer, the shade number or number range, and Z87.1.  For cutting or working overhead, use a full-face shield on top of safety glasses. If using goggles, to prevent fogging, ensure that the vents aren’t obstructed.

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BuildPro Welding Table Fixturing Tools

One of the things we like about the BuildPro welding tables are the fixturing kits you can buy– bundled accessories for a variety of welding projects.

The Basic Accessory Kit is a good place to start (after you get your BuildPro table, of course).

If you want to see more examples of the BuildPro table in action, check out the StrongHand Tools YouTube channel for a selection of application videos to help you fixture more efficiently for welding and fabrication. Their welding clamps and tables are designed to help you save time in your work, so you can increase productivity, and reduce scrap and project lead times.

The BuildPro system is a big investment, but keep in mind that this is a solid welding table that’s modular so you can expand to meet your company’s growing needs.  

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Purge Bladders for Pipe Welding

Purge Bladder for Pipe WeldingIt used to be that in order to weld on a large pipe system like you’ll find in the pharmaceutical or food processing industry (or gas and petroleum) you’d have to flood the whole system with argon to weld a small area of pipe. This was great for the gas suppliers, but not so great for the bottom line.  Gas is expensive! A much more efficient process is to utilize a device to isolate the area where you will be welding and fill just that area with purge gas.  Using a device like a purge bladder for your pipe welding will not only improve your weld quality but your  productivity as well– who wants a bunch of well paid workers standing around waiting for an entire factory’s pipe system to fill with argon!?

water soluble purge dams for pipe weldingThere are many purge devices available for pipe welding, and Arc-Zone carries most of them: tube and pipe plugs, purge baffles, water soluble purge paper dams, and water soluble purge film.  We even offer oxygen sensors, purge chambers, and high-tech trailing shields for TIG welding.  But the device we’re most excited about now is the latest from Aquasol:  the I-Purge and I-Purge X modular purge bladder systems for pipe welding.  These made-in-the-USA inflatable bladders are cost effective and easy to install into a wide variety of pipes or tubes. Continue reading

Arc-Zone Pro Partner Joanie Butler

Last but definitely not least of The Arc-Zone Pro Partnership, is our very own Joanie Butler! A little over three years ago, Joanie’s adventure with Arc-Zone began. She has proved to be a Jill of all trades who assists our Customer Care, Marketing, and Purchasing Teams; she creates metal art as a hobby, and even single-handedly designed and built a one-of-a-kind sign for Arc-Zone’s Ultimate Showroom.

She’s an inspiration to female fabricators everywhere and was recently hand-selected by the AWS to serve on a National Committee to create a Program for the Girl Scouts of America. Without further ado, Arc-Zone proudly presents to you, Joanie Butler!

Joanie Butler @joaniebutler sporting the Arc-Zone pro Partnership Tee

Joanie Butler @joaniebutler sporting the Arc-Zone pro Partnership Tee

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