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High-Amp TIG Super Cups

TIG Welding Cups

High-Amp Gray SuperCups

SuperCups are best for high amperage AC TIG welding aluminum jobs were a balled tungsten & high amperage can spell disaster for Pink Alumina cups. Super Cups are made for high amp, high reflective heat jobs!
Super Cups can take ultra-high temperatures & virtually eliminate thermal shock (when your pink gas nozzle tip blows off, cracks, splits & melts) when exposed to high AC amperage TIG welding.  Now you can run your tungsten flush with the cup orifice & put the power down for those yacht towers, railings, & production aluminum TIG jobs!

High performance Super Cups reduce thermal conductivity (heat transfer) by nearly 40%, when compared to standard Pink Alumina cups. Made from modern advanced materials, these Silicon-Nitride gray cups are oven cured in a pure nitrogen environment to promote a much denser grain structure, for long trouble free performance💥
⚡Arc-Zone Pro Tip:⚡
When welding aluminum you can benefit from using a smaller I.D. cup size like a #4= 1/4″, or #5 = 5/16″. Smaller cup orifice size improves the AC cleaning cycle of your welding machine & helps to focus the arc energy toward the weld joint. Need even more heat / power? Try a mix of 75% Argon 25% Helium to improve shield gas ionization & gain as much as 25% more arc energy which makes for a hotter arc column at a given amperage setting. SuperCups are Available now in our webstore 📸 Bitchen auluminum TIG welding photo credit: @moserfab #arczone #weldlikeapro #welding #tigwelding #suprcups #weldlife #toolsthatmakeyoumoney #quality #innovation #20years #smallbusiness #americanowned #tigtorch #tigsupercups

Pink Cup Thermal Shock Failure

High Amp Aluminum TIG Weld

Aluminum TIG Welding

SuperCups Perform Day-in & Day-out

17, 18, 26 (3 Series) TIG SuperCup

9, 20 (2 Series) TIG SuperCup

Welding Fix Of The Day: TIG Rod Guards

Pick your color! New TIG Rod Guard‘s are available in 8 colors. Store your favorite TIG Rod like a pro with colors to match your welding machine or? Coming soon to @arc_zone Look for an announcement in our next Metal Mashup™ — If you’re not familiar with our amazingly informative & fun email newsletter check out the archives at and signup— you won’t be disappointed💥 #welding #weldlikeapro #arczone #tigwelding via Instagram

Welding and Racing: Connections for Life

Recently I was invited to a Bikes and Burgers Charity Event in SoCal by my buddy Tom White.

Jim Watson and Tom White

We’d run into each other a couple years ago at the Concourse D’elegance Motorcycle show in Del Mar California but I first met Tom and his twin brother Dan at an AMA District 37 TT Scrambles race at Huntington Beach Speedway back-in-the-day. To me, a 12-year-old kid, they were impressive: a couple of cool, classy, good looking guys who raced dirt bikes! They had their own truck and two beautifully prepared Bultaco “boat tail” Pursang TT bikes. They even had their own t-shirts with a tag line “Bultaco’s are Best.”

I’m so glad I was able to reconnect with Tom and attend the Bikes and Burgers event at Tom’s Early Years of Motocross Museum. The event was not only held in an amazing place, it was a fundraiser for the High Hopes Head Injury Program.

Tom’s Motocross Museum is only open for special events, but this is a truly world-class facility with over a 182 rare dirt bikes and related memorabilia—it was impressive.

It was cool to see all the dirt bikes, but seeing all the photos and posters really took me back to those days with my family, and to the time when I first met Tom. Continue reading

Thoughts on the Weldcraft-Miller Consolidation

Even though things are constantly changing and evolving, the New Year is always a good time to reflect on changes.  Here at Arc-Zone we’re getting new computers, we just launched the redesign of our website, and we’re adding new products to our store.  For some people change is scary, it’s a negative thing–but for me, change has always been a way to expand my network, find new opportunities, and learn more.

Jim Welding at FABTECH

Jim Watson with Josh Sprinkle of Weldcraft at the Miller booth, FABTECH 2013

One big change happening this year is the further consolidation of Weldcraft and Miller. They announced this back in November, but you should start seeing these changes now. Here’s the official word from Miller:

APPLETON, Wis. (Nov. 14, 2013)  —Miller Electric Mfg. Co. has announced the consolidation of the TIG torch and accessory lines from Weldcraft under the Miller brand. The consolidation allows Miller to better serve distributor and end user needs by offering best-in-class TIG torches and accessories as part of a total TIG welding system.  Continue reading

A Welding Table That Grows!

When I was building my first weld shop, I needed a heavy-duty welding table and I was able to buy one at an auction at Northrup Aircraft in Burbank Califiornia.  It was perfect, built with a 2” thick cast iron table top and five tubular legs with adjustable foot pads so you could level it.  That thing was so beefy, I needed a forklift to get it in and out of my one-ton Chevy Silverado truck (that’s another story).  And once it was in place in my shop, it stayed there.  It was not long ago, if you were a fabricator and wanted a welding table, you had to build your own, usually from a heavy-duty tube base with a piece of plate steel that you had blanchard—ground to make it perfectly flat—or you got lucky and found one already built that you could afford.  I considered myself lucky.

Strong Hand Tools BuildPro Welding Table

When I saw the Strong Hand Tools BuildPro welding table, I was amazed, I felt even better about them after I bought one and set it up in my latest welding shop at Arc-Zone!

BuildPro Welding Table

Here’s Joanie at Arc-Zone getting some work done on the BuildPro welding table

And now I’m very excited to offer the complete line of welding tables and fabrication accessories in the webstore.  These welding tables are modular, which means you can add what you need, when you Continue reading