Trade (welding) School Enrollment Rises in Indiana

If you’re planning on going back to welding school, here’s a few pieces of apparel you should consider to take with you.

Valparaiso Indiana Grand Trunk RR Station Circa 1920
Train Depot or Welding School?

What’s an old train depot have to do with welding school?

For so long we’ve been focusing on getting kids into college–but the trend may be shifting.  Trade school attendance won’t leave you crippled with six-figure student loans and you’ll graduate with skills (like welding!) that are in demand.   In Indiana, enrollment in trade schools is on the rise and in fact, the Porter County Career and Technical Education center (which includes a welding school) has found a creative way to increase their classroom space–by using this old train depot--which they moved from its original location in Valparaiso, Indiana.

“Pendulum swings back to career education

The 104-year-old Grand Trunk Railroad train depot sits on the south edge of the Porter County Career and Technical Education center parking lot, a relic of another time. But this fall, it will serve as a learning lab for students in the building trades and electrical and other programs who will convert it into new classroom space as they learn skills needed in today’s economy.

The approach has been sorely needed for some time, according to Jon Groth, center director, as career and technical education programs are growing in enrollment across Northwest Indiana. PCCTE serves more than 1,100 students in Porter County as well as the School City of Hobart, with classes offered at most of the high schools as well as the center and Ivy Tech Community College’s Valparaiso campus.

Career and technical education programs are growing as more students realize they provide a smoother pathway to a career and don’t require taking on the loan debt of a four-year college.


Decked out for Welding School

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