Welding Fix Of The Day: Amp Control for TIG Welding

Amp Control TIG Welding

CK Worldwide TIG Welding Torches

Amp Control TIG WeldingWe’ve gotten great feedback on the CK Worldwide products we offer like the Turbo Sharp X tungsten grinder, the inflatable purge chamber for high purity TIG welding, and a wide selection of CK Worldwide TIG welding torches.  And the latest, the MasterTIG™ welding machine.  Now we’re taking a look at this remote amperage control to add to our line up.

Anybody try one of these CK “Steady-Grip ” AMP controls? I prefer not to jump into selling new stuff until it is proven. . . Any feedback would be appreciated👍🏻 #welding #tigwelding #arczone #weldlikeapro via Instagram

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