Miller Diversion Upgrade for Air-Cooled TIG Torches

Diversion™ TIG Torch Upgrade Kit: Air-Cooled

One of the most popular entry-level welding machines on the market is the Miller Diversion® 165 and 180.  The machines have an output range of up to 180 Amps and come with a regulator/flow gauge and gas hose, a remote foot control, and a 150 Amp Weldcraft™ TIG torch with a 12.5’ cable.

Diversion™ TIG Torch Upgrade Kit: Air-CooledWhile the Diversion® power source is great for a small fabrication shop or for a hobbyist, when you need more functionality the standard torch just doesn’t cut it.  Many customers have contacted us asking if there was a way to connect a different TIG torch to their Diversion, and Arc-Zone responded by developing the TIG Torch Upgrade Kit.

The Diversion® comes with a WP-17, (A-150) a general-purpose TIG torch for basic applications.  It is part of Miller’s “contractor’s kit” because it’s rugged, but it is bulky and cumbersome to operate. It was designed for contractors to lay the root pass in pipe applications. The real issue is, it’s “hard-wired” to the machine and uses a  distance-limiting 12.5’ (3.8m) power cable.  The torch model, front end parts and cable length greatly reduce the machine’s versatility, performance, and your ability to comfortably manipulate the torch and more importantly accessorize it for high-quality TIG welding.   

Customers have been looking for the ability to change to different torches on their Diversion® machines and the JWS TIG Torch Upgrade Kit offers just that.  This simple solution allows you to connect to a variety of air-cooled torches from Weldcraft’s Low Profile torch to CK Worldwide’s Flex-Loc, whichever torch you choose they can solve a variety of  TIG welding application challenge.

With the JWS TIG Torch Upgrade Kit you can choose from these air-cooled TIG welding torches:

CK Worldwide Air-Cooled TIG Torches:

  • CK-MR70 — Micro, 70 amp Air-cooled
  • CK-80 — Low-profile, 80 amp Air-cooled
  • CK-130 — Compact, 130 amp Air-cooled
  • CK-150 — Robust, 150 amp Air-cooled
  • CK-FL130 & CK-FL150 — Flex-Loc 130 / 150 amp Air-cooled

Miller / Weldcraft Air-Cooled TIG Torches:

  • WP-24 — Low-profile, 80 amp Air-cooled
  • WP-9 — Compact, 125 amp Air-cooled
  • WP-17 — Robust, 150 amp Air-cooled
  • WP-9F & WP-150 — Flexible 125 / 150 amp Air-cooled

Everything you need to upgrade your Miller Diversion!

JWS TIG Torch Upgrade kit for Miller Diversion

The JWS TIG Torch Upgrade Kit is just $31 and comes with all the parts you need.  And, it’s easy to install.

Five Easy Steps to Upgrade your Miller Diversion Welding Machine

  1. Remove the machine cover and factory-installed TIG Torch. Save the brass locking nut, plastic cable strain relief and chassis insulator with the nut.  
  2. Re-install the strain relief and chassis insulator with nut, and tighten to machine chassis.  Slip the new TIG torch cable through the strain relief and chassis insulator.  
  3. Connect the Arc-Zone supplied Upgrade Kit (power fitting with hose barb, flat and lock washers) to torch power cable fitting.  
  4. Re-Install brass locking nut to the supplied power fitting with hose barb, flat and lock washer to machine’s power eyelet.  Install gas hose and tighten hose clamp.  
  5. Tighten the strain relief to hold the TIG torch power cable in position after all the internal connections are made.  Re-install the machine cover.
  • TIP:  Tighten the plastic strain relief only enough to hold the cable without restricting gas flow.

Enjoy your upgraded Diversion performance!  Good Welding!


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