Welding Fix Of The Day: my new Speedglas welding helmet

Speedglas™ 9100XXi Welding Helmet
We’ve got a lot of welding helmets to choose from in the Arc-Zone.com webstore… and if you’re not sure which one is right for you, check out our technical focus paper on choosing the right welding helmet (.pdf) or, as always, contact us directly.   And you may not know it but “cheater lenses” for your welding helmet are available for getting a clear look at your weld even if your eyesight isn’t as clear as it used to be.
Speedglas™ 9100XXi Welding HelmetLooking forward to putting my new Speedglas 9100XXi to the test! #speedglas #9100xxi #welding #tigwelding #metalfab #arczone #weldlikeapro #weldinghood #digital #optics via Instagram

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