Welding Fix Of The Day: Specialty Precision Welding

Chris Davenport of SpecialtyPrecisionWelding stopped by Arc-Zone’s Ultimate Weldshop–check out those welds!

#tbt — Chris Davenport stopped by @arc_zone & shared this masterpiece. His work is on point👍🏻 check him out @specialtyprecisionwelding Thanks Chris! #tig #tigwelding #welding #metalfab #motorsports #horsepower #precision #craftsmanship #arczone #weldlikeapro via Instagram

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    Wow! That’s so neat and it looks like a pattern. It’s so eye catching. He must have really steady hands and powerful fingers. I only started learning Tig- welding. May be I could weld something like this in the future. I’m saving this picture for motivation


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