Welding Fix Of The Day: Master TIG 200 from CK Worldwide

Fired up the New MasterTIG 200 AC/DC TIG machine from CK Worldwide! Mario from TSR Fabrication was workin his coupon game with some ally & staino! This was the first run right out of the box with no fine tuning of the machine settings, or torch accessories. Look for the video dropping soon over at If you are in the market for a new TIG welder, keep this in mind– it’s a big step up from the mass of super-cheap machines & a lot easier on your wallet than a Miller Dynasty. Best of all it’s backed by @arc_zone & @ckworldwide we’ve been driving this industry for more than 35 years… Day-in & Day-out — why take a chance on dealing with folks that are only in it for the money… #tigtuesday #welding #welder #tigwelding #tig #mastertig #arczone #weldlikeapro #ckworldwide #weldingmachine #qualitytools via Instagram

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