What’s All the Buzz about Specialty Monster™ TIG Cups?

Q:  Why have flooding cups caught the attention of TIG welders across the globe?

A:  The simple answer is better shield gas coverage. A Monster™ Nozzle, with a wider diameter orifice, offers improved coverage of the arc zone which reduces contamination of the weld puddle and decreases post-weld clean-up time.

Q:  Are they really worth the extra coin?

A:  It depends. For TIG purists and anyone whose work wants to pass X-ray or who hates to a messy clean-up job, the Monster™ Nozzle is the perfect ace in their kit box. It’s not for those who are paid to hurry up and finish, regardless of how the weld looks or the inclusions left behind in the puddle.

The Proof is in the Puddle™

Below is a comparison of Arc-Zone’s Monster™ Nozzle vs. a standard gas lens. The ArcTime™ tungsten, amperage, gas flow, torch angle, pulse setting, and tungsten stick-out are exactly the same on each weld.

monster nozzle for TIG welding

Monster™ Gas Nozzles deliver a large umbrella of shielding gas for consistent, improved TIG weld-quality, and reduced post-weld clean up caused by oxidation and weld discoloration.

  • Adaptive: Change tungsten electrode stick-out to optimize for virtually any TIG welding application.
  • Consistent: Maintain optimal, quality welds on stainless steel, titanium and other alloys.
  • Economical: Value-priced alternative to extra large gas lens collet bodies, trail cups, and other purge welding devices.
  • Practical: Fits all popular TIG torches.

Q:  What else is HOT?

A:  After selling the first Monster™ Nozzle 11 years ago, we’ve identified that Monster nozzle fans are concerned about quality weld outcomes and like to have a few extra trick accessories in their kits: 

  • Vortex Nozzle: Super durable cup, made of  anodized aluminum (that is more break-resistant than most cups). It’s price point is a little bit higher than some flooding cups, but if the application requires a sturdier tool, less prone to breaking & dropping, it’s worth the extra dough & it will quickly pay for itself.
  • Large Diameter Gas Saver Kit:  For those welding with high heat & using AC current, we’d suggest a Large Diameter Gas Saver kit. The DX kit will provide everything, including a spare large diameter alumina cup.
  • Arc-Time Hybrid Tungsten:  This hybrid blend revolutionized the market. We stand behind our proprietary brand. It increases productivity – no need to stop and change out  tungsten each time the application changes.

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