The Best Gifts For Welders

MIG – TIG – OXY – Safety  & More – We’ve got you covered with The Best Gifts For Welders.

1. Arc-Zone High Performance Helmet/Utility Pack: When the job gets rough, our new helmet/utility Pack is sure to protect all precious welding gear including welding helmets + costly lenses.Arc-Zone High Performance Helmet:Utility Pack2. MIG Gun Holder & TIG Torch Holder: Just like Thor’s Hammer, the powerful magnetic base enclosed in these holders will prevent your TIG Torch or MIG Gun from going anywhere.Magnetic Torch Holders for MIG Guns or TIG Torches

3. Mini Oxy-Fuel Torch Kit: Don’t let the size fool you. This small Oxy-Fuel Torch Kit packs a HUGE punch. Braze and solder the tiniest of materials for Metal Art right out of the box.The Small Torch, Package w: Economy Regulators & Cyclinder Stand4. Mini Magnetic Square Twin Pack: These compact, yet extremely powerful, Mini Magnetic Square Twin Packs are perfect for light duty welding projects.Mini Magnetic Square Twin Pack

5. Third Hand Modular Clamp: Need an extra hand? The Third Hand Modular Clamp fully articulated/adjustable tool positions your workpiece at any angle for complete weld access.The Third Hand Modular Clamp - Universal Mount

6. ArcTime Tungsten Combo Pack: Make it a combo for a limited time only & grab Arc-Zone’s exclusive, non-radioactive, ArcTime™ hybrid tungsten electrodes in sizes .040”, 1/16”, 3/32”, & 1/8”.ArcTime™ Hybrid Electrodes™ Sample Pack

7. Welding & Fabrication Instructional DVDs with Ron Covell: Fun Fact – 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual. That being said, tap into the proven talents of master craftsman Ron Covell featured in our educational DVD Collection.Welding & Fabrication Instructional DVDs with Ron Covell

8. BSX Kevlar Flame And Abrasion Resistant Sleeve: Protects against sparks, heat, and cuts with the powerful Flame And Abrasion Resistant Sleeve.BSX Kevlar Flame And Abrasion Resistant Sleeve

9. Victor Style Oxy-Fuel Contractor Kit: Professional Grade Oxy-Fuel Contractor Kits include a free rugged canvas tool bag. Victor Style Oxy-Fuel Contractor Kit

10. Speedglas™ 9100XXi & 3M™ Welding Helmet Promo: Grab the 9100XXi and we’ll throw in a decal kit, 4-Pack of ear plugs, a pair of anti-fog safety glasses, and a high performance disposable-respirator designed specifically for welding. That’s $19 of must have accessories on top of a $90 promotional discount!Speedglas™ 9100XXi helmet & 3M™ Promo

11. Heavy Duty Metalworker Gloves From Miller: The ultimate, multi-purpose Miller™ Gloves are excellent for welding, grinding, riding, & more.

Heavy Duty Metalworker Gloves From Miller

12. Arc-Zone Gift Card: Can’t go wrong here! Give the metal fabricator in your life the opportunity to get the safety gear, tools, and equipment that not only will keep him safe, but take his welding skills to the next level. Arc-Zone welding Gift Card - The Perfect Gift!

And for your listening pleasure, we combined the rockinest version of the 12 Days of Christmas with our favorite gift ideas for welders that include, “An Oxy Torch in a Pear Tree…” Watch our video to decide if we’ve made Santa proud…

Looking for more gift ideas? Check out 10 Great Gifts for Welders for Under $50 Delivers World Class Welding Products, Services & Solutions to Professional Metal Fabricators Across The Globe. -Located in Carlsbad, California.


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