Go Wireless With The JW Signature Series Hot Foot™ [wireless] Amperage Control

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Step up your TIG game and set yourself free without blowing up your wallet. Check out the new JW Signature Series Hot Foot™ [Wireless] Amperage Control by Arc-Zone. Designed specifically for TIG fabricators who require extra mobility. Ideal for high foot-traffic or limited space welding shops and minimizing clutter to improve shop cleanliness.

“I have been dreaming of firing the cord for a while now, and I finally have the J.W. series hot foot wireless remote is a great alternative to the more expensive OEM wireless pedals.” Review on Arc-Zone.com



DITCH THAT OLD SCHOOL CORDED FOOT PEDAL – The Hot Foot™ allows you to work up to 90 feet from your welding power source without having to coil and uncoil a bunch of cable!

  • Low Cost/High-Value option to Expensive OEM pedals
  • Made in the U.S.A. and Backed by Arc-Zone Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Compatible with Miller & Lincoln power sources
  • Saves you time and money by reducing repair cost
  • Improve shop safety and productivity
  • Ditch the ball and chain and stop tripping over that stupid cord!
  • Long battery life — over 165 days using just three AA batteries


  1. Wireless Foot Control – Miller 14-Pin Connector
  2. Wireless Foot Control – Lincoln 6-Pin Connector
  3. Wireless Foot Control – Lincoln 12-Pin Connector- PRE-ORDER NOW!




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