As Seen On Instagram – June 2015

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Here’s a roundup of all the welding action on Instagram: Amazing welds, industry news, product launches, updates on Arc-Zone Pro Partner activities, and a look at what our customers are up to in the weld shop or out in the field.

Product Spotlight: Ultima AutoGrindarc-zone-ultima-autogrind

The AutoGrind module is a game changing upgrade that attaches to any Ultima-Tig or Ultima-Tig-Cut Tungsten Electrode Grinder. It’s a simple, precise, semi-automated solution that will deliver consistent precision ground tips with a near polished finish. Take your welding operation to a whole new level of weld-quality, productivity, and safety. See more details on #arczone #weldlikeapro

Most Liked Post (about welding) arc-zone-jalumo_1973-ck-worldwide-supercup

I’m sure we all remember the so called, “cup wars” which started about this time last year. It was a great opportunity to see the litany of much needed genius currently present in the welding industry. A number of which were very grass roots, and they are still going strong today (great job guys). These specialty cups addressed the need of increased gas coverage, a definite must when welding Ti and other exotics outside the purge chamber. These cups are the perfect solution for extra gas coverage on the fly, but in most cases max out around 150 amps. So, what about welding at higher amperage’s? Most of the time a standard Alumina cup (the pink nozzle) will work just fine. But when you turn the heat up past 250 amps, standard Alumina nozzles have a tendency to crack and/or explode. Alumina Oxide is normally a great insulator of heat, but with TIG welding at high amperage’s, this is not always the case. Why? The answer, Thermal Shock. Thermal shock results from the uneven distribution of heat within a given material. When TIG welding, the majority of the heat is concentrated at the tip of the tungsten, while the rest of the front end of the torch remains relatively cool. This difference between hot and relatively cool temperatures, puts standard pink cups through a tremendous amount of stress, thus causing cup failure. @ckworldwide has found a way around this headache with “The Super Cup”. The Super Cup is a ceramic nozzle, capable of withstanding higher levels of thermal shock than that of their Alumina Oxide counterparts. These Super Cups are, pound for pound, more costly than Alumina cups, but will outlast a standard Alumina cup by leaps and bounds. We’re talking about a 40% reduction in thermal conductivity! Which results in a longer cup life, and reduced downtime between passes. So, if you’re welding thick stuff like @jalumo_1973 does, the Super Cup is for you! To find out more information about the Super Cup, simply type ‘super cup’ into the search bar on our home page at or give one of our expert customer care team members a call at =1.800.944.2243= today! Turn down for what?! #ckworldwide #arczone #weldlikeapro #arczonepropartner

Most Commented Post arc-zone-weldedpopcanchallenge

You’ve welded razors, you’ve made the cube, but have you gotten canned yet? @superiorwelding and @blackburnfabrication want you to join in on the #weldedpopcanchallenge. These two talented individuals want to take advantage of the power of social media, and create an open discussion about the technical aspects of welding super thin aluminum. Share your knowledge of how you do it and learn how others do it. 60/140? 70/120? 300HZ with a pulse? Who knows, you may find that magic combination that will take your AC TIG game to the next level. WHAT YOU NEED: Two cans of your favorite beverage, your welder, and all of the AC skills you’ve got. TO PARTICIPATE: Include hashtags #weldedpopcanchallenge & #arczone. Also include your machine parameters (CFH, Hz, Amps, AC balance, cup size, etc…) Again, this challenge is a technical discussion intended to enrich your own set of skills, learn from others, and to HAVE FUN. Put those empty cans to use, melt those suckers together, and show us what you got #arczone #weldlikeapro #weldedpopcanchallenge

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT arc-zone-20K-followers

We have an exciting announcement – We’ve just hit 20K followers on Instagram! When we created our account @arc_zone nearly two years ago, we had no idea what to expect… Lo and behold, we’ve had the opportunity to participate in a global welding network, connect with awesome contacts, and learn a lot about what’s going on in the welding world today. It has been an awesome experience seeing welders, their tools, and their trades, testing our gear to its fullest. Thank you for the support, thank you for showcasing your talent, thank you for being a loyal fan of Arc-Zone. We pride ourselves on being the “Welding Accessory Experts”, but it’s YOU, the welding experts, that make all of this possible. We look forward to continually providing you with the right tools to get the job done #WeldLikeaPro!

Don’t forget, you can shop for the welding accessories you need to Weld Like A PRO™ online at or in person. We’re located in SoCal, near all kinds of awesome tourist locations, and if you stop in, we may just tell you where locals go.

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