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Arc-Zone April Product Spotlight

We did a write up on the EZ Wipes earlier this month. These are one of our favorite products in our Ultimate Weld Shop. They are easy to use, convenient, environmentally friendly, safe–they won’t put dangerous fumes into the air, and you can re-use them!

EZ Wipes--clean your base metal
After being off the market for a very long time, Aquasol’s EZ Wipes are finally back due to high demand and we just started carrying them! EZ Wipes make weld prep a whole lot easier, but more importantly, they remove contaminants without acetone or other harmful solvents to achieve pure welds. Its simple, yet effective design incorporates a two-sided saturated cleaning sheet. One side is tough and abrasive for loosening and removing dried contaminants on the surface while the other, smoother side, completes the process by removing remaining particles to reveal a clean and polished surface. For 10 Bucks you get 10 EZ Wipe packs, an Arc-Zone sticker pack, a re-sealable plastic bag to preserve your open EZ wipe packet, and last but not least, shipping’s included! Check out the promo link on our profile page for more details. #weldlikeapro #arczone #arczoneproductspotlight

PROMO runs through the end of April 2015.

Most Liked Post (about welding)

Actually the post about the Razor Blade challenge from last month is still our Most Liked Post… but this one showcasing this most excellent weave is second most liked post.

TIG Welding at its finestIt’s called #WeaveWednesday for a reason. Guys like @tool_and_die_welder are the epitome of this. You might wanna look at this now and come back later just to look again at how awesome this #weave is. #killallfiller #weldlikeapro #tigaesthetics #TIG #GTAW #arczone #arctime #weldporn #welding


Now I’m not sure but I’m going to guess that this welder uses a quality TIG torch and makes sure his base metal is clean and his set up is dialed in to Weld Like a PRO.  If you want to Weld Like a PRO check out the Arc-Zone Learning Center’s articles about TIG Welding.

Most Commented Post

Again, the Razor Blade Challenge was the actual most commented post, but here’s the second most commented post….  and I bet you can just imagine the kind of comments!  Training wheels for your TIG Torch! I guess if you’re what we used to call a “Shaky Jake” this could come in handy.  And if you need a good CK Worldwide or Weldcraft TIG torch to go with your training wheels, check out our torch packages–you’ll find our PRO Packages are set up and ready to rock and roll with or without wheels!

Training wheels for you TIG Torch

Did you fall off the wagon over the weekend? Got a case of the Mondays? @_fabrite_ has some training wheels to get you back up to par emojiemoji#WeldLikeAPro #Monday #IsItFridayYet#arczone #TrainingWheels#arctime #TIG #GTAW #TigAesthetics




Don’t forget–you can shop for the welding accessories you need to Weld Like A PRO™ online at or in person.  We’re located in SoCal, near all kinds of awesome tourist locations, and if you stop in, we may just tell you where locals go.

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