Prep Your Base Welding Metal with EZ Wipes™

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Aquasol EZ WipesWhen EZ Wipes™  came on the market a few years back, Arc-Zone became a big fan. They were easy to use, and convenient, but unfortunately as packaged—in a plastic canister—they dried out before you could use them all and the manufacturer of EZ Wipes discontinued production.

We were disappointed, but it was the right decision at the time.

And we are excited to tell you that EZ Wipes™  are back on the market!

Whether you’re welding a specialty alloy, or a metal like titanium, or you just want to get the best weld possible, proper preparation of your base metal is essential. With EZ Wipes™ you can loosen dried contaminants with the abrasive side of the pre-saturated lint-free fabric, and you can clean away contaminants like oil, ink, tar and wax as well as heavy grease and paint, revealing a ready-to-weld surface with the smooth side.

These acetone-free wipes now come in individual packets. They are a great addition to any professional weld shop whether you’re working on motorcycles, jet engine parts, or yacht towers or if you’re a weekend welders working with specialty metals like stainless steel and titanium where eliminating contamination is critical.

These wipes are environmentally safe, and can be thrown out in the regular trash, unlike solvent soaked rags.

This time they’re individually packaged and they are still Made in the U.S.A.

You can actually get a lot of use out of a single EZ Wipe. First of all they are 8-inches by 12-inches, a good size, and they are lint-free so they won’t contaminate your weld. I store my EZ Wipe in a re-sealable plastic bag and can use it several times.

You can use your EZ Wipes for all kinds of cleaning up, like removing weld tape residue or any if you need to remove goo prior to stickering up your boat, your welding hood, your mountain bike…


To celebrate, we’re offering a special 10 for 10 deal that includes: 10 single EZ Wipe packs, an Arc-Zone Sticker pack, a re-sealable plastic bag to store your EZ Wipe for re-use, shipping included, for $10. More details over in the webstore, but this deal is for April 2015 only.

For more information about prepping your base metal for welding, check out these Arc-Zone Technical Articles:  TIG Welding Like A Pro (.pdf) and Welding Titanium (.pdf)


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