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Did you know you can find Arc-Zone on Instagram?  Well, once a month we’ll be doing a roundup of all the welding action on Instagram:  industry news, amazing welds, featured products, updates on our PRO Partners activities, and/or a look at what our customers are up to in the weld shop or out in the field.  We hope you’ll join us over there, but if you just want the highlights, you can continue to follow the blog.

Arc-Zone Product Spotlight

CK-230 TIG TorchPRO TIG TORCH PACKAGE PROMO For the month of February only, we’re knocking 10% off CK Worldwide’s Flagship CK-230 300 Amp TIG Torch with our specialized Pro Package Kit included. If you already have a torch but want all the benefits that are included in the complete Torch Package, you can grab our “Pro Upgrade Kit” separately for this month only. The Pro Upgrade Kit includes: ✓ Ballistic Nylon Cable Covers ✓ Gas Saver Front End Parts ✓ Pyrex & Alumina Push-On Cup ✓ Pre-Ground Arctime Tungsten ✓ Shield Gas Flow Tester ✓ TIG/GTAW Calculator #arczone #weldlikeapro#welding #arczoneproductspotlight

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A lot of welders turn on their machine, open up their argon tanks, set their flowmeters and call it good, right? The reading you’re getting from the flowmeter is the rate of flow from the tank to regulator, and not all the way from the machine to the torch. Many times what your flowmeter indicates and what your torch puts out are two entirely different things. Think about the comparison engine hp to wheel hp. Same thing with your gas flow, the flow at the torch often times is less than what the regulator says. With the gas flow tester from you can be sure the flow coming out of your torch is what you want it to be! #arczoneproductspotlight #weldlikeapro #tigtuesday #welding #arczone #arctime #TIG #GTAW #tigaesthetics

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10956605_910722935626491_1417647802_nKilling it as always! @Jalumo_1973 is holding it down on some hydraulic cylinder parts. What a lovely #tigtuesday Go show our buddy some love! #arczonepropartnership #weldlikeapro #arczone #killallfiller

We love to feature the amazing work of the Arc-Zone PRO Partners and our customers and friends. Strut your stuff on Instagram and we may feature YOU!


In the Ultimate Weld Shop

It’s going down peeps -@jimwatsonjr @joaniebutler, & Sjon from @ckworldwide getting ready for today’s #AZCKDEMODATE at our Headquarters from 2:30 – 4:30 PM. Sjon will be educating us on the WF-5 TIG Cold Wire Feeder with mild steel and aluminum emojiPizza + Beer is going down in T-Minus two hours – See you here emoji #arczone #welding #weldlikeapro

If you stop in to visit’s ULTIMATE WELD SHOP you may just find yourself learning something new– and you end up on Instagram!

In the Ultimate Welding Showroom

10986134_410835022417577_1371430542_n-2What’s you’re favorite thing to do in #SanDiego? Arc-Zone customers Jesse @jjbecker250 and Kelly @speed1050triple from Wisconsin were in town and dropped by. We told the guys that there’s plenty to do when in town that’s been tested and approved by Arc-Zone’s Pro Partners. You can hit up tons of great breweries, La Jolla, Races, great restaurants, and tons more. If you’re ever in town, drop by the Zone #arczone #arc_zone #welding #weldlikeapro


Don’t forget–you can shop in person at  We’re located in SoCal, near all kinds of awesome tourist locations, and if you stop in, we may just tell you where locals go.

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