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Welding Tape for Pipe Welding FAQs

What is aluminum welding tape?

EZ Zone Welding Tape
EZ Zone Welding Tape

Aluminum welding tape – also called welding, backing, or purge tape – is a specialized aluminum tape that is engineered for high-purity welding applications.  The tape is formulated with no contaminates in the adhesive, and is commonly referred to as halogen-free tape.

Why use aluminum welding tape instead of masking tape, duct tape, or aluminum duct tape?

None of these tapes are designed for high-purity welding applications, and may not be allowed on many jobsites.  The adhesive is not engineered to withstand welding, and will contribute to substandard, contaminated welds that are messy to clean up after welding.

Aluminum welding tape is formulated with no contaminates in the adhesive, resulting in high-purity welds.


How do I remove welding tape residue?

To remove welding tape residue left after you weld, use a clean, low- or no-lint towel saturated with denatured alcohol.  That should clean away any adhesive residue and leave you with a clean, weld-ready finish.

insulated welding tapeWhat is insulated aluminum backing tape?

Insulated aluminum backing tape, or simply called insulated backing tape, has a high-temperature fiberglass insulation strip down the center of the tape.  We recommend using our insulated backing tape for sheet metal butt joints and similar applications where you can’t easily add a backing shield gas, and you want a high-quality weld bead profile on the back side.

Insulated backing tapes capture the shield gas as it moves through the root gap, providing a backup shield of argon gas.  Additionally, they provide support for the molten weld puddle, which contributes to a uniform and more consistent bead profile.

Insulated aluminum backing tape comes in 2″ wide and 4″ wide versions.

What is EZ Zone tape?

EZ Zone tape has an “adhesive free zone” down the center of the tape.  We recommend using EZ Zone tape for butt joints and similar applications where you do not want or need adhesive properties.  EZ Zone tape is available in 2″ and 4″ wide versions.



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    Judy Wilson

    I’ve always wondered how welders use adhesives that would be able to withstand welding. It’s really interesting that aluminum welding tape can do this, and it’s made without contaminates in the adhesive for high-purity welds. I was just thinking about what would happen if there’s any residue left from the aluminum tape, so it’s good to know that it can be removed from metal using a clean, no-lint towel saturated with denatured alcohol. That would be really good for welders to know who use this for steel projects.


    Patricia Anderson

    I’m new to welding so I had no idea that there was specific tape for it. If I start using this aluminum welding tape I bet my projects will be a lot more clean. This is such a fun hobby and I’m glad that I have the internet to look up stuff about it so I can get better. Where can I find this tape?


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