LENCO Welding Connectors Made in Missouri

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LENCO welding connectors
Red, White, and Blue LENCO Welding Connectors (more colors available!)

It may be true that welding connectors aren’t the most exciting thing in your shop, but a good connector is imperative.  We offer Lenco products because they manufacture a wide range of connectors and a fantastic lineup of basic and high performance welding ground clamps for every application. Additionally, Lenco is part of Profax.

Lenco was founded in 1948, and purchased by Profax in 1992. The factory is located in Jackson, Missouri, U.S.A.  and they are a family owned business.  They are totally committed to the welding industry and are not driven by profits alone.

Arc-Zone offers the complete line of Lenco’s welding cable connectors and ground clamps–from low cost hand clamps and easy-to-use magnetic clamps, to high amperage ‘C’ Clamps (up to 2,000 Amps) and Rotary ground clamps.

Rotating Internal Pipe Ground Clamps
Rotating Internal Pipe Ground Clamps

For pipe welding, check out the new Rotating Internal Pipe Ground Clamps (pictured left).

Also, our complete line of cable-to-cable welding connectors are available in 8 different colors for Tweco, Dinse, & Cam Lock connector styles, making them perfect for large job sites and high production shops. (see photo above)

And if we’re talking welding connectors, we can’t forget about CK Worldwide’s modular TIG torch welding connector which can be configured to connect nearly any torch to nearly any machine, and they are all available at Arc-Zone.com.  We even have the quick-connect adapter fittings for Everlast & Longevity machines’ gas and water ports, as well as a new adapter fitting for the Miller Diversion machines (you can finally outfit your Diversion with a micro TIG torch or a Flex Lock Torch).

You’ll find that whatever welding connectors you need, Arc-Zone can hook you up!




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