Introducing the Pro Partnership™

Too much of our industry is focused on the technical aspects of a product, the specs that make a product work… But product descriptions are boring. It’s the people, using these tools to fabricate incredible things on a daily basis, who are compelling, interesting, and informative.

The Pro Partnership™, formed in March of 2014, is a network of master fabricators, systems integrators, artists, and industry professionals committed to quality craftsmanship and moving the industry forward. So how can we celebrate and elevate the image of our industry? It begins with finding the right people who share the same vision as Arc-Zone, and as of today, our network consists of these five amazing tradesmen and women who are helping us reach that goal!

Arc-Zone Pro Partners

Arc-Zone Pro Partners


  • Specialty: Sheet metal fab using aluminum, stainless steel and mild steel. Specialize in TIG, MIG and Oxy-Acetylene welding (all metals). Also Prototyping and Product Development
  • Instagram: @wicked_welding


  • Specialty: New fabrication and maintenance welding on road construction equipment. As far as processes are concerned, I try to use all that I can get my hands on. However, most days consist of TIG and MIG
  • Instagram: @jalumo_1973


  • Specialty: TIG welding Race car Chassis and parts during the day and Metal art at night
  • Instagram: @coldhardart 


  • Specialty: TIG, MIG, Sheet-metal Fab (all metals), Prototyping and Product Development
  • Instagram: @mishler_made_fab


  • Specialty: MIG,TIG, PAC, Custom Exhaust systems and Metal Art
  • Instagram: @joaniebutler


Arc-Zone Pro Partners

Arc-Zone Pro Partners

The Pro Partnership has been such an exciting journey so far, and using social media as a primary means of making a positive impact on the industry has been unbelievable. Whether it’s our Pro Partners sharing their excellent craftsmanship, welding techniques, or just answering technical questions to help out a fellow fabricator on social media, these guys always go above and beyond.

The most interesting, or rewarding thing to happen I should say, is the friendship that grew amongst these five partners. Yes, Wes and Nick Mishler are twins, but all five of them are continuously in communication and always there to back each other up. The future looks bright for our new Pro Partnership and we can’t wait to share what happens next with you all. We’ll be posting an exclusive, more detailed blog on each one of our Pro Partners in the next coming weeks, so stay tuned!

Arc-Zone Pro Partners

Arc-Zone Pro Partners

Be sure to follow the Pro Partnership™ movement on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter at #arczonepropartnership. If you don’t participate in social media, you can still check out the action by clicking HERE – Be careful though, you might get hooked ;)

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11 comments on “Introducing the Pro Partnership™”:

  1. Maureen

    You guys (and gal) are awesome!!!! Thanks for keepin’ it real and for bringin’ back the metal!!! Celebrate the trades and craftsmen & women everywhere!

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  2. Rick

    There are some darn good crafts people out there I work as a machinist and have some welders at home to Fabricate things , machining and welding are both are excellent fun . It’s fun to take raw metal and build a.usable part or project. I’am interested in seeing more of the arc zone pro stories thanks

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  3. Bret

    Do you suggest buying a tig and mig machine and trying your own projects over going to a welding school? I am challenged with ADD, school doesn’t work well for me. I needto be working on or towards a motorsports/automotive project to stay focused. The peripheral stuff with teachers that have no interest or knoweledgei in projects like that put me in a place of boredom and lacking in focus. Custom shops in my area don’t seem interested or are innendated with apprentice/helper requests. How did you all start out? Tired of dreaming about what I want to do:-). Thanks! Bret

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