A Welding Table That Grows!

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When I was building my first weld shop, I needed a heavy-duty welding table and I was able to buy one at an auction at Northrup Aircraft in Burbank Califiornia.  It was perfect, built with a 2” thick cast iron table top and five tubular legs with adjustable foot pads so you could level it.  That thing was so beefy, I needed a forklift to get it in and out of my one-ton Chevy Silverado truck (that’s another story).  And once it was in place in my shop, it stayed there.  It was not long ago, if you were a fabricator and wanted a welding table, you had to build your own, usually from a heavy-duty tube base with a piece of plate steel that you had blanchard—ground to make it perfectly flat—or you got lucky and found one already built that you could afford.  I considered myself lucky.

Strong Hand Tools BuildPro Welding Table

When I saw the Strong Hand Tools BuildPro welding table, I was amazed, I felt even better about them after I bought one and set it up in my latest welding shop at Arc-Zone!

BuildPro Welding Table
Here’s Joanie at Arc-Zone getting some work done on the BuildPro welding table

And now I’m very excited to offer the complete line of welding tables and fabrication accessories in the Arc-Zone.com webstore.  These welding tables are modular, which means you can add what you need, when you need it, based on your job and your budget.  If you’re just starting out, buy the small table and add the clamps, fixtures, and other accessories you need.  The welding table has evenly spaced holes drilled into the top for attaching, and lining up, the clamps and fixtures—no more guessing if that is a perfect 90 degree angle!  As you grow your business and work on larger projects, rather than buy a whole new bigger table, you can expand the BuildPro welding table easily.  In fact, you can make the table big enough to accommodate a car chassis!


This is a highly engineered product, and with its modular design and the variety of clamps and fixtures you can add to your welding table, what you can weld on this table is limited only by your imagination.



The Strong Hand Tools BuildPro Welding Table does not require a forklift, but it is not at all flimsy. It is solid, each panel weighs about 40 lbs.  If you had to assemble it yourself you could, but if you grab a buddy you’ll have your BuildPro welding table set up in no time.  Enjoy and good welding!


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