Redesigned Website: We’re All Shook Up!

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We’re all shook up (and hope you will be too) over our redesigned website, launching before midnight tonight, January 8, coincidentally on Elvis Presley’s birthday.  All the changes we’ve made are the result of our commitment to continual improvement and in response to the great customer feedback we receive.
NEW website

As you know, the internet is always changing, and prides itself on being on the forefront….  Now rather than big desktop computers (and remember those big, heavy monitors!) we’re accessing websites from our laptops, our iPads and other tablets, and from our cell phones….  so a big part of this redesign is to ensure that  our customers working in the field can order online easily.  Our new website is mobile responsive–optimized for a variety of mobile devices and screen sizes. Mobile Mobile

We’ve also simplified the navigation.  We now have over 10,000 unique products, and we want to make it as easy as possible for you to find the MIG, TIG, and Plasma Arc Welding accessories you need to keep you welding like a pro!  The search function is also greatly improved, offering a quick way to search, with accurate results, for the EXACT product you need.

You’ll also find an improved shopping cart process, including a roving  cart featured in the header and a  “Save for Later” function.  And reviews are now more accessible– read what your fellow fabricators have to say about the products you’re interested in.

What hasn’t changed is our commitment to service and our technical expertise.  If you ever need help putting your order together, or you don’t see what you need, our Arc-Zone team is available to help.

With the launch of our new website I can’t help but think back to 1998, and how far has come.   We are proud of being first online to sell high-performance welding accessories online, starting with a small but quality line of products–TIG Welding Torches from Weldcraft, some Plasma Arc Welding accessories and a few MIG guns. That first webstore offered the ability to order online by typing quantities into a form  that was emailed to me, working out of my home office, shipping out of my garage.

The Original home page
Our first website

Now our website–and  our brick and mortar store–includes a comprehensive line of MIG, TIG and Plasma Arc Welding accessories, welding apparel and safety gear, and even small welding tools, and Welding How-To DVDs and books.  And my home office is now my nearly teenage daughter’s bedroom!

Instead of shipping out of the garage, we have a warehouse, a customer service team, and technical sales professionals who review each online order or personally guide you over the phone. We also have a shipping team that ensures that orders are delivered worldwide. And we have fun doing it!

You can watch videos on our YouTube channel, including several of our own How-To videos (and a bloopers video–see below), and more to come.  We also, as you know if you’re reading this, have our own blog–we were also the first in the welding industry to blog, starting with the site. You’ll also find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google Plus.

Our new website may be in maintenance mode during the night, but we’ll be ready to Rock & Roll first thing Thursday morning, and hope you are too!


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