Welding and Muscle Cars in Simi Valley

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If you follow Miller Electric’s news, you’ll know they regularly feature success stories from some of their welding customers. This one caught my eye:  Pure Vision, a street machine fabrication shop out of Simi Valley.  And not just because of that nice looking “redhead” Weldcraft TIG welding torch they’re using!

A couple of things stood out. First, check out the cars they build! Those are some sweet rides! Second, I think it’s inspiring  that Steve is following his dream and worked hard to get where he is. From the Miller article:

The evolution from a kid who had no garage of his own to the operation that stands today took a lot of hard work and dedication. When Strope opened his first shop (down the street from his current facility), he had no money to speak of. Strope had to choose between a place to live and a place to work.

He slept on a bed next to the lift in a space he rented and joined a local gym for use of the showers. Mornings were spent eating Cheerios while ordering parts, and work on cars went into the early morning hours….  READ THE WHOLE ARTICLE–>

When I started Arc-Zone I didn’t sleep in the garage…  instead I used my garage as office space to run the company!  This is the great part of working in this industry– the opportunity to work with fellow fabricators who are not just talking, they are DOING and welding, and are passionate about their work.

In the video Steve Strope emphasizes the importance of knowing “what you’re awesome at.”  For Pure Vision, in addition to the excellent craftsmanship, it’s follow through of the car’s theme throughout the design in even the smallest detail.

That kind of excellent craftsmanship and attention to detail is why you’ll see folks like Steve using only top quality welding equipment like Miller, and the  excellent TIG torches and accessories offered from Weldcraft.

At Arc-Zone.com we’re awesome at getting our customers what they need for their specific welding application.  From MIG and TIG to Plasma Arc Welding accessories, Arc-Zone delivers only the best: Purge Gas EquipmentRemote Amperage ControlsTungsten GrindersTungsten ElectrodesWater Coolers… so folks like Steve can continue to work hard, build awesome cars, and inspire us all!.



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