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You’ve seen our products online… Now experience Arc-Zone in a whole new way. As of today, we have the industry’s largest selection of Top Brand welding supplies. Visit our new welding supply store, AKA “The Ultimate Showroom” located at 2091 Las Palmas Drive, Suite F, Carlsbad, CA 92011.

Arc-Zone's Ultimate Welding Showroom in Carlsbad, CA
Customers in Arc-Zone’s Ultimate Welding Showroom during our Grand Opening Event in Carlsbad, CA

Since Arc-Zone’s beginning, one of our goals has been to build the best welding supply company in the world, and opening The Ultimate Showroom is one more step towards that goal. Besides, our local welding customers often stopped by our office to pick up their orders and meet with our top-notch technical team.

While this is a big change for us at Arc-Zone, some things will always stay the same:

Customer service still drives everything we do, from no hassle returns to expert technical support.

We still deliver high-performance accessories and services around the globe:

We still offer solutions to improve your welding productivity and decrease welding costs:

  • In the Ultimate Welding Showroom you can meet one-on-one with a technician in Arc-Zone’s Pro Solutions Center™ to  design a custom solution to optimize your weld quality, decrease downtime, and lower overhead expenses, including gas consumption.
  • You can still give us a call, toll free (U.S.) at 800-944-2243, or world-wide at 760-931-1500 and talk to someone from our welding technical support team.
Arc-Zone Grand Opening of Retail Showroom in Carlsbad, CA
Customers standing in front of Arc-Zone’s Pro Solutions Center™

Stop by our new Showroom for your next welding supply purchase and meet the Arc-Zone Team, you won’t be disappointed. We welcome the opportunity to earn your business.


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