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Flexible purge chamber-- great for TIG welding titaniumTitanium is an incredible metal–it’s strong, yet lightweight and resists corrosion, properties that make it very popular for welding in industries like defense and aerospace.


Challenges of Welding Titanium

One of the challenges in welding titanium is that it is very susceptible to oxygen contamination and if not welded correctly it can become brittle.  Properly shielding your weld zone is imperative.  Argon is the shield gas of choice and you want to make sure to shield until the metal has cooled sufficiently so that the ambient oxygen won’t contaminate the weld.  You may even need to purge the back side of the weld.

TIG Welding Titanium Videos

We put together this playlist of some excellent tips for welding titanium. Lots of tips on setting up your TIG torch, customizing the front end of your torch, utilizing trail shields and purge chambers.  Note the variety of shield gas accessories. (We carry a full line of shield gas solutions for just about any TIG welding application.)

Note that on the first video, the expert from Lincoln Electric recommends a gas lens for the TIG torch–something you’ll always hear we recommend as well.  We’ve written about this before, but the bottom line is that you’ll get a much better shield of gas over your weld zone and you’ll experience less turbulence so you’ll be less likely to draw oxygen in–critical when welding any of the more reactive metals like titanium, stainless, inconel, etc.

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