The Weldcraft Triad Handheld Tungsten Grinder Review

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Today we are reviewing Weldcraft’s Triad Tungsten Grinder.

Weldcraft Triad Tungsten Grinder

It’s not as massive as the other Professional Grade hand-helds, but it’s every bit as heavy-duty as the Turbosharp X and the NeutrixAlthough the Weldcraft Triad has a slimmer design, our testers still found it awkward to operate as purely hand-held.  Fortunately, Weldcraft addressed this issue by including a bench-top adapter as a standard accessory. Don’t be fooled by it’s simple design, the Weldcraft Triad maintains full effectiveness under the test.

There are four fixed grind angles: 15, 18, 22.5, and 30 degrees and fixed ports for electrodes ranging from .040” up to 5/32”.  In other words, no need to make any adjustments when you want to switch to a different sized electrode or change up your grind angle.   Furthermore, on the end of the grinding chamber, there are notches that allow grinding a tip flat with ease. The Weldcraft Triad does not contain an enclosed grinding chamber, making it easier to cut electrodes. The wheel on the Triad also steps down around the outer diameter making it ideal for cutting all the way through electrodes with a decent finish.

Watch our video on the Weldcraft Triad Handheld Tungsten Grinder 


To maximize the Triad’s output, Weldcraft offers two accessories.  The first is the Double-Decker attachment.

Weldcraft Triad Double Decker Kit

The double-decker attachment kit includes a coarse grit wheel allowing the operator to grind and polish the electrode very easily. When using this attachment, it allows a second grinding heel to be quickly and easily attached. The double-decker attachment is ideal for scrubbing and smoothing electrodes which speeds tungsten grinding on the “finish wheel” and extends wheel life.

The second accessory that we were excited about is the cutting attachment.

Weldcraft Triad Cutting Holder Attachment

Although it requires some evaluation, the cutting attachment will allow for electrodes to be cut to precision lengths. These two accessories together make the Weldcraft Triad the only hand-held grinder that can prepare electrodes for orbital welding applications.


Safety wise, the wheel is exposed and there is no dust collection. However, Weldcraft addressed this issue with the Protective Cover attachment. Our testers weren’t terribly impressed by the Protective Cover attachment because it limits some of the functionality of the grinder making it less user friendly. On the other hand, for basic grinding operations it worked quite well. Similar to the Turbosharp X, the Weldcraft Triad comes with a very impressive steel case that houses all of it’s basic accessories.  And, while we don’t like the idea of metal cases in electrical working areas, it does a very good job of keeping the grinder clean and protected.


The Weldcraft Triad Tungsten Grinder:

  • Cuts very well
  • Grinds tip flats
  • Handles electrodes up to 5/32”
  • Robust enough for demanding environments
  • Can be upgraded to meet almost any need

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