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Brian Fuller, a metal fabricator who’s a friend of Arc-Zone, recently sent some great photos of the 2012 Red Bull Soapbox Race held in Atlanta, GA. Kudos to Brian for finishing in 1st place!

The Red Bull Soapbox is a national race for amateur drivers in which they design the most outrageous looking, gravity-powered, yet very effective cars. Welding plays a vital role in designing soapbox cars. When welding the chassis material together, the racer has to make sure each weld is strong.  Any weak joint could potentially break and cost the driver the race, or even worse, endanger the driver.

In the competition, showmanship points are awarded for the creativity of  the cars and costumes.  As you can imagine, some of the designs get pretty wild. Below are some great pictures I captured of the Red Bull Soapbox race in Downtown Los Angeles ranging from a Jurassic Park themed race car to Lady Gaga. Over 115,000 spectators lined up on 5th Street and Grand Avenue!

So how is each team chosen to participate? A committee reviews each application sent in and picks roughly 40 teams based on applications that display craft creativity, technical feasibility of the craft build, craft safety, and adherence to regulation guidelines. Once the teams are accepted, they are judged on three criteria after the race: speed, creativity, and showmanship. If you’re interested in participating in future Red Bull Soapbox races, visit

If you are  going to be in the San Diego area (’s headquarters), there is an annual, more traditional (not as wacky as the Red Bull race), San Diego All-American Soap Box Derby where you can put your skills to the test. Don’t know where to get started on building a soap box derby race car? Click HERE for step-by-step instructions.

Have you or anyone you know ever participated in a soap box race? Please share your experience or any tips with us below!


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